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Guess who? DiffTheEnder here again bringing you what I believe to be my most comprehensive post yet.
Stick around to the very end as I will be giving out a SteelSeries Ikari mouse - anyone can enter, details are at the bottom of the post.

Anyway, what will this very detailed, thorough and hopefully entertaining post be talking about?

Experience Gain

Firstly to understand this post, we need to have a conceptual idea of experience. While 99% of readers would know what it is, I think taking a moment to explain it isn't a bad idea.

What is Experience and how can you gain XP?

In League of Legends, you control a champion. This champion has 4 skills that can be leveled up using skill points. Skill points can be gained by leveling up your champion by gaining experience. Experience can be gained through one of four ways:

  1. Champion kills
  2. Assists
  3. Minions
  4. Neutral Monsters
  5. Turrets
  6. Epic monsters
I will be going through the amount of experience gained via each method and at the end an analysis of what this means for your gameplay. To begin with though, let's take a look at the amount of EXP needed to hit every level.
As you can see, the amount of XP needed to level up starts at 280 and increases by 110 for every level from that point on. These numbers will mean nothing to you - if you don't understand how much 280 XP or any other XP value is. In hopes of solving that issue - I present to you the information about experience gains from every source. Let's get this show on the road!

Gaining Experience through Kills and Assists

Gaining experience through champion kills is one of the best ways to get ahead in this game as you not only deny the enemy time to farm XP and gold, you also gain time to do whatever you wish as well as gain an advantage which you can snowball on. So how does it work?

Simple, all you do is take 75% of the experience needed for the slain champion to go from their current level to the next. 
Example: If you kill an enemy who is Level 1, you get 210XP. Why? Because 75% of 280 is 210. (See chart above)
Here is the table for the complete list of XP gains depending on the slain champion's level.
As you can see this - this also grows linearly, as it should - starting at 210 XP for a level 1 victim and growing at 82.5XP per level of the enemy.
That's all there is to gaining XP through champion kills.
What if you have allies who helped you get the kill though? The answer is that the experience is evenly shared.

Experience through minions

This is the most consistent and richest resource of experience on Summoner's Rift. Minions spawn every 30 seconds starting at 1:30 and every 3rd wave contains a siege(also known as cannon) minion, until the 20 mark where every 2nd wave contains a siege minion.

Important: You have to be within 1600 range to gain experience from dying minions.

Let's take a look at the XP to be gained from these little critters:

Note: I did not have access to or knowledge of the information about XP that Super Minions give. The other information in this article was obtained via the LoL Wiki (a most helpful resource) and my own experimentation (with some help from my friends).

Each minion wave consists of 3 melee minions and 3 caster minions and a cannon minion if it is a siege wave.
Let's take a look at the amount of XP one whole wave gives at various times in the game;
As you can see the number of waves needed to level increases as the game goes on. The XP required to level up increases at a faster rate than the XP a wave gains.
Quick tip - You will gain level 2 in a solo lane as soon as the first minion in the second wave dies, assuming you haven't missed any lane XP yet. If you have missed some, kill the melee minions to gain XP the fastest.

Experience through Monsters

In Summoner's Rift, apart from the minion waves that surge through each lane every 30 seconds, another consistent source of XP comes from the depths of the jungle itself in the form of neutral monster camps. To not make use of the XP available in the jungle is a waste of resources and this is one of the biggest reasons why Summoner's Rift is best played with a jungler on each team. There are 5 camps in each team's jungle. The following table breaks down the experience available from each jungle camp.
As expected, the blue and red buff camps provide the most XP within the jungle. An important note is that the red buff camp by itself won't take you to level 2, but the blue buff camp will.
The total XP is enough to take you almost to level 4 - you'll need to finish one more camp (only 2/3 of wolves and wraiths however) to get to level 4.

Experience from Turrets

Not many people know that Turrets give experience, even fewer know that the experience gained is global and only a handful know that the closer the turret is to the Nexus, the more experience it gives.
Here are my results after spending some time in customs to figure out turret XP (special thanks to MCXL and Dr. Prant for helping me out on this)
Obviously, the best way to level up is to destroy nexus turrets as the 240 combined global XP they give can help you get 6/7ths of the way to level 2. (On second thoughts, this is a terrible joke :P)

Experience from Insanely-Large-Monsters-That-You-Usually-Can't-Solo

So how much experience does Dragon and Baron give your team? Let's look at some more colourful tables.
Note: The experience gained from killing Baron is global and each champion gains 900 experience while the experience gained from Dragon is split among the champions near the dragon when it was slain.
Now that we've covered all the bases of experience gains, let's talk about some more intricacies of experience gains.

Increasing Experience Gain via Other Methods

Now there are ways to increase the XP gain apart from killing more monsters. Cue runes, masteries and Zilean.


There is only one rune that allows you to increase the amount of XP gained and that is the:
At 2% Experience per rune. You can gain a maximum of 6% increase in XP just with runes.


The mastery that allows you to gain XP quicker is this one down in the Utility tree:
It allows a maximum possible increase of 5% and requires 4 points to get it to 5% - quite a hefty investment.


Zilean is the only champion with a skill to gain experience. Obviously being as old as time itself has its advantages when it comes to wisdom:
Now combined the maximum increased experience gain is 19% if you take every possible boost. The lowest being 1.25% if you only take one point in the Awareness mastery.

Visualising the numbers

We'll need to visualise this to see how much quicker we level up with different levels of experience gain.
Arguably, the most important level gains are from Level 1 to 2 and from Level 5 to 6.
Level 1 to 2
Earlier in this post, I mentioned that you have to kill exactly one minion in the second wave in a solo lane to get to Level 2. How much XP Gain % would I need to be able to get to Level 2 without that 7th minion?
Well the first wave gives you 264.96 XP and you need 280 XP to get to level 2. If you have 6% of XP Gain, be it from 3 Quints or other sources, you would only need 264.2 XP to get to level 2, thereby allowing you to level up purely from one wave's worth of XP.
If getting to level 2 is your only priority with experience, then 6% will be sufficient. With 19%, you get to level 2 without having to kill one less caster minion minion, but I believe the tradeoff is not worth it.
Level 5 to 6
This is quite a bit harder to estimate due to minion XP growth and the inevitable fact that you will miss some XP due to various reasons.
As a rough guide for getting to level 6, for every 5% of XP gain you have, you'll have to kill 4 less caster minions.
Note: Just to be clear - when I say kill minions, I mean to 'be in 1600 range of the minion when it dies' - it is just simpler to say 'kill'.
Level to 18
This gets even harder to estimate - however it can be roughly estimated that for every 2.4% of XP gain, you have to kill one less non-siege wave of minions to get to 18.
With 19% you will have to kill roughly 8 less waves of non-siege minions to get to 18. I think it is a trivial amount considering how long the game will have gone on by this point and how teamfights will have put you behind or ahead.

Nidalee OP?!

I lied when I said that runes, masteries and Zilean were the only ways to increase XP gain.
Our friendly cougar, Nidalee, has quite a strong hidden passive.
It is as follows:
Nearby allied champions gain +5 Experience per 5 seconds, if and only if, they are a lower level than Nidalee.
That is, in other terms, every second you are near Nidalee while underleveled - you gain 1XP.
How useful is this? - Good thing it is a hidden passive or else this ability would be Eve status and buffs would be demanded. Having said that however, this could be useful in ARAMs - just a tiny bit.

Ganking and Roaming

Here is where delve in to the world of applying knowledge to practical situations.
It is safe to say that on average - you stand to lose about a minute's time if you are ganking as a jungler.
Let's estimate how much XP the jungler and laner stand to gain from a successful gank first. Recall the "victim" XP table from above.
Assuming you are killing a level 4 laner. You stand to gain 457.5 XP - however you have to share that with the laner. So each of you only gain 228.75 XP. 
It is a safe assumption to say you waste around a minute and in that time you could clear an extra camp or two. How much XP do you stand to gain from doing another camp? Recall the jungle table earlier.
If you can do an extra 2 camps - you have the same amount of XP gained from pulling off a successful gank on a level 4 enemy. You can do the math yourself on the other possiblities. XP Wise the risk you take may not be worth it, however if you do pull off a successful gank, you allow the solo lane to snowball on that advantage.
As for the roam meta, roamers will need to gank successfully nearly every minute to keep up with laners. However, they can leech lane XP to keep up if ganks are not working.
Speaking of which, I have not yet mentioned the XP sharing rate in lane. If you have two or more people sharing the same XP, the total XP pool available increases by 30.4% and is then split evenly. 
 - If you have two people in a lane, you gain 65.2% of the experience you would if you were solo.
 - If you have three: 43.47%
 - If you have four: 32.6%
 - If you have five: 26.08% of the experience you would if you were solo.


What can be concluded from the above data?
 - I think it is safe to say that anything more than 6% XP gain boost is unnecessary.
 - Farming the jungle is much more effective than ganking at early levels (not counting the snowball for the laner)
 - Always try to get assists - even for the experience alone, if not the gold.
 - You have to make every gank count when roaming or else you'll fall behind very quickly.
I hope you find this information useful - I spent a lot of time on this post (The most I've ever spent on one post) - Would you like to see me do a similar one for gold or other mechanics?

The SteelSeries Ikari Optical Mouse


What is it and what do I think of it?

The SteelSeries Ikari is a mid-end gaming mouse. The main features are that:
 - It is driverless - can be used on different computers with ease, ie. LAN parties have one less driver you need to install!
 - On-the-fly sensitivity adjustments - can be switched instantly from one DPI setting to another to go from sniping to rapid firing.
 - Quality build with braided cord and gold-plated USB connector.
The first thing that just strikes you when using this mouse is just how smoothly it glides. I've tried it on multiple surfaces and it glides like no other mouse I've ever used.
Ergonomically, the shape is comfortable to fit your hand on in multiple positions. I have very long fingers, and I found this mouse quite comfortable to rest my hands on, with my fingers not touching the surface below.
There are two side buttons that are comfortably placed for use. They can be used as hotkeys in League of Legends - however I find that you can't configure each side button separately for use in LoL, this is a problem that I have had with other mice as well and is not a downfall of the Ikari. Personally, I use the side buttons as the hotkey for item active 1 and the scroll wheel click for item active 2.
The braided cable is extremely nice and I found it hard to get it tangled even when trying to.
The software that comes with the mouse could not be simpler - it has two profiles, in which you can set various sensitivity options.
The optical sensor itself is remarkable - and I've never missed a movement or click with it as of yet in the month that I have been testing it.
The only thing that could be better about this mouse in my opinion is making the base slightly larger for people with larger hands.
Anyway now that you know what the mouse is like - on to how you can win it!

How to Win the SteelSeries Ikari

I don't believe in extremely complex competitions. So I'll keep it simple today.
All you need to do to win the mouse is comment on the post below and a number between 1-1000. I'll be picking randomly! If no-one picks the number I randomly generate, then I pick another number.
Good luck!
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- DiffTheEnder


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