ELOBUFF.com Reviewed

DiffTheEnder here and today I'll be reviewing the new stat-tracking website ELOBUFF.com

There has been much talk about whether this subscription only site is worth it and today I'll be trying to clear up misconceptions regarding the website and see how much of it you really can view on other free-to-use stat tracking websites. This can be considered a continuation of my "Getting Ahead in the Loading Screen" post.

What is ELOBUFF and why they want you to pay

ELOBUFF claims to be able to track everything you could ever want about an enemy's statistics and never need to use another stat tracker ever again. For the readers who read my earlier post on this topic, you would know that the there are plentiful options for stat tracking websites and they offer a ton of information.

ELOBUFF wants you to pay due to its superior collection of data and presenting this in an useful manner. 

The Review

ELOBUFF - quite like other stat tracking websites contains a wealth of information and exploring the various features is not ideal to do in written form so I have decided to make it into a video. This can be viewed below. I will include a short conclusion with this post which supplements the video review.





ELOBUFF contains everything other stat tracking websites do albeit packaged much more neatly and making more connections between different stats. It offers a few useful extra tidbits of information as a result however the majority of newer features seem gimmicky to me. 

Would I recommend paying for ELOBUFF? If you don't already use any other stat tracking websites on a day to day basis - you will not find value for your money here. However if you find that the most off-putting fact about other websites is that the presentation is poor, then ELOBUFF just may be for you. The pro endorsement from CLG - seems to result in nothing meaningful except a stamp of the logo.


I hope you enjoyed the review - Cheers from Diff :) 

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