Why Frozen Heart is the Best Item in the Game

Diff here and bringing you the latest section on ADV!
I will tell you right now that this is the most biased section on ADV yet.
I will be making a case for why something is the best thing in this game right now. To start off, let's work on this:

Why Frozen Heart is the best item in the game

 To let me convince you to always buy this item - you first need to know what this item is.
This item is ridiculously good for various reasons. I'll be going through every sensible and nonsensical reason for why this is the best item in this game and why you should always buy it.

Reason #1 - The Item Icon + Description

As you can clearly see, the item icon is a frozen crystal and by the looks of it - a diamond. Now diamonds are among the most expensive items in the world, not only that, but they are precious and the fact that it is frozen implies it was found in a hard-to-reach location thereby increasing its value. So the icon itself indicates that this item is extremely precious. Not many people know that Frozen Heart has an item description - so here it is:
"Warning: Do not thaw!" - This seems to imply that bad things will happen to you if you let it thaw. Hence, you should buy this item and keep it safely chilled to reduce the risk of death for yourself. If Reason #1 isn't enough to convince you why you should buy this item - let me list other reasons.

Reason #2 - The Build Path

Frozen Heart has an extremely good build path with the Glacial Shroud being one of the components of this item.
Glacial Shroud is one of the most cost-efficient items in the game. Not only is it cost-efficient, it also provides some of the most useful stats in the game, especially for a bruiser/tank. It provides armor for midgame durability and mana in its build to help with casting spells. It also has the wonderful bonus of giving you cooldown reduction which allows you to spam your spells much more often and perform your role as a tank/bruiser by helping you cast your clutch spells more in teamfights. This is in effect a mini Frozen Heart for a fraction of the cost. It is very cost-efficient and is a great item to have at any stage of the game. Cooldown reduction is one of the hardest stats to build for and having it in this item saves you from having to resort to less desirable options for CDR.
Apart from Glacial Shroud, the required parts to upgrade the Shroud into Frozen Heart are two pieces of Cloth Armor and then the recipe itself. This is very welcome as being able to buy smaller items on every time you go to the summoner platform allows you to continuously get stronger instead of having longer periods in between items where you remain at the same strength.
A huge point in favour of Frozen Heart is that not a single component of the whole item exceeds 700 in cost. Here is the list of item prices and recipe costs needed to build Frozen Heart:
  1. Cloth Armor (300)
  2. Cloth Armor (300)
  3. Mana Crystal (400)
  4. Chain Vest (700)
  5. Glacial Shroud Recipe (425)
  6. Frozen Heart Recipe (650)
This effectively means that every time you go back - you can always buy one of these components to increase your effective strength in game as opposed to having to save up to 1500+ gold for one huge item. Ie. your strength in game goes up slowly/continuously as opposed to one giant spike that you get from items like Needlessly Large Rod, B.F. Sword.
You still don't believe that this is the best item in the game? Time to hammer it in your brain with Reason #3.

Reason #3 - The Statistics

Having CDR, armor and mana in one item is so synergistic that it gives a tank/bruiser the equivalent of steroids in this game. It has amazing utility not only because of the defensive portion of armor - but the CDR and increased mana pool let you use so many more spells in a set period of time, that would enable several more kills or save your allies (depending on your role). 
Frozen Heart while giving all of these stats in one item also provides a huge amount of each.
  • It gives the second highest armor in one item within the game at 99 armor. (only Thornmail is higher with 100 armor)
  • It gives the most mana in one item apart from Rod of Ages and Tear of the Goddess items.
  • It gives the second most CDR in one item at 20%. (Nashor's Tooth sits at 25% and Morello's Evil Tome matches it at 20%)
All of this for under 2.8k in one item?!
Not strong enough you say? Reason #4 should persuade you otherwise.

Reason #4 - It helps your team, even if you don't want to

We've talked about every statistic of Frozen Heart except for this:
Unique passive aura: Reduces the attack speed of nearby enemies by 20%.
Yes everybody near you within a 1000 range. That's 10 Teemos wide.
Basically if you're in a fight, the enemies are going to have their Attack Speed slowed.
A 20% Attack Speed slow is a flat decrease of the total attack speed. So 20% Attack Speed reduction is a lot stronger than 20% attack speed from a Zeal for example.
This means - barring spells, an AD carry will have their theoretical damage output reduced by a flat 20%. Compare that to a Ninja Tabi - which reduces incoming basic attack damage by 10% and it's a lot stronger. Not only is it for yourself with Frozen Heart, it's useful for the whole team. Your whole team takes a lot less damage as a result.
So if you want to troll your team and not help them - don't buy Frozen Heart, because it helps your teammates a lot!


Still don't think Frozen Heart is the best item in the game? You've probably missed the magnitude of the 4 above reasons and you should read it again.
I hope you guys enjoyed this totally one-sided argument for why Frozen Heart is the best item in the game.
Leave your comments and tell me if you'd like to see similar posts in the future! (I'm thinking Youmuu's, Zhonya's, Deathcap, Shurelya's and Randuin's)
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  • #41 Rain

    Can we get a "Why Thornmail should never(ever!) be bought by anyone. Ever." post?

  • #40 TheOnlyGBeast

    Frozen Heart is also easily the best defensive item for APs.

    Seriously, especially on heavy CDR reliant APs like Ahri, Viktor, and Anivia the combination of armor, mana, and CDR is just unreal on them. Then add in the AS lowering aura and you suddenly become quite an AD carry killer.

  • #39 PartyMagier

    I believe your reasoning is flawed, since while the item si great Attack speed is calculated like this:

    Base*(1+Extra Attackspeed-Frozen Heart)=Attackspeed

    So if the enemy team has bought a lot of attackspeed it is not taht strong, however if the enemy ad's have not bought a lot of atatck speed (for example an ie and a bt) It really will reduce the damage dealt by 20%.

    Not COMPLETLY sure, but here you go ^^

  • #37 1000743

    Well, the item seems good, but it's completely waste if the enemy team only got a single ad, which isn't the carry. (they got no ad-carry). Then it will be waste of money. cuz it will only lower the basic attack on the single ad. And if that enemy ad were ect. Garen, it wouldn't have the big effect because he's relying on spells more or less. 20% of 1/5 enemies. Then it would only lower 4% of the damage the enemy team does. 

    if we took the example on a "normal Team" (1 top, Ap mid, Jungler, Support and Ad carry) Then it would be more or less the same. But we won't count the support. (and we still say, that the top is garen). Then it would be 20% of 2/4 (because we don't count support), then it would only lower 10% of the damage output from enemy team. And the enemy team most likely won't try to kill tank first. so the armor stats won't help.

    In a game, you buy what's needed, not a specific build you follow completely in an order. 

    Last edited by 1000743: 6/15/2012 6:05:23 AM
  • #36 OTH_Radar

    One word: Katarina.

    Ok, maybe a few more words. Sure, the CDR is good for kat, and the Attack Speed slow might help her stay in her ultimate longer, but the mana is completely wasted. Hell, for any manaless champion I would argue frozen heart isn't worth the gold (Renekton, Garen, Rumble, etc.) so while it may be a very good general item, I would say that it's completely ineffective for any manaless champion, and therefore not the "best item" in the game. No item can be the best because as many have stated, each has their own strengths.

    Except for Tiamats.

  • #35 Frightning_Lightning

    It's a very good item, no doubt, but it has a function (i.e. a role), there can't be a single best item, because you need different items for different reasons. It's an excellent choice when one needs Armor, does mind mana, and was CDR, the passive is also very potent, especially on tanks and other melee champs who are in the thick of it as it's probably going to reach enemy carry.

  • #34 CrazedPorcupine

    Trinity force weeps at the ignorance shown in this post. No part of Trinity force costs more than 600 gold.

  • #32 Acrillus

    You know what's the best item in the game? INNERVATING LOCKET.


     ^Oh and this guy.

  • #31 MetalViper420

    Ok so you have to get this item for any champ because its the best ever right? That just doesn't work all around. Garen for example is a very nice off tank but he has no mana. so there goes 40% of that items usefullness. sure the debuff will slow the enemy team down but a fully built garen doesn't need more help at taking damage. instead of that you go with frozen mallet. massive hp bonus which combines with high armor and MR making it harder to kill garen then that debuff would have made it. and now you have another 20 attack damage to help you in your off tank role. and guess what? enemy team engaged and then starts to run before your team gets there?? well pick one of them off with the 40% movement speed slow. and bam you team enters he gets gang banged now its 5-4 advantage you. No one item is always good for any champ really build differ by play style and the situation lol.

  • #26 Fnater

    And if i play trynd/no mana cost champ?

  • #27 ShirowMasamune

    lol's if you play as trynd. then when do you ever buy anything other then beserker greives. 2 phantom dancer's and 3 blood thirsters ?


  • #28 Fnater

    actualy my build is avarice blade, berserker grieves, executioner, guinsoo, bloodthirst,infinity edge, sell avarice to phantom, sell executioner for second bloodthirster, op build, but then the first sentence of this thig is false : This item is ridiculously good for various reasons. I'll be going through every sensible and nonsensical reason for why this is the best item in this game and why you should always buy it.

  • #29 ShirowMasamune

    lol lol ^_^ wow. a trynd player that isnt a total noob ^_^  that is a good build ^_^

  • #30 ShirowMasamune

    guess it depend's on what your stand point is ^_^ im more ap support

  • #25 ShirowMasamune

    in all honesty. my view on the best item. is the very over looked Eleisa's miracle. even if it could do with a buff for the late game. (just like the chalaice of Harmony)  the +25 health regen and the plus 20 mana regen. will see you though early game very well putting you in a stronger position later game. not forgetting the Tenacity. which is always helpful if you are playing as a champ with limited escape tool's. the cost for the item itself is also easily acquired. although. an item is only as good as the player using it. and the player is only as good as his team.  

  • #21 ctiffan

    When two champs have Frozen Heart, will the aura stack when they're next to each other?

  • #22 aeolous16

    No, they will not stack, since that part of it is a Unique passive. 

  • #23 Jeppebj

    Well the "Will of the ancient's" passive stacks if you and your friend has one, so i do not see why the frozen heart wouldn't stack?

  • #24 albert2471

    WOTA stacks because it buffs yourself. You have your own unique buff, and your teamate provides another one onto it. If you were playing on the same team, but did not own a WOTA, you would only have one buff.

    This is completely different from a debuff. The Frozen Heart debuff applies only once, and as you cannot "debuff" yourself, the enemy team can only recieve one debuff each.

  • #20 ziptofaf

    Thanks God that Diff was seriously drunk while writing this and, knowing him, just got beaten on lane by some1 who rushed FH...cuz if he was serious, I would need to disagree. 

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