"When others were learning ABC, I learned ‘WTF’" - MakNoon, an interview.

Interview time! Today we have on ADV - MakNoon, the top laner from the Korean NaJin e-mFire. Recently featured in the Riot World Invitational and highlighting the event by building Dunkmaster Yi. We'll have a quick chat with MakNoon today - I hope you enjoy.

Note: MakNoon answered these questions with the help of a translator. Listed here is the translation as it was done. There are errors in grammar - but I am preserving it to try and maintain the meaning of MakNoon's words.


1) Tell me about yourself. How did you start gaming and what made you want to be a pro gamer for League of Legends?
I do not remember exactly when and why I started to play this game but I think it has been two years and half. Even though League of Legends was not available in Korea, I got the opportunity to participate in WCG, this is when I started to prepare as a player but at that time I never thought that I would be a pro-gamer.
2) How did you get yourself in the Najin e-mFire team and do you think the LoL community will see Najin become one of the favourites/top contenders in the Season Two championships?
Few months ago, I got an invitation from On Game Net. Najin was thinking to offer to recruit some players from the team I was in, EDG (Extreme Dive Gaming), and this is how I came to Najin.
There are two teams in Najin, and I am currently in team 2. Recently in domestic championships, team 1 has won other professional team MIG by 3:1. For now team 1 is better than team 2, but we are trying hard so cheer us up!
3) Who is your favourite champion and what do you think makes that champion special?
My favorite champion is ‘Nidalee’. ‘Nidalee’ is the only character in LOL that has ‘mobility’, ‘healing’ + ’attack speed’, skill to spot enemies and ‘kiting’ spell. ‘Nidalee’ is very versatile, and this is the reason why I love this champion.
4) What inspired you to try the Dunkmaster Yi build in the Riot World Invitational?
Hmm.. this is just a digression, as a matter of fact I met 'Nasus' the day before competition in RIOT. He seemed sad because no one played the champion that was named after him.
Actually, in normal or rank he doesn’t play  'Nasus' lol. So as a sign of respect I played 'Nasus' and it wasn’t that bad. Before the game everyone were smiling including allies, because it was just an event game, but when the game started I saw everyone getting serious, I chose Master Yi because I thought if I didn’t play joyfully Riot employees would revenge me(joke). In addition, I chose dunkmaster yi build to show true entertainment. 
Of course, as a pro-gamer one has to show people the best game, but since it was an event I wanted to give the audience a fun game.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Milkcow, Roku, Statikk, Jatt, and Classick. They could have made fun of themselves in this public broadcast, but they made an effort to present a humorous game.
If we did not outplay them, my Dunkmaster Yi would not be such a hot issue.
5) You are hailed as one of the best top laners from Asia - how do you work on improving yourself to even greater levels?
First of all, don’t be vain. Also, if theres a better player with better plays, I should learn from him/her. In fact, to become a good top laner, you have to be good with 'Jax' and 'Vladimir'.
6) You've won yourself a lot of fans from your performance at the Riot World Invitational - how can fans follow you? (Twitter, Facebook, Stream?)
Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/pages/MakNooN/137504006386007
I'm sorry i dont have a twitter but i broadcast my play on 'afreeca tv' in korea, usually, five thousand people have been watching it. If i have a chance, I want to do a broadcast on an international site. So, i asked my friend to broadcast on 'Twitch TV' as a member of 'TSM' but i haven't heard anything from him yet.
7) Who do you think is currently the strongest team in the world?
CLG.Eu. I think I have many things to learn from their teamwork. especially, 'Snoopeh' who is important to their team.
I want to learn it.
8) Do you enjoy the current meta? Do you think we'll see a shift away from this playstyle any time soon?
I'm satisfied, but I think everything needs to change. M5, move move!
9) Who do you think the strongest champion is? What makes them so strong?
For now, it is Darius. Ultimate skill and basic passive skills are very good.
If someone wants to refute about what i said, you have to make a comparison between 'Garen's ultimate skill' and 'Darius ultimate skill'
Also, 'Twitch's basic passive' and 'Darius's basic passive' too.

10) If you had one thing you could say to everyone reading this - what would it be?
There's a Chinese friend who has been helping me for long time. His name is Wei Li, I never saw him, but without asking anything for return, he helped me to improve my poor english and gave me advice in hard times. Im really thankful.
I have hard time trusting people, but he is one of the people whom I can tell everything. I would like to take this place and thank him. (actually, I wanted to say this in the interview, that’s why I accepted this interview xD)
11) Do you enjoy experimenting with new builds and ways of playing a champion? Can you list some unique builds you've tried?
I have tried almost every item which 'Nidalee' can do and '3 gp/10s' and 'Guinsoo's' first item too but they were not good.
12) Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed for "A DIFFerent View" MakNoon - Is there anything else you'd like to say before we finish?
Im not confident with my english, actually I learned english from this game. When others were learning ABC, I learned ‘WTF’. 
So when there was an interview in English, I rejected them because I was worried. But fortunately, I have a friend who can help me to translate and I would like to thank A DIFFerent View for offering this opportunity.
Even though my English is not perfect I will keep checking out this site :)
Since you told to say something before it ends I will say it.

I hope you guys enjoyed this interview - please tell me if you'd like to see more!
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