All About: Neutral Monsters

In the past, I've created an All About: Experience Gain article and it went quite successfully. To reboot the series, today I will be bringing to you, 'All About: Neutral Monsters'.

For a long time, the jungle and its monsters have been a source of confusion for many players as they opt to learn more about laning and its many nuances. Information of neutral monsters is not only difficult to collect, but a long and tedious task. There is much information available within the LoL Wiki but all too often, that information is inaccurate and cannot be relied on. 

Thanks to the help of a number of volunteers (especially Redditors), today I've managed to collect a lot of information on various beasts of the jungle and here I present the information to you in a set of infographics that I hope you  will find useful. There's even a free wallpaper for your use at the bottom - Enjoy it!

Note: If you see any information here that differs from the LoL Wiki, it is because the following values are up-to-date whereas the Wiki may not. Notably, the HP and Damage values of Baron/Dragon are inaccurate on the LoL Wiki at this point.

 The video version of the article can be seen below however, the written form I believe provides more detail for today's post. 

Read on for the detailed written version!

The Small Camps

If you've looked through these infographics, you may notice that I've taken the liberty of calculating the expected Total Damage per Second you can expect to take from each camp. This value takes into account the multiple monsters in each camp as well as critical chance. Importantly, the damage per second value does not take into account resistances, so in reality, you would be taking around two thirds of that damage value depending on your armor.

Most interesting fact from here is that the double golem camp is the most brutal. We'll see how it compares to the buffs in just a second.

The Buff Camps

As you can see, the damage from the double golem camp is almost as high as the buff camps. However - it has to be noted that the monsters in the double golem camp are easier to kill and you'll end up taking less damage because it takes a shorter time to clear the camp.

Now that the damage and health of each camp has been listed, let's take a look at the XP and gold they each give.

Gold and XP

Interesting Notes

  • The Wraith Camp gives the most XP but the least gold.
  • The buffs scale at 2.5XP/minute which is not too significant. I've made this chart to reflect values at spawn - which is when these values matter most.
  • The Ancient Golem (Blue buff) gives more XP than the Lizard Elder (Red Buff) but the camps give the same gold overall.
  • The Double Golems actually provides a decent amount of gold, so if you're running near by it and there's nothing else of value doing at that time. Kill the golems!


Global Objectives

Interesting points:

  • Something to know is that the person who is tanking dragon has their attack speed debuffed by 20%. So never ever let your AD carry tank it if you can help it. 
  • Curiously, the HP of dragon scales off the level of the champion highest in the game. So don't judge the difficulty of dragon purely by time alone, take a quick gander at the highest level champion in the game at the moment.
  • Dragon cannot be debuffed or CC'd in any way similarly to Baron Nashor
On to the mother of all beasts, Baron Nashor.

Interesting notes about Baron Nashor

  • Once again, there is a strong incentive to not let an AD based champion tank Baron as their Attack Damage is reduced by 50% due to Voracious Corrosion. This is applied to the champion that is closest to Baron and not the first person who attacked it.
  • Be wary of mages when you are under the influence of Wrath of the Ancients as it increases any magic damage dealt to you. This is the green slime that falls from the sky. It falls quite quickly and can hit multiple champions at the same time.
  • The fluid knockup which is labelled as Propelled in game can also be dodged by avoiding the green slime bubbling under you, it's quite easily done and you should get into the habit of doing so.
  • As you know, soloing Baron leaves you extremely vulnerable due to your reduced damage and durability when facing this fearsome fiend.


There's not much to be concluded here - since this is more of a resourceful and informative post as opposed to new information. However, I highly recommend you look at the Baron graphic in detail to learn more about him as you may learn something new. I've gone ahead and made a wallpaper for you guys to use. The resolution is 1920x1080 - and it's the Baron graphics spaced out nicely for your viewing pleasure. Click on the thumbnail to get the full view!

And for those of you who prefer imgur album mirrors: 

You are free to use any of these graphics wherever you like, all I ask is that you link back to the original article (ie. here) and credit me accordingly :)

I hope you guys enjoyed this article. Leave your feedback below - would you like to see more articles with infographics such as above or do simple tables satisfy your info cravings better? This was one of the posts I've worked a long time on and was really excited to get out to you guys - it was honestly one of my most enjoyable projects :)



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  • #23 Gamingreviewguys
    Well here is a Custom Skin to make your Kog maw look like barron if you keen i knowing how here video preview  
  • #22 ImaQQ

    is it magma chamber in the background of the Baron wallpaper?

  • #17 supportking


  • #14 guptee

    If i am not wrong, both Baron and Dragon are immune to only 'shredding effects' and not debuffs. This means any spell that reduces their resistances doesnt work. However Malphite ground slam reduces their attack speed and Also frozen heart AS debuff applies to them. I could be wrong but I think it does. 

    Another small tidbit, Noctunre can spellsheild Baron's first attack hence get off 2-3 attack with 100% damage due to the block and attack speed gain. 


    Double golems are a bitch to do in the first clear and if I dont get a good leash at blue resulting in loss of a lot of hp at the camp (and I am not against a counterjungler), I go back to wolves after wraiths get red and then wraihts again; then I go on to look for ganks rather than clear double golems. I amunt of damage double golems shell out is not worth the xp they give. 

  • #18 Waaargh

    I prefer to use Smite on double golems on first run, takes a lot of the edge off them.

  • #19 guptee

    then what do you use on red? I save smite for blue and red. I do double golems if I havent lost a lot of hp by the time finish blue. 

  • #20 Bynaar

    Quote from guptee »

    then what do you use on red? I save smite for blue and red. I do double golems if I havent lost a lot of hp by the time finish blue. 

    Most junglers smite blue and don't smite red because it's not up (due to fast jungle clears). Then smite is used on double golems. Some junglers who are slow at clearing have to smite red because they naturally take more damage from taking longer to do camps.

  • #21 guptee

    i understand that. 

    I have played jungler in over 1000 games lol.

    All I was saying is that when I end up taking a lot of damage from blue I end up ignoring double golems

  • #13 Dub_Rio

    This "all about" series is a great idea! Keep it up. 

  • #11 Zankreth

    Really nice post. Only one point that i would like to have seen would be how big difference there are in gold/exp between killing the big mob vs killing the whole pack to see how much counterjungling would be worth it.

  • #10 jakandem

    Trundle's Q debuffs both Baron and Dragon lowering their AA output. His ult doesn't seem to affect them though.

  • #9 skchyou


    Would it be alright if i translate and share this at Korean fansite?

    If it's ok, i'd like to rewrite texts in the images too.

    Last edited by skchyou: 7/16/2012 8:48:51 AM
  • #7 Clokdoc

    Just to inform that baron/dragon attack speed can be debuffed by frozen heart, randuin's omen and malphite's E . 


    Intresting research, thank you.

  • #4 mhobo

    Hey, what about that "Bountiful Treasure" buff that the wolves and the double golems sometime have? If I recall correctly it says something about the creep is accumulating gold over time or something like that. What's that all about?

  • #5 DiffTheEnder

    I was considering including the banking information but decided against it for the following reasons.

    1. It's notoriously difficult to obtain this information. I've tried to contact Riot about it but got no response.
    2. The banking system is not too significant with a gain of 5-20 XP/Gold depending on gold.
    3. The importance of the values of these camps are only significant early game, on your first and second clear thereafter being insignificant. Thus the base values for these camps represent closely enough the values that you stand to gain.
    4. Even if I was to gather this information, it would clutter the graphics.

    Sorry :(

  • #8 Waaargh

    My first thought to reading this blog was also "what about the banking bonus?". So I can see it's a small amount from your reply. So thanks for clearing that up now.

    Do you have any idea of the timescale of Bountiful Treasure, how long it takes to build up, when the clock starts, etc?

  • #12 Olymp1c

    It starts 1 minute after the camp respawned but not until after the game clock reads 4 minutes. It takes 1 min 20 sec for bank to fill completely.

    So the bank is full 2 min 20 sec after the camp respawns, the bonus is small, ~35xp ~6g, making it more worth it to just kill camps when they are up and not use the system.


  • #15 guptee

    I agree with you the banking system is almost irrelevant. Its better than your lanes clear the camps closest to them when you are out ganking than saving it up. 

  • #3 Eggsellent

    Would you mind doing this for Twisted Treeline as well?  Information for TT is far more scarce, and since monster spawns are somewhat random, it is even harder to understand.

  • #16 guptee

    they are remaking TT jungle so it might be an ardous task not really resulting in helping the community

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