Diminishing Returns: Fact or False (RP Contest)

There is a common myth among players that is prevalent among all skill ranges. This myth concerns the effectiveness of stacking resistances on champions and whether it is effective to stack them beyond a certain value. Today we'll be taking a look at whether there is such a thing as "too much armor". Can your knight in shining armor really be wearing so much armor as to weigh him down?

Firstly let's get the video version out of the way:

Today's video presentation is on a different style to the usual to compensate for the lack of an in-depth written version. Feedback on the style would be appreciated - would you prefer more presentations like above or the usual in-depth written version with a narration/commentary over it?

A Quick Summary of the Explanation in the Video

I don't expect everyone to sit through a six minute video so here's a quick summary of what I cover and what to take away as knowledge from this article.

Introduction to the Myth and Examples


 The above is your health bar at 1000 HP.
All damage to you is affected by the following formula:
Assume an enemy is hitting you for 1000 damage per attack.
If you had zero armor, you would be killed in one blow.
Now at 100 armor, the damage multiplier is 50%, hence after 1 blow, you would be left at 500 HP:
Similarly, the following health bars depict how much health you would have left after one blow if you had 200, 300, and 400 armor respectively.
At 200 armor:
At 300 armor:
At 400 armor:
 As you can see the amount of damage you take is reduced but at a lower rate. Why is this so? This is the point where players are hoaxed into believing that diminishing returns exist on stacking armor. Let's try to explain why it's not actually diminishing.

The Explanations

This can be explained due to the nature of a hidden mechanic in LoL. Each point of armor in the game increases your effective HP by 1%. Meaning that a bit of health when you have 400 armor is a lot more valuable than the same amount of health if you have 100 armor for example.
Another way to explain this is to view it as additional "health blocks". In the above examples, every 100 armor adds a "health block" to your life.
  • When you have 0 armor, it takes 1 hit to kill you.
  • When you have 100 armor, it takes 2 hits to kill you.
  • When you have 200 armor, it takes 3 hits to kill you.
  • When you have 300 armor, it takes 4 hits to kill you.
  • When you have 400 armor, it takes 5 hits to kill you.
As you can see, each 100 armor adds the same amount of effectiveness as the previous 100 armor when viewed this way.
So the key point to take away from this article is this: Do not be fooled by health and percentages as they will seem diminishing. Understand that each point of health is worth more when you have more armor which is why there appears to be a diminishing return. If you understand that, you should have no trouble with that concept and you can silence your teammates when they bring up arguments like these.
To conclude, I would like to say that this is quite a simple concept that is easy to explain yet easy to confuse. I know many of you may have found this obvious yet at the same time, a few of you would have had your eyes opened. I hope the presentation of the explanation in this way helped get across a point that you would not have normally understood. I highly suggest you watch the video version as it's much easier to understand the explanation when you have graphics and when I can talk about it :)

Next Steps and RP Contest

While this article only explains the truth about diminishing returns, it doesn't breach into the analysis of how this affects stacking resistances and health in your builds. This is a much more in depth analysis that I will leave to the ever-friendly and colourblind, Gentleman Gustaf, who will be taking a hard look at stat multiplicativity when it comes to health and resistances. I simply wanted to tackle this myth and and try to clear up any confusion players had about the issue! Once again, I recommend watching the video version for an easier to follow explanation.

As for the RP contest, you will see its details at the end of the video. The only requirement you must meet to be able to win the RP contest is be a subscriber of my channel. I will be picking a random YouTube subscriber some time in the next week and contacting them through YouTube, so remember to check your inboxes regularly :)

 Finally, I hope you enjoyed it and as always this is DiffTheEnder signing out!
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