Katarina's Kidnapping: A Brain Teaser with an RP Contest

PRIZES! Today I'm bringing you a brain teaser in a return to one of my oldest series. There is an RP prize involved if you manage to solve it or produce a logical and plausible answer :) So stick around and see if you can solve the case of:

 Katarina's Kidnapping

"I know we should have called the police," Cassiopeia Du Couteau admitted as she nursed a bump on the back of her head. "But the kidnapper said he'd kill my sister if we did. And it's not like we couldn't afford the ransom." 
Katarina Du Couteau, the elder daughter of Noxian General Du Couteau, had been missing since Tuesday. On Wednesday morning, a lone kidnapper telephoned the mansion and made his demands. The younger Du Couteau daughter, Cassiopeia, was to bring gold ingots in a bag. She was to take a specific route from the mansion, carrying the bag through several alleys to a drop site near the Demacian border. 

The normally cheap General Du Couteau was frantic and willingly agreed to the terms. A midnight pay-off. Ten thousand ingots. And no police. "I was halfway through the alley," Cassiopeia testified, "when I heard footsteps. Before I could turn around I was hit on the head. I fell down. I could see his back by the light of a street lamp. Never got to see his front. He was quickly running away with the bag. A tall guy wearing a dark cardigan. Sorry I can't be more specific." In the case's one lucky break, a police officer came across Cassiopeia shortly after the attack. He called in the crime and a patrol car responded immediately. An ever elegant Sheriff Caitlyn stepped out and got on the case.

She threw out a net over the area and two suspicious-looking characters were apprehended in the vicinity, both resembling Cassiopeia's description. "So, I was running," Graves said angrily. He had been found two blocks from the attack and started running as soon as he saw the patrol car. Graves had a string of priors, all misdemeanors. "I'm on parole," he admitted, "And I was carrying a knife -- for my own protection at night. That's a violation. Can you wonder why I ran away?" 

The second suspect was Twitch, a homeless drifter. "I wasn't even wearing this sweater," he protested as he unbuttoned his moth-eaten cardigan. "I picked it out of the garbage just before you guys pulled me in." "We didn't find money on either one of 'em," Caitlyn told General Du Couteau. "And we didn't find the gold bag either. But I got a pretty good idea what happened. Don't worry. We'll get your daughter back." 

Who kidnapped Katarina Du Couteau?

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  • #104 bamorsha

    The only person who could've done it was Cassiopeia. You can't tell if someone is wearing a Cardigan when you only see the back of them.

    You would see this from the front.


    And you would see a long sweater from the back. Cassiopeia lied in her testimony and for what reason? Of course to direct suspicion to other people. Cassiopeia lied and kidnapped Katarina.


  • #109 fuzzythinker

    Um, what the hell is a cardigan?  I saw a picture of a man wearing a Mr. Roger's sweater.

    Next, she said front, so she could of seen the sides or an angle of the sides.  Since she lives at court, she probably knows much about fashion.  All she would have to do is match what she saw with what she has seen previously in court.

  • #103 Balanceofevil

    Internal Noxian politics. Jericho Swain commissioned Graves( a man with no affiliation) with information about Twisted Fate. Swain offered Cassiopeia a chance to make her sister lose face and therefore improve her own standing in the Family. Cassiopeia lures Katarina into a vulnerable position for her to be taken by Graves. The ransom is 1) a means to measure the wealth of the De'conteau family 2) a means to Make the General seem weak to his supporters and therefore strengthen Swain's own position for Noxian High Commander.

  • #102 thedoghouse

    Cassiopeia and Twitch were the kidnappers, Cassiopeia was looking for money and the homeless Twitch wouldn't turn down the offer from Cass to kidnap Kat and get a cut of the ransom. Cassiopeia needed someone to hit her over the head, because if she had done it herself, or slammed her head against something, the angles would be wrong. It also allows her to give some information to cop, such as the cardigan, and twitch would have the alibi saying, "I just found this, I'm poor, I don't know what you're talking about." Implying the actual thief dumped the cardigan whilst retreating.

  • #101 J5DubV

    I've actually seen this one a long time ago.. Cass is the liar and thief... you cant tell if a sweater is a cardigan from the back as it buttons up the front.

  • #100 Haze3939

    To start off, you told us that the culprit was male "a lone kidnapper telephoned the mansion and made his demands." 

    Next we know that only the kidnapper could have known where Cassiopeia was going because of her secretiveness during her travels. 

    We also know that the culprit was tall and was wearing a cardigan, is what cass had said. We also know that the culprit can run quickly and also sneak very well.

    These rule out a lot of champions such as yordles and not very finesse characters (aka mundo). 

    One final clue is that the character has to be someone that the Du Couteau family could not have known, someone from a far away place. Such as ionia. I belive that shen is the culprit, but not without a little bit of help. 

    The backstory on this is: Shen traveled from ionia to help with the doctors in demacia. During his travels he saw that Du Couteau was making a lot of money from others despair. Because of Shen's need to create balance he was urged to kidnap katarina, possibly by taunting, then drugging her. He then ordered a ransom to be taken to dimacia. But he got some help, he knew that the prisoner graves had been released recently, as some of his patients were shoved around or knew about him, and that is why they were in the hospital. He figured that graves could redeem himself for the bad that he had done if he helped shen restore balance, and also would split some of the ransom. Shen knew when he had to catch Cassiopeia, but was running late trying to save a persons life. So he through on his cardigan over his doctors uniform and set out to find cass. Shen hit her with a ki strike, ran around the corner, threw out his cardigan and tele'd to graves using stand united. who was far enough away at the time for shen to taunt to safety. He also gave graves one of his knifes to keep him protected. Later twitch found the cardigan (which had been eaten by the moths that already follow twitch, nothing lasts long in that rats possesion). And that is who captured katarina and stole the money from cass. 

    The answer is Shen and Graves

  • #99 Schuazay

    The kidknapper has to be Yorick.

    Reason 1: Twitch found a moth-eaten cardigan and Yorick being a zombie, naturally wears shaggy clothes.

    Reason 2: A shovel can very easily be used to attack Casseopeia from behind+ Yorick's omen of war gives him a speed buff so he can quickly run away after hitting Cass.

    Reason 3: The lamp. Cass said she saw the back of the criminal in the light of a lamp. Yorick has a lamp protruding from his body that hangs over his head at all times.

  • #98 GeopGamer

    I think it was Jax because...
    1. She saw him next to a LAMP POST instead of a streetlight, she was just delusional when she was hit.
    2. He is fast. She heard footsteps and then a quick Leapstrike to the head for a knockout.

    3. He's tall and has a dark cardigan.

  • #97 xxRigo

    The answer can only be one person: Caitlyn.

    It can not be Graves nor Twitch, as neither of them would be able to knock Cass unconscious. Graves gun simply isn't meant for beating people with it, and would likely break. Twitch's crossbow would surely break if it were used as a bludgeon. However, Caitlyn, on the other hand, has her rifle which looks similar to a World War 1 or 2 rifle, which were designed so that the back could be used in close quarters combat. This would easily be able to knock out Cass from behind.

    Caitlyn is also the one able to catch Katarina, since she can Shunpo out of Twitch's or Graves's hands since neither has a stun or snare. Caitlyn has her Traps that would be able to catch her and not let her escape. 

    Since Caitlyn has knowledge of the city, she knew that Graves and Twitch would be in the area, so she purposefully set traps in areas they usually walk so that there would be two prime suspects.

    All this evidence points to the one and only culprit, CAITLYN.

  • #96 jonh16144

    The answer is simple really. A smelly stinking rat.


    From the observations we can clearly deduce the answer. First, how did Katarina, a famous champion in the League of Legends be kidnapped? Even Garen, the might of Demacia, is afraid of 'the sinister blade'. (that's why he hides in brush so often)

    It could only be done to trickery...Perhaps through an 'ambush'

    Now, the next thing is how Cassiopeia brought the gold but on her way did not see anyone. Yet when she came to the meeting place, she heard footsteps and got smacked on the head. Since stealth does not hide the sound of your footsteps, and after hitting someone stealth disappears...

    Now the last question, where did the gold go? Remember how Graves and Twitch were both empty handed? Remember how twitch was chilling on the dump? He was not looking for food or friends, no my good man, he was hiding the gold! Nobody is going to dig for gold in a dump, so it fits perfectly.

     PS: Also, Twitch mentioned a 'sweater' he was not wearing. Why would you do that (if not asked for) unless you know people saw you with it while committing the crime?


    Last edited by jonh16144: 8/7/2012 3:21:10 AM
  • #95 CamPaine

    This reminds me of the movie where the guy is a body guard for some girl in Mexico city. The father gets the girl kidnapped, and the government puts up the bail money and attempt to catch the kidnappers, but it was all a plot to split the money between the father and the kidnapper. I believe this was a plot between Katarina and Cassio to get the money from their father.

  • #94 Buhadog

    Ok let's get down to facts. Since Cassiopeia was the one who got hurt and Katarina the one who got missing that leaves them out. Caitlyn was on the case so that eliminates her too. Since the kidnapper called that means he had to be able to talk. That eliminates Sona. The kidnapper was walking. That leaves out any champions who can't walk. So Anivia, Corki, Galio, Janna, Karthus, Kassadin, Kayle, Malzahar, Nocturne, Xerath and Zilean are out. Furthermore, the suspect was tall. That leaves out Akali, Amumu, Annie, Evellyn, Ezreal, Fizz, Heimerdinger, Kennen, Lulu, Lux, Poppy, Rumble, SkarnerTeemo, Tristana, Twitch (he's always walking like he has a hump), Veigar and Ziggs. That leaves us with 68 champions. Now we can eliminate champions who are either to weak or unable to hit Cassiopeia on the head. That eliminates Ahri, Ashe, Cho'gath, Fiddlesticks, Karma, Kog'Maw, Nunu, Rammus, Soraka Urgot and Yorick. Furthermore some champions are simply to loud to be able to come close to Cassiopeia without her noticing. Alistar, Blitzcrank, Dr. Mundo (constant slurping sounds), Hecarim, Malphite, Mordekaiser, Nautilus, Orianna, Sejuanni, Singed, Taric, Viktor (his machinery isn't exacly silent) and Volibear. Next of we can eliminate Brand because he emits light (and heat), Gankplank because Cassiopeia would remember the smell of rum (same goes for Gragas), Maokai, Renekton, Trundle, Udyr and Warwick because they aren't exacly hard to recognise. Now we're down to 37. Darius can be eliminated because he is too well known and has "more important" things to do, Fiora has to much pride to do something like this, same goes with Garen, Jarvan IV, Jayce, Lee Sin, Leona (plus she emits light), Master Yi, Nasus, Ryze, Shen, Shyvana Vayne and Xin Zhao. Now we can eliminate champions who are either to far or unable to perform this. Irelia, Miss Fortune, Morgana, Nidalee, Olaf, Pantheon, Riven, Sion, Tryndamere, Varus, Vladimir, Wukong and Zyra are examples of that. Furthermore  Sivir and Swain have enough money and power not to risk a kidnapping and Talon admires General Du Ceuteau to much to do this. That leaves us with 6 possible criminals. Since the bag was quite heavy the person who stole the gold had to be strong in order to carry it. LeBlanc, Shaco and Twisted fate are not strong enough to do this. That leaves us with Draven, Graves and Jax. The person who did it was fast. That leaves Jax out. Let's look at the reasons either of them would have to kidnapp Katarina. Graves could use the money to fund his revenge on Twisted Fate + he was close to the scene where this happened. Draven has no such viable reason. So without further thought I present to you the kidnapper of Katarina - Graves

  • #93 jokeaccount

    Please reset the contest. Everyone went online and found the answer, there is no point giving RP to cheaters

  • #92 InfamyQQ

    The kidnapper, if such word might be used, were both Katarina and Cassiopeia.

    The plot was weaved as a manner of securing 10000 gold coins from their father, by the manner of a rather clever plot. By putting a threat of impending death on Katarina, their father, who loves his daughters was forced to open his purse and work to save his child. This allowed them to prepare a drop point where Cassiopeia would take the money.

    The place was chosen not only because the presence of many crooks, but also because of the presence of Sheriff Caitlyn, a woman of unblemished moral. Katarina, wearing her sandstorm skin, meet with Cassio and together transported the gold to a safe spot. Afterwards, to make sure it was credible, she knocked out Cassiopeia, and awaited for the Sheriff to appear.

    Dumping the cloak near twitch, and the presence of Graves, gave them two good suspects, and considering the description of a tall and, most importantly, masculine was given, no suspicion would be aroused on the Sinister Blade. 

  • #91 Blakhart92

    All I can say is that it was Definitely Not Blitzcrank.


    However, with careful examination of the evidence at hand, I have been able to determine who kidnapped Katarina and stole the gold.

    It was noted that if cops became involved in the meet, that the criminal would kill Katarina. So we know this character has no remorse for any evil actions he performs, and to kidnap the Sinister Blade herself, he's done a lot of dark and maniacal deeds.

    The gold ingots in question may be heavy, however since gold is used as currency, the ingots would be small, and flat; much like small coin bars. There is also the prime piece of evidence; the cardigan sweatshirt. Admittedly I was stumped as to who would wear this, and why. It is also noted that the perpetrator was tall, and was able to sneak up on Cassiopeia before she had time to react. 

    We all know that one cannot simply sneak up on Cassiopeia without some kind of retaliation from her Petrifying Gaze followed up with tons of damage from her noxious fumes and lightning fast Twin Fangs. Cassiopeia claimed that she heard footsteps, before being attacked, so she had time to react as aforementioned. Which means that before she could react she was stunned before she could turn around to see the kidnapper.

    The kidnapper was also mentioned to have ran away swiftly. This too stumped me. However, once I realized that the bag contained TEN THOUSAND gold ingots, I knew immediately that the mad man had to be unnaturally strong. So strong that his own strength could not be his own. So fast, that his speed was also not his. Because the perpetrator knew what he'd be dealing with when he asked for Cassiopeia to bring the gold! So he outfitted himself with Boots of Mobility before arriving!

    The perpetrator is none other:

    Than SION!

    The aforementioned moth-eaten sweater was from the Lumberjack job he once had. I noticed that Twitch had to unbutton the sweatshirt, and it was large enough to clothe the small plague rat and keep him warm. Immediately I knew it was Sion's Lumberjack sweatshirt. Sion is also unnaturally strong that he was able to make off with the gold and get away swiftly with the boots he put on before.

    Once again I joke, I joke. I can assure you, though that tale was spun very well, Sion is not the culprit at all. The real perpetrator... Is none other than Cassiopeia herself!

    Cassiopeia claimed in her testimony that she "Could see his back by the light of a street lamp. Never got to see his front.".
    With that in mind, she could have never known that the perpetrator was wearing a cardigan  in the first place. You lied in your testimony, snake!

    Admit it Cassiopeia! You and your sister were both trying to scam your own flesh and blood for extra gold just so you could have the latest fashions from "Rab's and Cap's".

    Case officially closed.

    Last edited by Blakhart92: 8/6/2012 3:39:44 AM
  • #90 Kinzu

    The more I think on this the more I think it's just Cass.

    Graves and Twitch are a distraction to the real truth that Cass lied about seeing her attacker.  The attacker running away with a bag full of 10,000 gold does seem a little impossible, but my thought on this was it's a league of legend story where no matter how much Gold champions are carrying they never seem to slow down.

    If Cass got hit from behind though and knocked out how did she even see the person running away? Even if you believe she turned and got a look a brief moment before going unconscious it still makes no sense.  You ever seen a Boxing match or MMA fight? How many guys after getting knocked out can tell you what happened afterwards? Pretty much none because you never remember what happened the moment before the light switch went out.  Then again maybe she isn't knocked out because she was never attacked in the first place, and if not then why does she not give chase or scream for help?

    A major point I don't think anyone has brought up is how did a police officer arrive at the scene so quickly? The crime was never reported.  We don't have Cass running off to track down the thief or seeking out the police.  They found her shortly after the crime. Hmm.... how could that be?

    "She was to take a specific route from the mansion" yup her route took her to the location where she knew a police officer would be making a patrol around that time.  She ditched the Gold and then waits for the officer to come by then starts her act and gives the false testimony about a thief stealing it.  They will never find the thief she thinks because there is not one to find, and she can come back and claim all the money for herself.

    So who called and left the directions for the ransom? We don't know.  The story does not leave enough details to figure this out.  Cass could have made this up for all we know because the story does not even define who answered the call.

    The Cardigan? It's a red herring in way because both Twitch and Graves wear one.  It's only true point in this story is to point out that Cass is lying.  It doesn't matter who wears one because there is no attacker to wear it.

    What's Katarina's role in all of this? I don't think the story details her role enough to define it.  She really could be the victim of her sisters evil plan, or she could have simply run away from home and not be kidnapped at all.  She could also very well be in on the whole plan to steal money from daddy, but all we know based on the details is that she is the victim.

    So again the only thing the story clearly defines is that Cass lied and her being in that very alley at that exact time was predetermined.  Cass is guilty as charged.

    Last edited by Kinzu: 8/6/2012 12:51:09 AM
  • #88 Aporiometha

    The answer to this is obvious once we examine the facts.

    Gold is ridiculously heavy. It is nearly twice as dense as lead. That must have been some bag she was using to hold just one gold ingot without tearing, let alone a... well, bag full.

    Let's take Cass at her word. Maybe Mordekaiser made the Du Couteau family a metal bag, somehow. He's the Master of Metal, so maybe it's possible. Could Cassiopea even lift it? Look at those puny arms.

    But maybe snake people are stronger than meets the eye, and at least she doesn't have puny legs to go along with it. Maybe this was a metal backpack, that's still a kind of a bag.

    Who on earth could run with a backpack full of gold ingots, let alone run quickly? And let's be honest here, we all know the alleged sweater-wearer would still be within 850. Cass could have spat on them, gotten a speed boost, and raked their face off. And don't tell me all she saw was a tall guy in a sweater. She may as well have said a black guy did it.

    All of that aside, how can you even kidnap Katarina anyway? Sure, maybe you could stun her and lock her in a knife-proof cage or something, but she's just going to Shunpo out of there fast enough to makeJohn Dillinger jealous.

    This is obviously a false police report. Du Couteau didn't magically become any less of a cheapskate. This is probably just a scheme to hide some of his assets. In all likelihood Katarina is going to be "released" and return safely home.

    However, we can't rule out the possibility that the real crime here is covering up MURDER. She's not quite on Eve or Teemo level, but ask yourself seriously, could you stand to live with that (insert 5 letter word)? Sure she SEEMS nice, very friendly in the kitty-kat getup, but she's crazy as all get out. I'd just as soon expect her to go all mohel on me in the bedroom as to play the furry.

  • #89 Aporiometha

    And then I checked the previous comments and saw people before me hit on all of these points, more or less. Except Kat being bat___ crazy and MURDER. Also I missed the whole sweater-cardigan thing, mostly because if Twitch hadn't said a cardigan is a sweater, I'd be stuck at : "wtf is a cardigan". Or Google.

  • #86 DisWaR

    I think the culprit is Gentleman Cho'Gath. He is tall and wears a black cardigan.

    btw this is the only reason that explains how much money Cho has

  • #85 skittlebit

    It was Jax. She heard footsteps then was hit suddenly -> leap strike and melee hero.  Saw his back by a street lamp -> Jax uses  a lamp as his weapon, also it would be slung over his shoulder. Also, in a thin alleyway there would not be any street lamps just lights on the walls.  All he did was dump his sweater or w.e and then leap strike away while twitch picked it up.

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