Damnation: How many souls does Thresh need?

Hello, hello! DiffTheEnder here with you after a long break for a special article on Thresh's passive, Damnation!

 This is one of the quirky champions that Riot produces once in a while, where said champion has a totally unique mechanic. In this case, Thresh is one of these special snowflakes. He does not gain Armor per level and instead picks up pleasant looking green orbs that are actually souls from corpses littered around the Fields of Justice.

And with this interesting mechanic, we beg the question... 

How many souls does Thresh need to keep up in terms of armor with similar champions?

Worry not, you shall find the answer below! Read on for 99.9% accurate mathcrafting.

The missing 0.1% of certainty

Sometimes Riot hides values from us. Past examples have included things like HP scaling of jungle monsters -- which I had to collect data for in an earlier (now outdated) article. Today, a valuable bit of data needed is also hidden and that's the value of each soul. Those of you who have played Thresh will be aware of a small icon above your skills that indicates the "value" of the next soul. 

The first soul is worth 1 armor and 1 ability power, however the following souls are worth less. Here's a quick sampling of data that shows the decreased value of each soul.

Just to be clear on what that table means -- the 70th soul you pick up will be worth 0.65 armor and AP. There is a certain element of uncertainty as the values shown to us in game is rounded. I am assuming it's a linear decrease of 0.005 per soul to the 100th soul at which it caps and further souls are valued at 0.5.

With that disclaimer stated, let's start comparing armor values of similar champions. (Note: It doesn't really affect the final conclusions since the imperfection in the calculation is so small)

Nautilus and Blitzcrank - the other two hookers. How does Thresh match up?

These are two champions who can fill support or tanky roles and have somewhat similar kits to Thresh. Let's take a peek at their armor scalings.

So to keep up and not be overly strong or overly weak -- Thresh needs to scale up to 74 armor by level 18. Now it's the moment you've been waiting for, how many souls does Thresh need to reach each of the "average" values at each level? Your wait is over, look below.

Let's translate to some "rule-of-thumb" numbers that you can remember in game.

  • For Levels 1-3 -- maintain a soul count of 2 times your level
  • For Levels 4-8 -- maintain a soul count of 3 times your level
  • For Levels 9-18 -- maintain a soul count of 4 times your level.

The above benchmarks will put you a fair bit above the required amount of souls to keep up with the other two hookers.

Is this do-able?

Extremely easy to achieve each of these values at different points in the game. As an example, I had 40 souls at level 7 in my most recent support Thresh game and ended with 140 souls. Now we know that this is easy - do we claim Thresh is OP?

I can't answer that for you - however the data has been deciphered and the rest is up to you.

I hope you enjoyed that very quick breakdown of Thresh's passive. Leave your comments below and I'll try to respond to them as time allows!


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