Season 3 and Supports: Yes, people play supports!

Season 3 and Supports; Yes, People play Supports! 

      The pre-season patch is coming soon, with a massive amount of changes to every role.  Stonewall will cover the jungle, Hashshinshin will cover top lane and bruisers, but who covers supports?  Elementz doesn't post blogs and covers tier lists for all champs, plus he is a busy guy.  Which is why I am here.  I am no pro player, but during season 2, I played a lot of support.  It isn't my favorite role, nor is it the one I strive to get every game.  But when someone claims they cannot (or will not) play support, I do it.  I have done this for two main reasons.  First, few people actually understand what a support does or does it well.  Bad supports will lose lanes and games, I have seen it happen all the time and I will not let my AD suffer the horrible fate of a straight up incompetent support.  Second, I have been told by much higher level players than me that I do it well, so I practice it.  While I am not Elementz, I have played enough support to have some kind of thoughts on them.

Note: I had originally planned to discuss the future of season 3 with what we know, then the patch on the PBE hit.  I am not going to go too deep in specifics, as those can rapidly change.  But I will look over the general changes to masteries, ambient gold gain and some of the new items that have me most excited.    

Supports being the only adults in the room and babysitting the rest of the crew? Normal

The Changes!

     Vast change to League of Legends is upon us.  And one of the most affected will be supports, but that is a good thing!  I am going to give certain items their own section for the ones that I look forward too.

1. Ambient Gold Generation              

     Riot has stated that one change they have made is to increase natural gold generation across the board.  Lane minions do not give as much gold, but lanes are planned to get as much gold as they used too from killing creeps.  Since Supports do not get any gold from creeps, this is a net gain on gold for supports.  How much is likely to be tweaked, but we are going to have more gold just because the map gives us more.

2. Movement Speed Boost     

     Riot has given every champion in the game an additional 25 movement speed to offset the boot reduction.  This is huge, if you did not have boots before, everyone would catch you.  I felt like I absolutely MUST get boots as soon as possible or I would get run down all day.  Now, it is not quite so bad.  You could postpone boots some if you choose and that will save you money.  Boots in general will not be quite so mandatory.  Still a must-have, but not as much.  

3. Masteries    

     Pickpocket will give supports a small amount of extra gold.  Every AA gives a small amount of gold to the support.  That is rather fun and makes AA harass for supports that much more important.  Not that I needed a reason to attack the enemy team, but knowing I get some gold for it is great!  Then there is a free potion in Bisketeer, a free ward in explorer and free movement in the final mastery.  Utility looks a lot more promising now and that is a direct buff to supports.  While other champions can surely enjoy the tree too, I imagine that supports will find it the most useful.  

4. Sightstone

     When they removed Heart of Gold, the biggest sadness for me was not the loss of a GP/10.  It was the loss of a good item to give me health.  Supports are very common targets and building a Philo Stone before HoG could very often be a death sentence.  Now, we have an item that Supports really want and gives us health.  That is all on top of the fact it gives us wards!  I always had to plan to spend at least 150 on wards when I went back to buy.  Now, I do not have to plan to get at least two wards.  That is almost 150 gold a trip saved unless I really want more wards.  The number of savings so far looks to be pretty high, but what to spend this new gold on?  

5. Kage's Last Breath

     One of the biggest issues I see in random games is initiation.  The question I always ask myself about our team is "Who and how do we start teamfights?"  Now, I have the ability to basically make anyone an initiator.  This can help with weak team comps and that makes me very happy.  Especially since it keeps the GP/10 component.  

6. Wraith Collar

      Another fun new item for our team vision granting mission.  Having a way to scout around a dark map when the enemy team is not there is going to be really, really useful.  How often have you or a teammate gone to ward and die?  Now I can explore safely for my team.  

7. Mikeal's Crucible 

     This item scares me a little with how good it is.  Essentially, you can give someone three (!) cleanses with this, QSS and Cleanse.  That is a lot of CC removal for any champion.  Imagine a Support Morgana with this item and suddenly melee AD can do some serious work without fear of being CC'd as much.  It requires teamwork, but it is a strong option.  Did I mention it gives a quick heal based on missing health?  That is nice too.  

Supports are everyone's best friends!


     There is a lot to be excited for in Season 3.  If you are a Support player, then you probably already have high hopes for season 3.  If you do not play Supports, then you can see now why they would be excited.  I honestly think this will help change some of the perception of Supports in games.  If for some reason I get ahead as a support (like getting a miraculous 3 kills for example) then I can really impact the game quickly.  Imagine having the ability to come back to lane with a very early Zeke's herald and still have the mandatory role of supports filled with a sightstone.  In that case, I get ahead, my team gets ahead and I can have a more visual impact on the game while being more fun to play.






  • #47 UberGiant

    I have been told by much higher level players than me that I do it well, so I practice it.  While I am not Elementz...

    Haha, that could be taken out of context.

    Thanks for the post to help all us who main support.

  • #42 omeomorfismo

    how work wraith collar? they search invisible champion? like akali in her W?

    Last edited by omeomorfismo: 11/20/2012 8:31:56 AM
  • #41 exacerberus

    The thing I love most about new masteries is that with new Wealth, Biscuiteer and Explorer I can start laning with 6 items at lev 1 (Crystalline Flask + Faerie Charm + 1 Health pot + 1 Sight Ward + Biscuit + Explorer Ward... never felt so rich when playing support ^_^

    On a serious note, all the new items with actives are really fun and promote build diversity and creativity. One of them is... OP. Guess which one. Yes, it's Mikael's, and along with Shurelya's it's insanely strong, especially on certain CC-spam-machine supports.

  • #33 corallein

    Source for the first image? =D

  • #38 AbyssArray

    I believe it was on a Summoner Showcase?

  • #39 FrozenXZeus

    The guy's blog

  • #40 Emeraldw

    I found it off 4chan, so I cannot begin to guess where it came from originally.


  • #30 AbyssArray

    Supports gained a lot of tools to make use of, out of the other items that could be good:

    -Banner of Command: Seems like it could be good to grab towards the mid-game, to split push.. also if it works the way I'm hoping it does, Malzhar, Elise, Heimerdinger, Yorick, etc would love this item.

    -Crystalline Flask: It could save a lot of gold on potions, combined with the (Ruby) Sightstone, you could gain so much on a recall.

    -Locket of the Iron Solari: While it may not be a new item, it gained reasonable health, 10% CDR, and the total price went down.

    -Runic Bulwark: A direct upgrade to Aegis (though it got changed a little), a lot of MR is attached to this item. (Though, Aegis is a bit more expensive now)


    One final note: Nice avatar :)

    Last edited by AbyssArray: 11/19/2012 8:10:35 PM
  • #37 monkyyy

    i feel like flask wont be on supports at all, they are currently the best role for recalling often, and a new item is going to reward that, and if they need hp regen that badily what do u think their adc will need? so u should be getting an arua

  • #29 Whoodamon

    This is a really nice post, actually. I have seen the new items and I've gotten really excited for these new updates. I myself main support, and so many of these updates are changing the role of support down bot lane. You pointed out a few things that I did not even catch. The second-hand buff to supports' movement speed slipped past my eye, and I didn't actually realize the possible importance of Wraith's Collar; especially down bottom when your Amumu (as an example) is trying to gank for you and you do not have any current vision of the bush. Now you can pop the wraiths and give him free vision. But looking at the items that build up to it. Sure, it builds from Kage's, a gp10, but a bit of AP, MR and movement speed might not be justified by the active ability.

    Additionally, I want to point out that the new item Ohmwrecker could be the bane of supports. Due to the fragility of the bottom lane champs, the lane tends to be a common victim of the turret dive, and Ohmwrecker might become common on junglers like Amumu, Maokai, and Alistar. If so, bottom lane is going to be dove much more often.

    Aegis might be better to buy earlier in the game, too. With the health regen bonus in place of the attack bonus it can give a lot of sustain to your ADC.

    Sorry for the great wall of text, but I saw this post and it made me happy. :P I agree that people don't fully understand the importance of a good support, and you should know that this post alone encouraged me to create an account just so I could reply. I look forward to seeing further information on this page. :)

  • #48 BuddyBoombox

    Actually, in its current state, Ohmwrecker doesn't provide enough utility to justify its cost for a tank in my opinion.  For the same price you can get far more armor and health, which is universally helpful, versus the conditional effect of Ohmwrecker.

    because of this, in my opinion, it will be better used on aggressive but squishy bot lane supports.  Being able to shut a tower off is not really useful for a tank who could just build armor and health anyway, but for a squishy its an immense amount of damage.

    Last edited by BuddyBoombox: 11/27/2012 1:31:06 PM
  • #28 Faren22

    Okay, so this is something I don't get. 

    Riot gave every champ bonus movement speed and nerfed boots. What is the point of the bonus MS. I get that it makes a difference in terms of movement within the lane (easier to run to tower) and within river (easier to gank) but in terms of getting caught champion-to-champion it should be the same, right? Because if supports are faster, the ADs are faster as well. 

    Am I missing something?

    Also, I need the source for that top image. Need. Neeeeeeeed.

  • #32 dumbitdownjr

    Just google:supports babysitting. and it comes right up.

  • #35 TreeBurrow

    Well... Usually supports got caught up early-game, because they don't buy T1 boots as early as an AD carry... (AD carries usually open with boots and 3 potions, junglers usually open with boots and 3 potions) Supports usually start with Faerie Charm (Or rarely Regrowth Pendant), because they want to rush that PhiloStone, or HoG as soon as possible, it's more important to get GP/10's early as a support because you need to spend a lot of money of Warding... So, Since AD carries probably won't start with boots anymore, plus the difference between having boots and not having boots has dropped... Supports are now safer

  • #25 Douggie

    I usually play any role that needs to filled, more often then not that is support.  I have actually learned to enjoy playing support and find it quite fun. I used to play resto shaman in WoW so I'm used to the thankless position in a team. Emerald has touched on quite a few reasons why I am not only excited for season 3 but also why I'm just going to play dedicated support. That and Nami is fun as hell. Soooo much support love.

  • #27 Emeraldw

    Nami is going to be a very good support. 

  • #16 Cerbereth

    I wish Veigar and Lulu could lane together that lane would be awesome. Also I love that picture of the supports babysitting. Pretty accurate representation of their role.

  • #13 Aquitanius

    You claim you play support often but you say you buy 2 wards for 140 gold. Yeah...

    Last edited by Aquitanius: 11/19/2012 5:39:37 PM
  • #18 ohGr

    Some people are just bad at math. Doesn't mean Emerald doesn't play supports.

  • #23 Dj0z

    ...Or he simply counts the recall time, which will give him th missing 10 gold and let him back into lane while earlier overall.


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