Champion Notes: Ahri, The 9 Tails Fox!

Champion Notes: Ahri, The 9 Tails Fox!

     Few champions are as much loved and hated by the general community than Ahri.  Either for the fact she is a fast and flexible mage or for the fact she is a kinky fox who literally charms everyone she sees.  Ahri is a magic damage assassin and ability power carry.  Her abilities allow her to dive into the enemy team and kill a carry, or poke with multi-target spells.  All of her abilities but one will hit more than one target.  With low cooldowns, decent AP ratios, she can be a scary champion at every stage of the game.  Ever since her release she has been a scary mage and continues to be a slippery mage to kill and a powerful solo que & tournament champion.  


Stats, Abilities, Ratio's Numbers:

Passive (Essence Theft):

  • This gives Ahri sustain.  Few mages in the game have any form of sustain and 35% spell vamp is significant. 
  • You can only ever get 3 charges per spell.
  • The Orb will glow green when ready.  I highly suggest you keep an eye on the buff meter so you can use it to heal up or go for a trade. 

Q (Orb of Deception):

  • Will pass through all targets with no damage loss, few AOE abilities of this type will not suffer damage loss on more targets hit.
  • Does True Damage on return, making it great for hurting even tanks with large MR.  If your opponent is trying to build a lot of MR, focus on landing the return trip for damage.   
  • Cooldown is relatively short and with Max CDR, you can fire off a large number of Q's for poke.
  • The range on this ability is very long.  
  • Hitting someone at the very tip of the range will cause both hits at once.
  • Great for harassing opponents since it continues to travel over minions. 

W (Fox-Fire):

  • This ability is treated as 3 separate single targets spells.  They would trigger effects such as Muramana and the full Rylai's slow.  
  • The range on this ability is very good and is extremely effective at zoning with no targeting needed.  
  • The cool down is very short at max ranks and combined with a Rylai's and max CDR, you are a kiting machine.  Try this sometime, no gap closer = never getting to you!  
  • Each Fire can hit a separate target
  • The range is based on the fire and not Ahri.  So if a forward floating fire is in range, another fire behind her may not be and will find its own target.  
  • Will prioritize champions over creeps. 

E (Charm):

  • Counts as a taunt
  • This will cause them to walk towards her.  I suggest keeping this in mind if using as a disengage.  You could very well hit the target, but they are still getting closer. Be sure to make sure you are continuing to move backward when used this way. 
  • Exceptionally long range ability.  Fantastic for picking out targets in sieges and starting team fights. 
  • The missile speed is good and the ability has a small profile.  You can sneak this in between creeps much easier than other abilities.
  • Only the duration & damage goes up on leveling up.  Max this last.   

R (Spirit Rush)

  • Very quick ultimate.  Each Dash will move Ahri in the direction of your mouse.  There is a 1 second delay between each charge of her ultimate.  Remember this when using it defensively. 
  • This ability makes it very hard to gank Ahri.  However, being both the source of her exceptional mobility and damage, it dramatically limits Ahri's overall ability to be without it.  Play very passively when down, as Ahri is rather slow. 
  • A single dash is relatively short range.  All 3 dashes overall will allow Ahri to travel a significant distance.  Just beware that 1 second delay between activations of her ultmiate. 
  • The ability will always target the 3 closest enemies.  When diving to assassinate a target, be sure he is one of the closest or you will lose a lot of damage.

Bursts at 6 and 11:

Lvl 6: 565 Magic Damage + (2.86 Total AP Ratio)

Lvl 11: 895 Magic Damage + (2.86 Total AP Ratio)

General Notes:

  • Ahri is a fantastic assassin and a pretty good general AP carry.  She scales very well with items and can be built to just be an AOE magic machine or a magical assassin.  As a result, Ahri can be a very flexible mage to add to team comps. 
  • Ahri possess no utility outside her E.  She relies on damage to be useful, unlike utility mages like Orianna or Zyra.  An Ahri that is behind provides little real benefit in comparison. 
  • Ahri's mobility with her ultimate makes her fantastic against skill shot mages.  Mages like Zyra, Gragas or Orianna will throw fits with her dashing all over the place in lane. 
  • Because of the range on her abilities, she can create an all-in situation from very far away.  Landing a single E from almost max range can lead to death very quickly if your not careful. 
  • Champions that do not rely on skillshots like Leblanc, Annie and Ryze, are generally considered a negative match-up for Ahri.
  • Works fantastic in double assassin compositions.   
  • Yes, Ahri is really hot.  Too bad she has a tendency to flirt with anything that can move. 
  • Ahri has probably the most fan-art of any champion


 That concludes this edition of champion notes.  Go play with Ahri!....Not that way!





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