Champion Notes: Lissandra, The Ice Witch!

Champion Notes: Lissandra, The Ice Witch! 

Today we cover the most chilling champion in the game, Lissandra!  Lissandra is a high control mage with decent burst and built in protection.  She can be very tough to drop and can kite melee for days.  But she suffers from short range compared to other mages.  Overall she is a chilling champion to face and worth becoming a champion for you to learn. 

Stats, Abilities, Ratio's Numbers:


  • Simple passive.  Free spells are good!  
  • Lissandra is very mana efficient.  Only her E, Glacial Path, has a scaling mana cost.  All her other abilities have a flat mana cost at all levels.  
  • Lissandra gets a lot of free harass from her passive.  Melee champions that do not have sustain are at Lissandra's mercy in lane.  Unlike ranged, they simply have a much harder time dodging Lissandra's abilities.  
  • The visual effect that her passive is ready is very subtle.  Her "V" headress starts to shine when you get a free spell.  
  • The second effect of her passive to get more spells is not always noticeable, but with blue buff and some CDR, she can basically spam spells all day long.   


Ice Shard

  • Lissandra's basic damage and farming tool. 
  • Whether hit by the projectile or the broken shards, they all take the same damage. 
  • The projectile range on this ability is extremely short, almost as long as her AA range.
  • The shards break upon hitting a target and travel further.  This can make it easy for Lissandra to harass an enemy laner trying to hide behind minions. 
  • Please note that the breaking into shards does not really extend the range of the ability. 
  • The slow is not really noticeable until higher levels of the ability. 
  • Having an innate slow gives a lot of synergy with Liandry's Torment.  Combined with the short CD gives Lissandra more sustained damage than you would think she would have. 
  • Pretty much always maxed first. 


Ring of Frost

  • Ever played a mage in World of Warcraft?  Then you know what this ability does. 
  • The AOE on this skill is rather small.  To use it, and most of Lissandra's kit, you need to be rather close. 
  • When combined with her other abilities, you can basically dive into the enemy team, root them, entomb yourself (or the enemy) and start the fight off in your favor. 
  • When combined with her E, you easily set up ganks for your jungler.  Ganking a Lissandra lane is very easy.  
  • Usually maxed second.
  • I wish it did more damage to match the great sound effect. 


Glacial Path

  • Lissandra's teleport.  The claw is very slow moving but it moves very far. 
  • Because of the slow moving claw, do not double tap E quickly.  Be sure to train yourself to give it a second for the claw to travel before you press E. 
  • The damage on this spell is largely secondary to the fact it is an amazing movement tool. 
  • Diving into the enemy team is also a valid choice of this skill.  Just be careful when you do it! 

Frozen Tomb

  • Lissandra's Ultimate.  At first it seems rather unimpressive but it is a great ultimate.  
  • The first option is to target an an enemy and it stuns them.  An instant, high damage stun is hard to call anything but good.  Add to that the AOE magic damage and slow for a powerful ultimate.   
  • The second option is to entomb yourself and make yourself invulnerable, but still having the ice come out.  The use for this version of the ultimate is multifaceted.  You can ult yourself to stop ignite, karthus ult, zed ult, vlad ult....Basically it is a Zhonya's hourglass option.  Not bad huh?  
  • Another way to use it is like how Kennen or Morgana would use theirs.  Dive right into the enemy team, hit W, hit R and start the team fight.  


General Notes:

  •  Lissandra loves non-gap closing melee.  If the enemy team is something like Shyvana, Udyr, Warwick, Singed, or Trundle.  Lissandra gets even stronger.  Her suite of slows, roots, stun and teleport make her all but untouchable.  
  • Ganking for Lissandra is easy.  Her ulitmate, teleport and root make the ganks as easy as can be.  She has all the CC needed.  
  • Conversely, ganking Lissandra can be tough.  The same things that make ganking for her easy, make ganking her difficult.  Her long range teleport alone is infuriating.  
  • Diving Lissandra is often times a bad idea.  She can stun you or make herself invulnerable.  
  • Lissandra does well against champions that have delayed damage effects and non-gap closing melee.  Singed is a good example of someone I would pick Lissandra against in lane. 
  • Her Q is a great skill, if short range.  Lissandra's wave clear is pretty good.  Her harass is difficult to avoid if the target is in range.  Hitting a minion is often times easier to land the harass as the breaking shards cover a wider area than the base projectile. 
  • Lissandra is an odd champion that could go for a utility build or a bust mage build.  I believe she should be built more utility based like Orianna, but a DFG, Deathcap, Lichbane build would work with her.  You can dive in and blow up a target very well with Lissandra's mobility. 
  • Her overall burst is not amazing.  Do not play her expecting to just melt people (she encases them!).  But the overall influence she has on movement is phenomenal. 


She might be a frigid witch, but she can be made cute!

 About the Author, Emeraldw:

  • Loves psychology and philosophy.  Then tries to apply it to even simple things like League of Legends. 
  • Cookies and Ice Cream have been known to buy Emeraldw's loyalty and affection.
  • Basics are the most important thing in learning anything
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