Champion Notes: Caitlyn, The Sheriff of Piltover!


Champion Notes: Caitlyn, The Sheriff of Piltover!

 Today I cover the terror of short ranged champions, CaitlynCaitlyn is an AD carry with the longest basic attack range in the game.  She is the definition of a poke champion in lane and even if you escape her basic range, her ultimate will still get you.  No one escapes the Sheriff of Piltover!  In lane she is a bully to the other AD champions and synergies well with a variety of support champions.  Caitlyn is coming for you!.


Stats, Abilities, Ratio's Numbers:



  • Caitlyn's passive serves as her auto-attack steroid.  Beyond her passive, Caitlyn has no other way to enhance the damage of her auto-attacks. 
  • While the fact the stacks raise faster in the brush is noteworthy, it rarely comes into play.  How often can you really sit in a brush and just attack? 
  • The most common use of the passive is for harass in lane.  Attack target, E backwards, Q for more damage is a basic trade.  Often times this can be done without the chance of reprisal. 


Piltover Peacemaker

  • Caitlyn's basic damage, poking and wave clearing tool.  This is almost always maxed first. 
  • Caitlyn has great wave clear early on due to this skill.  This is unusual for AD carries and allows Caitlyn to push the enemy to their turret where she can abuse her superior range even more. 
  • It is a great poke tool with the long range of the skill
  • There is a cast time on the ability, so take that into account when you fire it. 
  • landing a E before firing off her Q, can make it very easy for it to connect. 
  • There is a point in the game where this ability should never be used outside long range poke and wave clear cases.  The cast time on the ability makes it do less damage than simply attacking.  After a couple items, Caitlyn is always better off just attacking for maximum damage. 


Yordle Snap-Trap

  • Cupcakes are delicious but being rooted is not.  This is a 1 point wonder skill that serves as a zoning tool. 
  • Most commonly these are planted in brushes to prevent something you cannot see from coming at you.  Such as a jungler entering a brush. 
  • As they cannot be targeted, they must be avoided. 
  • Placing one before a fight starts gives you a great retreat point to stop whoever is diving you. 
  • Having passive map control is a strong skill.  Use them to avoid surprises. 


90 Caliber Net

  • This has to be one of the best escapes in the game.  A strong slow and you get moved back?  What is not to love? 
  • The slow is rather strong and only the duration of the slow and cooldown goes up as the skill levels.
  • Most dashes move in the direction of the cursor.  This one moves in the opposite.  If your used to other dashes, you have to retrain yourself to be careful not to push yourself towards the target your trying to get away from.  Conversely, it is easier to use for people who are not use to dashes as you simply point in in the direction of the thing your trying to escape from!  
  • Landing an E in lane makes for an easy Q follow-up. 


Ace In The Hole

  • Caitlyn's ultimate is primarily a finisher for people trying to escape her. 
  • Just like her Q, there is a point where you use it for nothing but poke and finishing.  The cast time is simply too long to use it for anything but those purposes.  For damage, just stick to shooting her gun. 
  • The ultimate can be blocked by other players and this can be a source of frustration.  The damage is all physical so if you use it when a tank is around, often times nothing comes of the attacks use.  Caitlyn is not defined by her ultimate. 
  • One thing you can do in lane is attack your enemy with the ultimate to create a lead in the poke war.  There is no dodging it and both opponents are not nearly as tanky bot lane as other lanes tend to be. 


General Notes:

  • The biggest strength of Caitlyn will always be her 650 attack range.  This is 100 units longer than the average attack range in the game (550).  This is especially punishing against champions like Graves or Quinn who are stuck at 525 attack range.  Essentially Caitlyn can attack them as she pleases and if the enemy wants to get to her, they have to commit in some way. 
  • Caitlyn's early game is fantastic.  But unlike a lot of early games, this is not an "all-in" style early game.  It is a poke centric game where you whittle down the enemy and there is nothing they can do about it.  This usually leads to forcing the enemy out of lane and denying CS to your opponent.  She does not excel in kill lanes. 
  • Caitlyn has no real counter-pick for laning.  She handles herself so well you could do a 2v1 with her.  She does well against all AD carries and has the tools to really survive kill lanes. 
  • Caitlyn is a very self sufficient AD, much like Ezreal in team-fights.  She comes with a fantastic escape and a secondary option with her traps. 
  • Caitlyn's biggest downside is her mid game.  This is the point in the game that her skills start to lose a lot of value and her auto-attacks are not up to par yet.  Eventually Caitlyn will hit plenty hard to drop targets but she is best early.
  • Caitlyn works well with poke lanes.  Lulu, Nami, Sona and Janna are the most common supports with Caitlyn.  Supports like Leona are not as effective with Caitlyn as Caitlyn does not posses high burst.  If you are paired with Caitlyn, let her poke them down a bit before you fight.  
  • Caitlyn fits into almost any team comp.  She can handle herself just fine and does not really need much protection. 
  • She has the best Hats in the game.     


I like the idea of Caitlyn with handcuffs.


About the Author, Emeraldw:

  • Loves psychology and philosophy.  Then tries to apply it to even simple things like League of Legends. 
  • Cookies and Ice Cream have been known to buy Emeraldw's loyalty and affection.
  • Basics are the most important thing in learning anything
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