Champion Notes: Amumu, The Sad Mummy!

Champion Notes: Amumu, The Sad Mummy!

We cover the saddest champion in the league, Amumu! Amumu is a jungling tank that has one of the best ulitmates in the game and terrifies people in team-fights.  Amumu is not a complex champion but he is exceptionally efficient at what he does.  Amumu is one of the best champions to pick for anyone who wants to play an effective jungle tank that fits into almost any team composition.  If there is one tank to get to know, it is probably Amumu.



Stats, Abilities, Ratio's Numbers:


Cursed Touch

  • Amumu's passive is basically a free damage buff for his spells on targets he is auto attacking. 
  • Because Amumu does percentage health damage over time, magic penetration is a very good stat on him.  Just remember this applies only on people you are actually auto attacking.  

Bandage Toss

  • Amumu's engagement tool.  The range on this ability is really long and allows Amumu to go flying across the screen from out of nowhere. 
  • This is somewhat all or nothing for Amumu.  Without landing his bandage, he has no stun and engaging without it requires flash.  Make every bandage count! 
  • Amumu can use his Bandage toss to escape over walls if he hits monsters, minions or opposing players. 
  • The AP Ratio on the ability is actually pretty decent at .7.  A little bit of AP can add some oomph to his skills.
  • The missile speed is rather slow and more leading might be needed. 


  • Amumu's basic damage skill. 
  • The AOE on his W is rather large around him.  The constant AOE damage does not seem like a lot at first, but over time it adds up if he is left alone in team fights. 
  • This is the source of his constant damage and scales with magic penetration.  Raw AP is not very effective at raising the overall damage of this skill. 
  • The constant cost on his W is why many might say Amumu is dependent on his early blue buff. 


  • Having a flat reduction of damage in the jungle is very helpful.  There are not many effects that simply cut damage from each attack. 
  • The cooldown is reduced upon being attacked.  This is very problematic for the enemy team.  Attack Amumu and he gets more damage from his E's use or leave him alone and let his W continue to shred away health bars. 
  • Usually one of the first skills maxed.

Curse of the Sad Mummy

  • This is Amumu's money maker and usually the reason you take the pitiful mummy. 
  • The AOE on the root is simply massive. Catching an entire team inside the AOE is not difficult at all. 
  • Once Amumu gets his ultimate, his ganks become terrifying.  A simple bandage toss + Ult is 3 seconds of lock down. 
  • Amumu's ultimate scales decently with AP.  It is at a .8 ap ratio. 
  • Q>Ultimate is the most common form of initiation as Amumu.  It does not really matter if you hit a tank or a squishy with it.  The goal is to get the entire enemy team inside your AOE.  If your Q misses or is not available, Flash will work in a pinch. 

General Notes

  • While Amumu fits into almost any team comp, he especially shines in AOE.  His large AOE root, which can do surprising damage itself, combined with other heavy AOE damage ultimates like Miss Fortune or Morgana can lead to team fight wins with no chance for retaliation.  
  • Amumu has some build flexibility.  His damage is magic based and a tanky/ap based build will add a decent amount of extra damage for people who like their tanks with more punch.  Conversely he can go full tank or even a sort of support build if your behind.  All Amumu needs is tankiness and his skills to be useful.
  • Jungling with Amumu is rather simple and effective.  Ganking with Amumu takes practice as his bandage toss is not always the easiest thing to land.  
  • Amumu's early game output is not impessive and he is a terrible duelist.  During early parts of the game, the enemy jungler can invade with much less risk as they will easily kill the little guy.  If Amumu is on your team, take the time to protect him and his jungle in the early parts of the game.  
  • For people who are unsure who to pick for jungle, Amumu pretty much fits the bill at any time.  He is a highly recommended jungle to learn. 

The way of the Mummy!



 About the Author, Emeraldw:

  • Loves psychology and philosophy.  Then tries to apply it to even simple things like League of Legends. 
  • Cookies and Ice Cream have been known to buy Emeraldw's loyalty and affection.
  • Basics are the most important thing in learning anything
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  • #34 TheOminousJester

    I disagree that his early game damage leaves him vulnerable. Is he squishy? Yes.. But his W, plus red buff, passive, magic penetration runes and skills actually pack quite a punch. I have killed many a jungler who thought I was going to be an easy counter jungle. I even counter jungle on him to great success. Udyr and Lee Sin are about the only people I would really worry about, and even then, you can just bandage wrap to a jungle camp away from Udyr.

  • #32 jester82


    • For people who are unsure who to pick for jungle, Amumu pretty much fits the bill at any time.  He is a highly recommended jungle to learn. 

    I disagree with this. In solo queue, at low level elo, he will mostly be banned, so you ll never get to play him. At higher elo, people will jungle some invader (lee, udyr, nunu) steal your initial blue and you will be behind that it will be extremely hard to do anything until mid game and unless all your lanes can avoid all the enemy jungler's gank, you ll be behind all game.


  • #33 Emeraldw

    Invading is always a risk due to enemy teammates.  So just "Pick a counter jungle" is not that simple. Yes it works but it is not so simple as to just pick him and sniping the initial blue requires an invade, which not all teams do.

    Just because people ban him does not mean he is a good champion to know.  If anything, knowing to play those banned champions helps you out :)

  • #31 klocugh12

    First pic - sweet dreams...

  • #26 Pikohchu

    Amumu's ult is not really a root. It's a form of crowd control unique to Amumu called "entangle". It stops movement and autoattacks but not spell casts, and also will not interrupt channels.

    I think him and Ahri are the only two champions with their own unique CC.

  • #27 B3hr7

    There's also Lulu and her polymorph (the squirrel spell).

  • #28 Pikohchu

    Oh right. I always thought of that as a silence but you can't AA either.

  • #29 Emeraldw

    I believe Ahri's is actually considered a "taunt" but it has a movement speed debuff.

  • #30 Gprinziv

    Nope. It's its own CC type. Charm is coded to disable the target, reduce their movespeed to a flat number (unaffected by slows) and walk toward the "charmer" unless he/she isn't visible.

  • #20 Toinouchou

    Since we are talking Amumu I have an important question. What do you pick if you really want to counter Amumu through out the whole game?
    I used to go for an heavy invader like Lee Sin or Nunu and try to get one or both of his buffs, maybe kill him. I know very well how to counter an Amumu early and deny him exp (which is his only weakness).
    The problem with this is that after I got him way down I had to focus on lanes and he would catch up his exp and by the end of mid game just pretend my invasion never happened which was extremely frustrating as I couldn't use this time to snowball lanes (this happened to me quite a few times). I did figure that keeping up the invade all game long will largely slow down his recovery but it can never truely be stopped and eventualy his utility in team fights will beat your invade power by late game.
    I still stick to lee sin vs Amumu bc it allows me to kick him away from my team when he wants to engage but I was wondering if anyone had other good picks which are efficient at invading and yet don't make you fall behind him in comparison late game.
    Nunu kind of fits this but I still feel the utility of a tank Amumu beats the one of support Nunu. Also his kit is a good counter to Nunu in late game.

    Let me know your suggestions.

    Last edited by Toinouchou: 8/27/2013 9:08:34 AM
  • #25 Gprinziv


    Stick to amumu, burn through his HP early. Clear his jungle creeps, and countergank like a bas.

  • #16 Insanitism

    Laning amumu requires manipulating minion autoattacks for E spam/

  • #11 TreeBurrow

    I've heard rumors of Lane Amumu being a legitimate pick in higher Elo, does anyone have any info about this?

  • #13 ImplyingImplications

    The only guy I've ever heard of doing that is Azingy, but Azingy constantly plays Amumu so I'm not sure if that counts. That said, in higher elo lots of people spam certain champs they are VERY familiar with, rather than the fotm or OP champs at the time.

  • #10 Vuldin

    Amumu has always been strong even after Ultie nerf.

  • #9 registermyaccount

    How do you consider Amumu vs. other tank cc junglers like Nautilus or Sejuani? Personally I prefer Nautilus over Sejuani or Amumu since Nautilus' ability to lock somebody down is insane, but the other 2 can probably do a bit more damage. What do you think?

  • #14 Sanear

    Nauti can lock down 1 person for very long time (and disrupt rest with his ultimate) where both Seju and Amumu entire enemy team but for shorter duration. And about dmg Nautilus imo needs only liandry's to do so (as 3-4 item)

  • #4 B3hr7

    I consider Amumu to be a safe jungler. No matter how bad he gets shat on in the jungle by the enemy jungler, the fact is that he will always have his long range stun/ult to initiate fights, even if he doesn't last long in them during those cases. He also doesn't really require extremely expensive items to be effective and can make do on a jungle budget with items like Locket, thornmail works against multiple ADs, abyssal scepter (easy build path and items aren't overally expensive to buy), and ofc the SotAG. There are other items ofc, but I've run this setup often on him.

  • #17 BossPikachu

    Then you have not had a bad start.

    A Twitch (on my team) once stole my blue buff by accident. And the enemy jungler stole my red buff. It was the worse Amumu game i have ever had, as I was having difficulties getting level 6, and all the lanes were already losing.

    Last edited by BossPikachu: 8/27/2013 8:02:12 AM
  • #18 Toinouchou

    Nevertheless if you have the chance to have safe laners who manage to keep their turret alive it is extremely easy to farm up the lack of experience and catch up like nothing happened. Since you don't really need farm as Amumu nor kills.

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