Role Selection: The Biggest Change to the Game in a Long Time


Role Selection: The Biggest Change to the Game in a Long Time

      Role selection is, in my opinion anyway, the biggest change to League of Legends in a very long time.  It completely changes the nature of how many people play the game and creates opportunity for people to actually practice what champions they want, in what roles they want.  How many times have you logged on wanting to play a specific champion but never could due to pick order or instant locking in blind pick?  Want to play Cassiopeia mid?  Too bad3 is the most common answer.  It would take multiple games before you could get Cassiopeia mid in the first place and if you want to master the snake lady, you would need many games on her.  Not easy when playing her mid is so difficult with other people wanting the same role.  Role selection solves that problem and a lot of others.  I believe this is the one of the best overall addition to the continued success of LoL and so much more. 

About damn time this changed!

Champion Select is Changing! 

Champion select is a very important aspect of the game that has gone largely unchanged for years.  When I started playing in March of 2011, it is the same now as it was then. The only difference is that there are some more bans and they added a normal draft mode.  Not exactly game altering stuff but nice additions.  But now we are getting a brand new game type that actually changes how I play the game. 

Role selection is going to start as a brand new queue like blind pick or draft but I have a strong feeling this is going to become very popular.  The basic problems with champion selection has always been that it is very hard to actually play exactly what you want to play.  Regardless of what mode you pick, there are weaknesses in the selection of your role.  Blind Pick has the issue of instant locking.  Draft has the issue of pick order.  In neither case can you just play that Leblanc you have been yearning to play all day without basically getting permission or lucky.  And if you want to play 5 games in a row to practice Leblanc, you need even better luck.  Now, I can actually practice a single champion and not have to be lucky.  Though there are a few challenges.  


The "Not Enough Healers/Tanks" Problem!  

If anyone is familiar with many modern MMO's (In particular, WoW) there are dungeon finders that pair you with a group to play the dungeon.  You would also be familiar with a very common dilemma, the overabundance of "DPS" classes and the shortage of healers/tanks.  Back when WoW's dungeon finder first started, there would be some pretty horrible wait times for DPS but if you were a healer, near instant que.  Many people fear, and rightly so, that there will be a similar shortage with people who play support.  

After reading all the red posts, Riot seems to claim that they are not worried about this problem.  The indication is that there are actually quite a few people willing to play support.  Now "willing" and would que for for support is another story, but for the promise of a guaranteed champion (Like for sure I would get Thresh) and a shorter queue time, I would be tempted to play support.  So I am not entirely convinced it will be that bad, if problematic at all.  Especially with the increased likelihood of duo ques for bot lane for the same reasons as I like this new queue.  Guaranteed role choice.

We are also talking about millions of players at any given time.  Surely some want to play support!             


This Changes How we Practice

If there is one thing I want to do these days, it is practice my champions.  Especially with match-up knowledge.  Currently it is extremely hard to get in a lot of practice with just one champion and I have already talked about how hard that is. 

But one of the most important aspects of improving with champions is just about learning match-ups.  The sheer number of match-ups with any given champion is insane and if I have to flip between champions every game, how can I really learn match-ups?  Now I can learn this vital piece of information that people who have played longer posses for their champions, only in far fewer games!   



I am really looking forward to the new queue.  This is going to change how I play the game and if it proves popular, and I really think it will, then you can expect this to change every queue in time.  I cannot wait for it to hit the PBE!


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  • #64 Benegesserit

    Dawngate knows how to do supports correctly so if Riot made similar changes (giving everyone a ward on a CD and no wards in stores) and more gold for supports (see how they do it, it's not OP) then I'm sure we'd see more supports queue and that should help the issue. Honestly I find it much harder to jungle than support. Jungle gets SOOOO much shit because of all the lanes he has to watch and he also gets crap for gold like support (just not as little). I personally will probably never queue for jungle and I wonder how many are like me in that regard.

  • #62 Ojo018

    I am a bit sceptical... If this "Queue Finder" is also for draft. I mean, where should I Improve then? But I am excited for the release

    Last edited by Ojo018: 10/22/2013 5:03:54 PM
  • #60 CowsGoM3ow

    IDK if the old queue is going to stay around,and if it is,why the fuck is everyone complaining?

    Greedy fucking pricks.

  • #59 Basinator

    From another ROG post:

    _as3_pushstring "gf_role_any"
    _as3_pushstring "Any Role"

    Seems to me as that you can also queue up role-less.

  • #71 Drawmeomg

    If the support shortage really does happen, queuing up without a role will be the same as queuing for support 99% of the time.

  • #57 Shroomster

    How do they stop people from choosing one role (say Support) and then just going somewhere else though?

  • #58 JocularThePeasant

    End game report option for the team.

  • #56 Basinator

    Do you Q for a role or also a champion? Because of only the latter and no option to change champ after team got found, you can easily find yourself in low CC or no-tank comps.

  • #54 Shinkada

    Yeah a lot needs to be said about how much this will raise player quality, both skill wise and behavior wise. Toxic people will get kicked before the game even begins. There will be less toxic behavior from non-toxic people because they will be happier (no instalocking scumbags will mean far less rage overall).

    I think the effect this has on players will be profound, especially support and jungle. If you look at the most popular pick order, it goes mid > top > adc > jungle > support. That is NOT the order of most influence on the game or top would be at the very bottom and jungle would be second, it's the order of how much you depend on your teammates, from barely at all to a huge amount of reliance.

    With only people who want to adc playing adc, support will be a far less taxing job. People will actually WANT to play support when their adc actually knows how to orb walk almost guaranteed! Likewise junglers won't have to gank for someone who doesn't know their champ and just misses all their skill shots, they'll gank for people who wanted the role and are practiced in it. Even ADCs will have a nicer time because the support WANTED TO SUPPORT.

    I'm not saying it'll make every role 20% of the playerbase or that it will eliminate toxicity but I think the number of support and jungle mains - which is already larger than we all believe - will just go up when they have more reliable team mates.

  • #53 Leeshins

    I hate this system. Its a peice of shit as far as im concerned

  • #65 Benegesserit

    Please elaborate.

  • #69 Leeshins

    You seem upset. Criticism about a game mechanic has caused you to become irritable and bitchy. Rethink your life goals and try again.

    I find it amusing that you would go into my post history just to find reason to insult me, It must have been taxing for you. If only I had so much time to waste.

    Last edited by Leeshins: 10/22/2013 10:32:16 PM
  • #72 Gr33n3

    its a negative point for you that every player can play the lane and the champ he wants? lol

    you still got bans so its not like there is any negative point at all

  • #73 Truth_Seeker11

    I'm not frothing at the mouth here, just pointing out that you're yet another complete idiot who shouldn't be allowed to own a computer, for reasons other then "criticizing a game mechanic"

    And It's cute you think I actually had to bother to check your post history, when I was referring to those 2 posts in question and never even mentioned looking at your history, but then again I imagine being able to read properly may come difficult to you.

  • #74 Leeshins

    And you can have your opinion.

  • #75 Leeshins

    So much autism it blows my mind

  • #76 Truth_Seeker11

    Yeah, that's what I'd reply with too if I was an inbred mouth breather with no reading comprehension.

    You being retarded is a fact, not an opinion, sorry to break it to you.

  • #49 D00meriksen
    I think, that this feature will improve overall player skill and it may take some snowballiness out of the game.

    No longer will X lane mains get matched against people who only play the same lane, because their favorite lane was taken.
    Last edited by D00meriksen: 10/22/2013 3:09:16 AM
  • #48 Dj0z

    Not a single word on non-meta team compositions, which have been greatly debated in the thread where Team Builder was revealed. You basically talked about only one half of TB.

    Also yeah, it's called Team Builder, not Role queue. <--And to be frank that sums up this article. It's like talking about how great the armor, AP, mana on Iceborn Gauntlet are, without ever mentioning the proc. So i'm here to add "Yo, it slows too!" because it think it's quite the detail.

    I can understand that you're excited for the new feature and so am i (we all are), but think of your responsibilities as a writer. You are influencing some of the readers and by talking about one of the points of Solo mode and completely ignoring the point of Captain mode for different metas: you are not preparing players to the very idea of playing these things. So they will stumble upon them, see something unusual and their brain might just go full xenophobia reflex "I never heard of this thing before, it must be dangerous/bad" and they'll have clicked "find a new game" in terror without having spent even 1 second discussing the strategy. Worse yet, they will flame captains making non-meta lobbies for "making them waste their precious role queuing time where they need to train their top lane so they can get to challenger".

    I would like to say that i'm exaggerrating right here...... but i'm afraid reality could end up just like that. So if you make a whole article to talk about just 1 half of TB, there needs to be another RoG article to talk about the other half.

  • #50 Emeraldw

    Your talking about how people think it enforces the meta and how most of those questions don't have anything to do with the actual client or Queue, just player perception of the meta. 

    I'm not joining a team that is non-standard for one reason, it is pointless if you only play solo-q.  No one runs poke comps or double mid/jungle in solo q unless your trolling.  

    I will probably be the captain 90% of the time if I can be just to avoid odd situations like that. 

    Though there should be an article on the meta...people still do not understand what "Meta" means. 

    Last edited by Emeraldw: 10/22/2013 6:38:51 AM
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