The Reasons we Play League of Legends


The Reasons we Play League of Legends

League of Legends has been an unbelievable success for Riot games.  They didn't just make a successful game, they made it the biggest in the world.  For my final article here at Reign of Gaming, I want to talk about why I think we really enjoy playing League of Legends.  Unlike many posts around the world, I actually want to celebrate League, not point out what is wrong with it.  It did not become the game it is because it has no faults, but because it does so much, so well. 


It has been fun RoG!


It is hard to really appreciate the time and effort they put into their champions kits until you play other games.  Go ahead and play DOTA2, Heroes, Infinite Crisis, you will see the difference in design philosophy regarding champions.  Many just do not have the consideration put into how a champion flows from skill to skill, how they interact and there is even a consideration for the opponent.  Some of those games made me feel like I was a bystander while things happened to me with how powerful the effects are.  I am sure some people love those games more, but do they have anywhere near the success of League?  I think that alone shows which philosophy people generally enjoy more.

Can I join this dance? Please?


League of Legends has style.  You pick out any champion and they have a cool concept or look to them.  The artwork, lore and game each serve to create a fantasy I want to play.  Some days I want to be an evil b**** snake that turns people to stone, and other times I want to be a wandering swordsman, with a past I cannot escape.  All this style leads to memorable characters that people cannot forget.  I think more people know who Teemo is, than who the current pope is.  (Pope Francis, by the way)

Are you ready to rumble?



I love destroying other players.  You love destroying other players.  Why else would we all log in and play games against other players?  Bot games will never have the same satisfaction as when you destroy a human being and get 300 gold for killing them.  Even if all you do is play normals, your still playing against other players, just without the ranking that goes into it. 

Riot has also given us E-Sports.  I know it existed before League, but can anyone honestly tell me who actually got it going this much? (Outside Korea, that country was ahead of the curve on this one.)  League has pretty much defined E-Sports and they do it very well.  The teams, the players and the casters all create great entertainment.  And it fuels our desire to play the game and smash other players with the champion we just saw in LCS. 

Cool huh? Says it was done by fiveonthe


 Finally we come to what I believe is the biggest reason we get involved with League of Legends, community.  At the end of the day, we all want to be apart of something.  The fact that we get to have a good game with other players using cool champions is just icing on the community cake.  Together we make League of Legends what it is by contributing artwork, chatting about the game and watching the streams.  Oh and actually playing the game.  

Recently I had the opportunity to go and join a local lan gaming group.  We have played a lot of in-house League games and those have been some of the most enjoyable games I have ever done.  We all have those favorite moments from our games, but nothing feels as amazing as crushing the enemy ARAM team with Blitzcrank and then giving the Akali you tag teamed them with a high-five after.  Also, stealing someone's pentakill online is funny, but doing it when he is sitting right next to you and with a host of on-lookers is one hundred times better.  Those are the moments I am likely to remember long after I stop playing League of Legends.  While I might remember my first pentakill on Irelia, I truly believe I will remember the people more than the game.  

If you have the chance, I suggest doing something similar to what I have been doing.  Enjoying something you love with others is pretty much the definition of fun and entertainment.      



As I said at the start, this is going to be my last article for Reign of Gaming.  It has been an absolute blast writing for you all over my tenure here.  I hope I educated, enlightened and entertained everyone while I have been here. 

If there is one thing I will leave you with, is that we should all think about why we play League of Legends.  For me, it was about playing the game, enjoying the champions and using what I learned to get know myself better.  Now I play the game for enjoyment and with people I enjoy hanging out with.  I have neither the time nor the desire to be some amazing king of League, but I do have the desire to have fun playing video games.  Consider why you play league and let me know why League is your game of choice. 


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