Crystalline Flask Changes


Due to its problems, Crystalline Flask was changed.

The old Flask cost 225 gold, sold back for 90 gold, and gave 100 health and 40 mana per charge. Each trip was worth 2 health pots and 1.2 mana pots. To make the money back, you just needed to use about three charges.

The new Flask is 345 gold, sells back for 138 gold, and gives 120 health and 60 mana per charge. Each trip is worth 2.4 health pots and 1.8 mana pots. To make the money back you need to use 4.22 charges if you have mana, and 7.39 charges if you don’t.

So, is it still good? There are two parts to the answer to this question. The first part is that it depends on the role.

Jungle: No. Jungles usually didn’t get this, even if they went 14 points in Utility, but now it is completely not an option for them, which is fine.

AD Carry: No.  If you were losing and had a horrible support or had to 1v2 due to a dc and needed to use spam to farm, you could get one of these without worrying about it. Missiles, Buckshot, Mystic Shots, just had to get about 6 minions to cover the difference between sellback price and retail. No more. This isn’t that big a deal though.

Top: Maybe. It’s a higher investment and not as strong an opening, and ends up being a conservative choice. If you get a ward with it, you can only get one pot. Or, you can get this and 3 pots to start. Or you could get just this. But to me, starting this against someone who goes cloth/5 or boots/3 and not gaining an advantage because of it means you lost or are assuming you lost. While it’s obviously nerfed, it’s still a good top opening and I don’t feel the changes do anything to change the nature of top deaths being relegated mainly to 100-0 fights from ganks, burst, or overcommitments.

Mid: Maybe. Might be better to just go boots/pots or sapphire/pots. Don’t get if you’re an Athene’s champ, don’t get if you’re a Rod of Ages champ. If you buy this I also wouldn’t get Doran’s Ring. It’d be better to start on your AP recipes.

Support: No. This is the worst, because you can’t afford this anymore without being irresponsible about your warding. If you get it early you can’t get charm or beads (unless you get both points of Wealth and want to buy 0 wards or pots). If you get it early you can buy this and two wards and that’s it, and that’s only if you get at least one point in Wealth. Sightstone might be getting its cost increased to 900 total, making the problem worse.

The other part to answer the question that it’s obviously much, much weaker, and the weaknesses it had are now exacerbated. It is just not an automatic decision right now.

If you start bottle, you’re saying that is the best decision for your matchup. Each charge is worth 1.4 pots. It’s safe to assume you’re saying you’re going to refill it at least once, so that’s your opening and you will not have 345 gold for your opening, and the 120 you get back will not be spent on your second and probably third recall either. In the meantime, your opponent will have boots, cloth armor, or the majority of a different first item in exchange.

Flask also encourages you to spend mana you normally wouldn’t because you feel like you want to get your money’s worth. This can affect your playstyle. Also, if you chug it only to get mana or only to get health, this actually makes the item less efficient. If you’re going to buy Warmog’s, Philosopher’s Stone, Tiamat, Locket, or Aegis, you could get a Beads early and that would take some of the load off.

Champions have 4.5 to 9 base hp/5, with .4 to .95 increased per level. If you take one hit, regen starts immediately, including any additional regen. But with Flask, you have to be at least 120 down. Again, playstyle.

You’re saying you want to spend 345 gold on pots. You will have 2.4 health pots and 1.8 mana pots at a time. 42% of the money is for mana, or 6.5 pots, and only 120 of that gold will come back later. If you want to buy that many pots, are you going to gain an advantage because of it? How many potions would you buy instead? Three? Five? Would you buy potions with the flask? Will you gain that big of a gold lead over your opponent?

Will you?                      


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