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Welcome to the new series by Old Man Eyebrows, Anti-Guides. In this series, we discuss how to beat champions instead of how to play them. You don’t have to learn how to play a champ to beat it! And you shouldn’t have to dig for forum threads or posts on how to beat so-and-so. You should have a handy resource to comprehensively understand how to kill someone.

So today, we’re going to start with one of the most picked champs of all: Taric.

Taric gets picked in over half of all games, and he has a very high win rate. He is easy to play, very strong, requires little team coordination, is one of the first twenty champions in the game, and has a low IP cost.

He is also extremely annoying. He kills bad players in any position. If there is a weak link on your team, Taric will expose him.

He is also beatable and ignorable in lane, and he is still beatable. On to the stat sheet!

Where you'll see him: the majority of your games, almost always supporting, no matter what the other ad carry is. Commonly seen with Ezreal, Graves, and Cait.

Worst Case Scenario: gets his carry fed, buy an Aegis/Bulwark, makes his entire team hard to kill, and then completely dictates teamfight initiations. Oh, and map control. Stun and run or stun and chase while he’s out warding.

Annoyance/Nuisance Rating: 8

Solo Queue Rating: 10

High-Level rating: 7

Things that are generally good vs. Taric: shields, tankiness, having more cc, armor penetration kits, Cleanse, Barrier, AOE kits, Health, Merc Treads, Last Whisper, Black Cleaver, sustain damage.

Things Taric couldn’t care less about: poke, physical damage, slows, squishies with poor escape and no shields, teams with poor peeling or initiation, burst damage that isn’t highly funded, exhaust (on himself).

Items Taric often buys: Philospher’s Stone, Sightstone, Shurelya’s, Aegis/Bulwark. Less often: Frozen Heart, Twin Shadows, Crucible, Locket, Randuin’s.

Watch out for: stuns.



Okay just kidding, but seriously, don’t get caught. Also watch out for good follow up burst or combos from burst mages or carries, which most average players and a lot of bad players can take advantage of. Also, he’s not at Singed level but chasing Taric often gets you killed.

Lane choices for supports:

  • Anti-stun. Zyra, Lulu, Janna, Nami, etc. With these choices you generally won’t get kills in lane, but it takes the least skill to do this. You can have him be pickpocket bait if he’s aggressive, or harrass his carry if he stays back. When he stuns, shield, or do a snare plant combo. Morgana also works but is risker because her shield cooldown is longer than Taric’s stun cooldown, doesn’t help with ad carry trades, and is hard to use in response to a close range stun. With Nami,
  • Counter cc’d: Alistar, Leona, Nami. Taric stuns, you stun or push the carry away. Then, while he has no cc left, you follow up with more of yours on the other carry, and he can’t do anything in response. Nautilus can also work but Leona is strictly better than Nautilus at support, especially in lane, as her E goes through minions (Naut’s doesn’t), her W is set in stone (Naut’s is burstable), and her stuns are better.  Nami has a good counter response if her carry is stunned, but not if she herself is unless she blows her ult and Q.
  • Outpush/outburst/outmanouevre: Nunu/Cait, Lulu/Graves. Something that is equal in cheese or might. 
  • Be wary of: non-peel supports that can’t prevent or assist against stuns, or help you outburst. Blitzcrank, Sona, Lux, weird supports, Nunu (if he’s not with Cait).

Lane choices as AD carries: escapes, natural tankiness, shields. Graves, Ezreal (as long as you know to stay as far back as possible), Corki, Caitlyn. Be wary of immobile squishies like Vayne, Ashe, Varus, Twitch, or Kog’Maw.

Team choices: burst champions, especially ones that aren’t insanely fed, will have a hard time vs. Taric and should be used sparingly. You can go in for a combo but Taric will just stun you and your own squishy face will be burst back. If you try to burst Taric, you will have to be fed. Eve is acceptable burst because her ult is AOE burst, that gets off before his stun does, and you get a shield in response. Katarina is okay as long as she can take a stun, or gets fed. Other burst champs like LeBlanc, Annie, Fizz, Kassadin, or Veigar are harder to pull off. AOE champs or sustain damage champs like Ryze, Orianna, Anivia, Morgana, Ziggs, Karth (provided he has good enough peel), Swain, or Vladimir are good mids vs. Taric because they can keep pouring on damage, survive a stun, or (better yet) both. Orianna in particular is one of the best mids against him.

Having sustained damage, or more CC, or tankiness, or all of the above, makes Taric someone you ignore. Rammus, Sejuani, Amumu, Cho’Gath, Eve, Elise, Jarvan, Hecarim, Jax, Lee Sin, Olaf, Nocturne, Mao’Kai, Malphite, Nautilus, Shen, Skarner, and Singed are tops and jungles that can give Taric a hard time. These champs don’t care much if Taric stuns them because they’ll be tanky and survive it, absorbing the other teams moves, or they’ll ignore it and keep sticking like glue to the other team.

What to do in lane vs. this champion as support: running a Taric out of mana is the most solid way to deflate him. You can do this by managing to do more damage to the carry than they can do to you as a team, forcing him to heal; the cooldown is longer on heal than it is on stun though, and the best way to defeat an inexperienced Taric is to bait stuns until he runs out of mana. Taric’s stun is the only move of his that requires skill or decision-making. The other three are obvious. A bad Taric will stun when there’s too many minions for the carry to get, the carry isn’t in range to follow up, he’ll stun a support instead, or he’ll stun from far away enough for a Sivir, Lulu, or Janna to get a shield up before it hits. Also, if you bait out a lot of stuns it can lead to them bickering, which is bully for you. The Taric will complain the carry doesn’t follow up and/or the carry will complain that Taric has poor stun timing.

You want to gauge quickly how much potential you have for this. You need to know how smart his partner is and how well they synergize. Sometimes they don’t harmonize well enough for the carry to follow up on the stun well enough, or the carry never will be in position to because he wants to be lazy. Take advantage of this. If the carry stays in back and you can’t kill him, zone him. If he has poor followup, outburst him and turn it around.

What to do in lane vs. this champion as a carry: don’t get stunned, or if you do, make it so you’re far out of range so the followup is poor. Feel free to poke him when his stun is on cooldown, but mainly focus on poking the other carry. If Taric runs in, let your support poke him. If he stuns your support, immediately start hitting the other carry. Have a good sense to know if you and your support can burst down the carry after one of you gets stunned. If not, make sure to cover for your stunned companion.

What to do in teamfights vs. this champion: most teams in casual play let their Taric initiate, and they get greedy to do so. The typical Taric play is to do nothing all game or stun and get kills all game. You want him to be the former. If you are the carry, stay away from Taric until he stuns someone else. If you are beefy, keep him away from your carries but don’t expend high cooldown or high-damage moves on him. Even Taric has to recover from poke at lategame.

If he’s a good Taric, he’ll initiate only if it’s pure gold or someone is stupid, and he’ll save it for peeling for his carry. If he’s like this, play the teamfight as you usually would and make sure to stay in the back if you’re a carry or ignore him if you’re in the front. If you’re jungle top and not tanky enough to handle a Taric stun, you either picked the wrong champion or you didn’t play well enough earlier or you didn’t itemize correctly. Warmog’s is your friend.

If you have a stupid teammate that frequently gets caught by Taric, God help you. Try to use him as predictable bait, save him, and either run away or outdamage/outcc the inevitable followup.

If you’re an assassin, bait the stun if your team knows how to cover, or sneak around him and make him use it on someone else, or after your combo’s already off. Also don’t be afraid to poke to soften people up.  

He’s not gay, he’s just fabulous

Taric is a pain. But if you know what to do, you can put those stuns to waste, or you can make yourself have a great presence through superior cc, out-tanking, or counter-bursting. If he is an average or inexperienced Taric he’ll be crying outrageous.

So, this is the first one of my anti-guides. Is there a section I didn’t include that you think I should? Was this article helpful?


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  • #41 exacerberus


    If you don't know how to counter Taric in lane and teamfights, probably this article won't be enough.

    If you already knew that stuff, then it costed you about 8 minutes of your time.


    I'm also very disappointed the article implies that stunning the enemy support is always a stupid move and makes you a bad Taric. Too bad against supports with high-CC power like Lulu, Janna or Nami stunning the support is the best course of action (and if they're good supports they'll know and won't let you do it), because if you stun the carry against those supports your ADC (and maybe even you) will get CC-ed in the face while the stun wears off and fiercely counter-initiated.

    Crucible is also a great counter to Taric in teamfights (even though only bad Tarics -or good Tarics against dumb opponents- trash their stun to initiate teamfights).

  • #42 BuddyBoombox

    When is the last time you said something nice in a post?

  • #43 PartyMagier

    every site needs someone that is a bit...harsh. And who could have a better profile picture than this fine lady over here?

  • #35 OtterSeaborne

    I'm going to have to disagree about Ezreal. If he stays at long range, then he's using Q to farm. If Taric gets ahead at all, then he can afford to body-block the Q to deny Ez farm. If Ez closes in to farm, he's food. It's a lose-lose situation for Ezreal unless he can get an early lead and cement it.

  • #36 Tomaj

    Ezreal is more about his ability to bait stuns and then Arcane Shift away. As a Taric player, Ezreal is definitely one of the more annoying AD carries to play against.

  • #37 TRoosevelt

    Ditto to Tomaj. Dazzle has a slow flight time so a smart Ez can see it coming and blink away while Dazzle is in flight. 

  • #34 CrazedMcCrazy

    This article, this article is truly outrageous. It's truly, truly, truly... outrageous.


    I'm so sorry, I just had to!

    Edit: Ah geez, should have read the comments first... Oh well it's done, so screw it!

    Last edited by CrazedMcCrazy: 1/25/2013 3:48:06 PM
  • #38 PartyMagier

    you must look at everything before commenting...

    with clarity

  • #31 gouv1


    Your support and carries choices majorly contradict this: So... I don't know what to believe

  • #32 scruftypufty

    every1 has his own opinion on what counters what, just do what you think is right out of the two, it's not that ahrd and you're not in kindergarden so use you're brain


  • #30 BestAhriEU

    Very nice im looking forward to next anti-guide

  • #29 RoakOriginal

    Maybe itemization vs that champ would be good...


    For example to outpoke/outdmg/mana starve taric, would be good to get some mana regen, instead of sightstone or doran first (making example, not guide.. idc if it is worth)

    Or for later game get some counterinitiate items (shard, that thingy that cancels CC, locket)...

    I know some of those things can be obvious for someone, but for example i am not good as support, and i would appreciate even the slightest info what is good and affordable in those matchups...

  • #28 BuddyBoombox

    This guide is outrageous, it's truly truly outrageous.

  • #27 ivanlegend
    Problem is that Blitz pulls Taric making tarics job even easier so he can stun their adc
  • #44 Faren22

    Actually, a full Blitz combo (grab, knockup, silence) will leave Taric crapping his pants and fleeing for his life, especially if the carry starts chopping him up. Basically, just don't give him a chance to use his spells and chain-CC him to death.

    Speaking as a Taric main here, a good Blitzcrank is obnoxious to play against.

  • #26 Morkai

    Outrageous guide, really looking forward to more anti-guides!:)

  • #23 ZedPower

    Just wanted to say an article such as this is crazy rad and I look forward to more in the series.

  • #17 Gunthore

    For counter play to taric, as a support you just need any hard cc to keep the enemy adc from damaging your adc while he is stunned. As such, blitcrank works fine because his knock up will accomplish this. 


    Really enjoy this article type and am looking forward to more. 

  • #16 TRoosevelt

    As someone who used to main Taric, I find this Taric's sudden popularity confusing and I'm trying to figure out what changed. I mean S2 Taric was solid but kinda mediocre, he just fell off late game due to his weak ult.

    His kit didn't really change, nor did his itemization other than the Philostone nerf hitting his sustain (Taric can get poked a lot). I guess the decline in jungle presence lets him be more aggressive but he's no Leona. What's changed since S2 to make Taric so popular?

    If you forced me to guess, I'd say it was midgame itemization. In S2 people rushed resistances, in S3 people rush health. If you rush Armor then Taric's aura is pretty mediocre but if everybody is rushing health that armor is a lot more important. Also, a lot of the armor penetration in S3 in percentage, which is countered by health, but Taric's Shatter active wrecks low armor heroes.

    Despite that explanation, I really am confused and would like your thoughts on why he's suddenly so popular.

  • #18 SchnitzelKing90
    I think it's that he's safe and offers a little bit of everything.
    He's got a little burst, a heal, his stun, and it's all pretty reliable.

    It's relatively low risk, low reward. Ali offers pretty much the same thing (minus burst and team tankiness but more CC and individual tankiness), but it's less reliable.

    A Taric stun is a stun, no matter what. Ali can screw up his combo and end up helping the enemy if he knocks them away.

    Taric doesn't have the CC or tankiness of Leona. He doesn't have the initiate that Blitz has. He doesn't have the heals that Soraka has.

    It's similar to why Sona is so popular. She has great poke, sustain, can help her team initiate or run away with her E and a teamfight changing ult. And for all of her skills the enemy, or ally, just has to be in range. She's a super safe pick that works reliably, and the same goes for Taric.
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