Solo Queue Heroes: January 2013

Solo Queue Heroes: January 2013

Welcome back to Solo Queue Heroes, January 2013 edition. 

Miss Fortune

I’d like to write a bit more about Miss Fortune and why she is great in solo queue right now.

MF deals a ton of damage without having to have a lot of items. She deals a lot of early damage, and keeps scaling well into the game. She doesn’t have to make much effort to trade, either. Against Graves, she outranges him and still outdamages as long as she doesn’t take a fullface buckshot, even though he has True Grit. Against Ezreal, she can stay behind minions.

Her movespeed is even better with the Season 3 changes, and her damage means it doesn’t matter what kind of champ it is, she can blow them up.

Compared to other AD carries, her ult can do the most damage in teamfights in the game. With Black Cleaver in it does a hundreds to everyone.

The test that proves this is the laziness test. Can a Miss Fortune wander around, being lazy, and just hit everyone while in the back, without making much effort to survive or get kills? Yes, I would contend. Lazy like an Ezreal who just spams two moves.


Speaking of, and coming from the no-duh department, Ezreal’s continuous nerfs, especially the most recent, don’t seem to affect his pick rate much. Why?

Statikk Shiv, Frozen Gauntlet. Every 2 seconds he gets to shoot a shot that does 2.25 the damage of Mystic Shot in an AOE area, and 100 magic damage to 3 other targets near it. From far away. With blink spam. They nerfed Graves and Corki’s escapes but not his.


An Olaf that gets fed ends up killing your whole team. Olaf benefits from health and the cost of it is so low. Olaf taxes solo queue teams’ ability to coordinate or plan ahead, and there are plenty of supports that cannot peel him off. To deal with Olaf, you have to simply move faster than he does. Most people won’t all pick champions that fit this. A lot don’t know what to do.

And again, health. Jungle, top, doesn’t matter, he can chase down and stick to anyone, and he can kill anyone.


Right now, AP Kayle is all the rage.  Why? Liandry’s Torment. When Kayle turns on her E, every auto-attack gets to proc it. Her Q has a scaling of one for each point of AP and bonus AD. Since it is a slow, it procs the double-damage.

Nashor’s Tooth is getting nerfed soon, so it will be interesting to see if it affects her. In the meantime, getting Tooth and Liandry’s gives you CDR, modest AP, and a lot of damage.


Will surely be nerfed. Can handle cheese and difficult matchups like Kayle or Jayce, can go to mid or jungle instead for a bait and switch, has flexible builds, does a lot of damage without getting high damage items. Liandry’s and Warmog’s ,yay.

Can spam a stun and 3 AP burst move’s very quickly, then do an attack speed increase move, then, after all that, immediately jump to you or another target.

She is difficult to learn to play, and some people don’t know how to play with one, so she’s not as automatic as other champions, but if you learn her and play her well, there are a lot of good matchups for her. Best of all, she’s early-game focused with a  great mid game, and in solo queue you want to win as fast as possible.


Black Cleaver. The thing about Garen is he absolutely requires hard cc, and few champs fit this category. Of the few that do, most are assassins that run away they do their thing. Garen, on the other hand, has staying power with his free defenses, his passive, and his spammed Q.

His Q breaking slows is very powerful, and if fed he is capable of singlehandedly destroying teams. Some people can get away, but then he’ll either kill one or two, or push hard. He’s great for chipping at towers. Move in, autoattack, Q it, then run away. 300 tower damage and then a speed-burst away. Lovely.


Lately I’ve seen a lot of Akalis and I feel like she’s better this season. Rylai’s is cheaper, Health is cheaper, and she has slightly better itemization. On top of that, with the Oracles nerf people buy it less. On top of that, the meta leans toward burst and ad assassins, and away from farm mids. Not that those are bad, but they are played less, and a common way to deal with Akali was simply to farm and then cc/burst her in the late game.

It feels like all the Akali players came out of retirement and are now wrecking face on everyone. Well, good for them. Bad for everyone else.


Nidalee benefits from the Warmog’s meta because she puts out tons of sustained damage, yet still has the burst for squishies. Also, the mobility. These were all good before, but she is making her presence known in mid, where she can avoid burst and roam well and push well. She can use traps to prevent ganks, semiward the jungle, and she outroams and outsustains a lot of mids. 


The multipotion start is really strong on Kassadin, as a good Kassadin will just now grab a lot of potions and keep about even in CS, then be fine when he gets to 6. The best way to deal with Kassadin is push him to turret or harass and gank him hard before 6, but with flask and the multipot start, Kassadin is now similar to Season 3 Akali. Better now, and all the old players that know him well have come out of retirement. Plus he fits the high-burst high-roam meta very well.


Rylai’s and Rod of Ages are cheaper, and he has Liandry’s now. Singed’s ult means he doesn’t have to buy much armor or MR (if any) and he can just run around and push without being stopped. Again, in a bursty meta, out bursting or surviving burst are great options. It seems easier for him to disrupt uncoordinated than he used to be.


PSA: she is still good, you just actually have to be a good Eve now. She also is less likely to be banned, so while she is not broken she’s great for roaming and picking off the bad players on the other team. Jungle Eve is more viable now also. With a nerfed Ult, grabbing a Wriggle’s and Sheen isn’t as bad as it used to be. Remember, he moves still scale off AD, so this works as long as you play her well.

Not stupid like before, but still strong and great for facerolling in the queue.

Special Mention: Nunu/Cait

Screw this lane combo. There is about no lane that can straight up beat it without jungle ganks. They’ll outpush, out cs, out roam, and outkill you the whole game unless someone else helps. This is a rare thing at bottom lane in public play, but if you can duo this combo, you will usually win. It’s not quite Teemo level, but it also serves as a global taunt, and they are a great combo for counter-ganking and turning ganks into failures, too, making it one of the easiest lanes to get fed.

Nunu nerfs don’t matter either. This lane is still a pain.


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  • #42 DarkePacific

    Quote from Interceptor402 »

    Quote from DarkePacific »

    There's not a single thing said on here that I would disagree with.

    Well, you should. The bit about Kayle betrays a fundamental misunderstanding of why she is good. It's not about Liandry's passive (which does minimal damage even with Reckoning), it's about the flat MPen from Haunting Guise. Nashor's "nerf" isn't one, since all that they are doing is ripping off a stat that Kayle doesn't need and making the item even cheaper than it used to be.


    Kayle can pretty much build anything right now as long as it includes some attackspeed with AD or AP, and pretty much destroy everyone. So yea, Liandra's might not be the most damage for gold efficent item on her right now, but it still works with her kit well and so do a ton of other items. She is just that good right now. But I'm sure you already know all this judging by your avatar.

    Last edited by DarkePacific: 2/1/2013 5:59:57 AM
  • #36 lazule2

    Thats unfair because Elementz list isn't updated. I'm not saying this one is bad but its more like "this champions are OP here is why" which is still pretty good imo.

  • #11 PartyMagier

    you are saying that kayle is OP because her autohits activate liandrys, however every autohit activates liandrys if you have the spellsword mastery. Me very confused!

    I believe its more that she puts an aoe of liandrys onto the entire enemy team which means that she will deal a lot of damage, however it would seem to me that it would leave her with little killing power and being more of a support in teamfights

  • #29 mr_squeekee

    liandry's does NOT proc from spellsword... has already been tested.

  • #39 PartyMagier

    are you sure? because i believe  tooltip says magic damage procs it and recently in a game i played recnetly i'd swear i saw the burn visual on the enemies i autoattacked (as zyra)

    in case you are right i am sorry

  • #40 Leonixxiii

    there is a selection of abilities that occur on-hit that are still classified as standard abilities, such as the area damage on  Righteous Fury. These abilities will trigger Liandry's Torment.

    Not sure if that means only the AoE part of it will proc it, but not Vs the main target or it too.

    Last edited by Leonixxiii: 1/31/2013 1:03:04 PM
  • #10 zliplus

    A Soraka lane can beat Nunu/Cait via attrition and then proceed to outfarm/zone as long as you survive level 1.

  • #14 Yoshikirb55155

    I've played Cait vs. a Soraka and I haven't seen much of a difference. Ya, she has heal and she can harass, but an aggressive Cait and Nunu can poke you down faster than you can heal, assuming you even have the mana for it.

    In fact, if I'm going against a Soraka support, then I usually play extra extra aggressive with my poke early on because I know it takes a few levels for Soraka's heal to catch up. Sure you can harass with infuse (Which to have that actually do damage means taking less points in heal), but once I have a vamp scepter then I'll just keep up my health with the harass I do.

  • #35 zliplus

    A Soraka lane really shouldn't harass with infuse until you've already basically won the lane (or stalemated, which is practically a win). Infuse is so the AD can harass via ability spam. I did mention (and agree) that Soraka is vulnerable early because the heal/mana restore need a few levels to scale. You're not taking fewer points in heal because who doesn't max that first?

    The real problem with Nunu/Cait is late game when it seems she's impossible to reach. If your AD isn't good, late game can sometimes feel like the entire early game was meaningless.

    Last edited by zliplus: 1/31/2013 9:13:37 AM
  • #8 Kantuti

    Olaf benefits from health? What? 

  • #9 nagynorbie

    I think he meant to say that he has enough damage (thanks to his W) just by buying health.

    Last edited by nagynorbie: 1/30/2013 3:46:24 PM
  • #16 natemiddleman2

    No. His ad bonus skill scales off of health.

    Last edited by natemiddleman2: 1/30/2013 4:57:37 PM
  • #20 Kantuti

    Sure, but health being cheaper then resistances means his true damage is a lot less effective. I certainly was more afraid of fed Olaf in S2 when he would melt through 200 armor with max cdr like it was nothing. If anything this whole point is moot. 

  • #6 Apricota

    What about Ryze? You didn't put him on the list, but he is currently one of the strongest champions in the game. Perfectly fits in the AD meta, because he builds tanky to maintain dmg. He is fairly safe to use, he can roam, he can duel and beat most junglers on lv6, which is rare for mage.

  • #13 DarkePacific

    Ryze is a farming mid, who realizes heavily on items, and has terrible range. HE may be really good in tournaments but as far as solo que is concerned he is trash. I never see a Ryze carry ever. If you want to pick a good mid for this season, pick Akali, Kass, Kayle, or TF.

  • #5 jacktheplum

    Based on the latest PBE notes, Nashor's isn't really getting nerfed, it's just a change to its component items. The stats are the same, but Nashors will lose the mana regen and become about 200 gold cheaper, because Faerie Charm will be removed from the recipe for Fiendish Codex

  • #30 TreeBurrow
    In terms of slot effeciency, It's a nerf to Kayle, because even though she doesn't use a huge amount of mana, she does still use a decent amount... IMO she needs at least a little bit of mana regen, and Nashor's was a great way to gain this...

    In terms of damage, it's not a nerf, but in terms of utility it's a nerf
  • #43 jacktheplum

    Well, I guess that depends on your playstyle. I don't buy mana items on kayle because my way of playing isn't very mana hungry, I use E most often and just avoid using Q and W too much during early game. Occasionally if I'm actually worried about running out of mana I just buy a pot, or pick up an early crystalline flask, but it's usually not a major concern

  • #4 natemiddleman2

    I main Akali ranked and I started playing a lot of Kass in normals recently. Wrecking face everywhere. I start 2 wards 9 pots Akali and Pendent 8 Pots Kass unless I know its going to be an easy lane.

    Last edited by natemiddleman2: 1/30/2013 6:43:11 PM
  • #1 Interceptor402

    This article needs some proofreading... Nidalee's section is literally an incomplete thought. Uses traps to prevent ganks and... and what?

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