Anti-Guides: Ezreal


What's the scanner say about how old it gets playing against Ezreal?

The most picked AD Carry. Other  AD Carries being played more at high level have contributed to an increase on non-Ezreal picks (particularly Miss Fortune and Caitlyn), but this guy is still your most common opponent. He is hard to catch, hits from far away, and has the potential to deal AOE damage that slows you about every 2 seconds.

Where you'll see him/her: bottom lane, with rare appearances elsewhere. Appears in over half of all games.

Worst Case Scenario: kills two or three of you before any his teammates die. Assassins or tanks or supports try to cc him and….he’s out.

Annoyance rating: 9

Solo Queue Rating: 8

High-Level rating: 7

Things that are generally good vs. this champion: stuns, Twin Shadows, gap closers, burst, DFG, strong pushing and pushing abilities, mage pokes, Shurelya’s, Sword of the Divine, Lich Bane, Frozen Fist, Frozen Mallet.

Things this champion couldn’t care less about: AOE with no accompanying cc, Banshee’s Veil, champions with a lower movement speed, non-hard CC that doesn’t repeat.  

Items this champion often buys: AD Carry items, usually not IE. Shiv procs off his Q, as does Sheen and its upgrades, most noticeably Iceborn Gauntlet.

Watch out for: counter blinks, where you chase him too much, he pokes you, then you try to run away and he goes back in toward you; being poked out of lane; random ults from offscreen

Lane choices:  with Ezreal, the choices you have for other carries are to outburst, outtrade, or outpoke.  The only carry that traditionally has a hard time with Ezreal is Vayne, because taking even one Q from him means more than it does for other carries. For more on carries, see that “what to do in lane” section below. Miss Fortune and Graves are great counters but you don’t have to go these carries to wreck him.

From the support side, hard cc or great sustain works strongly. The easiest choice is to just go Taric, but Leona, Sona, Soraka, and to a lesser degree Alistar and Zyra are also good choices. Other choices can work depending on the lane, but aren’t necessarily counters, such as Nunu or Lulu

Team choices:

You don’t actually have to have a person that specifically beats Ezreal if you can wreck his front line. This is the rule for any AD Carry. But if you want to pick him off, or have quality ganks on him, you have to really be able to get in or be a person that can burst or stick. If you’re a jungler, Nautilus, Lee Sin, or Xin Zhao, or Nocturne can get to him and run him off or kill him. Assassins like Fizz, Zed, Shaco, Pantheon, Ahri, Kha’Zix, LeBlanc, Akali, Evelynn, or Talon can also get to him and burst him. Some initiators like Malphite, Shen, Amumu, or Sejuani can lock him for a moment, but if he doesn’t die quickly, he’s gone.  

What to do in lane vs. this champion:

Every AD Carry has a burst move and/or attack speed steroid, or poke. The simplest way to frame the lane is that if he’s pushing, he’s harder to deal with because he’ll have more shots at you, but if you’re pushing, he’ll have fewer shots. It’s even more important than with Ezreal than with other matches that you harass, poke, and attack when you have more minions on your side. Keep in mind when I list these champs it does NOT mean that it’s easier for that champion than it is for Ezreal; for example, you can outpoke as Varus, but it is a lot harder.

Outburst: Miss Fortune, Graves, Kog’Maw, Corki, Draven, Sivir, Urgot, Twitch, Tristana Vayne, Ashe, Varus. Note that for the last you have to all-in.

Outtrade (as in, even if you take a Q you can still hit him harder, and if you’re behind a minion, you should always hit him harder as long as you have mana): Miss Fortune, Graves, Corki, Draven, Sivir, Kog’Maw, Urgot.

Outpoke/outpush: Caitlyn, Varus, Ashe, Urgot, Corki, Kog’Maw, Sivir.

Obviously, the last group, except for Caitlyn and Sivir, can be difficult and require a bit of skill. And Vayne can’t deal with Ezreal unless she gets outfarmed, lands a proper condemn (hard), or has a teammate CC him properly.

If you’re support, you want to poke him when he pokes your carry, or try to bait and dodge his own pokes. If you’re an all-in champ, your job is to kill him or put the fear of god in him so that he spends more time avoiding you and less time harassing your carry. If you are tanky or have a shield, block or shield against his poke. If he has Taric or an all-in champ of his own, he usually sits in the back. CC him and use everything you can on him if your carry gets cc’d. This is general advice, but it applies to the squishy Ezreal a little more than it does other carries.

What to do in teamfights vs. this champion (what the champion tends to do and should do, what you should do in response):

Ignore him or dive him as appropriate. Be careful not to get kited too much, etc. A lot of Ezreals play overcautiously, it is easy to harass an average one way from his team and get him to use Arcane Shift early, making him contribute less to the team fight than your own carry. He will not do enough damage, and in a best-case scenario his team will get mad at him and they’ll start to fall apart.

You can also just try to assassinate him or let your AD Carry outdamage him. Ezreal’s just another AD Carry.

He doesn’t even do as much damage or carry as hard as some other carries. If you are careful, know how to dodge, and don’t get baited too hard, you won’t receive yet another loss to one.


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  • #12 BuzzsawMF

    I have had alot of luck playing Tristana against Ez due to her E helps push the lane and her range later on. Start with a Dorans if you have a health sustain support and you outdamage Ez hard. Plus your rocket jump can counter his mini flash thing.

  • #13 CJTHeroofTime

    I think ez is trist s best matchup. Even with boots and pots, you out-damage him (as long as you aren't taking qs to the face constantly). I usually spec a few mastery points into mpen with trist, so that probably helps. 

  • #15 Benegesserit

    Your rocket jump has lag, his blink does not.

  • #17 BuzzsawMF

    This is true but The lag on RJ is minimal and I believe you go a farther distance with RJ. 

  • #10 Blacknsilver

    I don't see how Graves counters Ezreal. Yeah, Ez will need more time to poke him down but is that really a "counter"?

  • #11 akubi

    I usually duo with a friend of mine (he goes ad, I support). So far our win loose amount against ez bot is 20 to 0.

    What we do: My friend picks Graves, I get Taric or Leona. I continously move infront of my friend tanking Qs or Ws if needed or outzoning ez if he's scared. When we're able to burst him, we close in. As Taric I run up to him so he has 2 possibilities: Arcane shift away, so I'll back off and try to dodge the poke usually comming afterwards or he stays. Point blank stun to skip travel time, ult and shatter - Graves dashes in, buckshots and keeps attacking. If he flashes/shifts he ults. If the enemy supp doesn't react quick enough ez is dead for sure. Just keep outzoning him so your carry KEEPS the lead even when you roam mid.

    Building Taric tanky but with utility 0/9/21 going for philo/boots/sightstone early then adding a giants belt soon tm. Build either ruby sightstone or aegis then and finish wamorg afterwards. Don't forget to buy normal and pink wards, max shatter then heal with stun r1 at level 2 or 3 (all skills at lvl3).

    play aggressive but not reckless. This combo is more than possible if you want to make ez cry girly tears of suffering.

    optional: pink knight taric. Just because. 

  • #9 sgtcolon

    Have to say that Taric is not really an Ezreal counter. The travel time on the stun is far too low and mana cost too high, for it to be effective at even really threatening Ezreal. The only way a Taric lane will actually kill Ezreal is if the Ezreal is bad, or Taric can get complete brush dominance in lane and or call in ganks from a jungle or mid (hopefully also with some more CC). Not to say that Taric can not beat an Ezreal lane, it's just not really through hard countering him and/or beating him up repeatedly or anything.

    If you really want to shut Ezreal down, something like Leona actually works much better. Leona + Tristana shits on Ezreal + almost anything (apart from Janna). Their burst and CC chain is enough to instagib him (or the support) at lvl2. This combo can be rinsed and repeated as required whenever Ezreal or his support put a foot wrong.

    However, by far the most effective way of dealing with Ezreal in lane is by making sure you play a harder carry, don't die and keep up on CS. This way you bring a lot more to the mid/late game than he can and you prevent him from getting that early snowball which can be so devastating.

    Last edited by sgtcolon: 2/14/2013 10:50:32 PM
  • #7 shinkutan

    Draven shits all over ezreal in lane when played properly.


  • #6 FinalValkyrie

    All ADCs are always viable. Its all about just learning match ups.

    People say Graves counters Ashe, but does he? 

    IMO the only ADC that is hard countered by another ADC is technically Sivir, since she can Spell Shield off one spell to win trades.

  • #5 supportking

    ezreal got overnerfed imo, he doesn't snowball as hard, doesn't scale to late game at all, and his mobility and kite potential isn't as good as it used to be since trinity force stopped being so strong and redbuff isn't good enough to stop all the new caster bruisers (panth, vi, renek etc...)

    these days if you want 

    poke: caitlyn

    escapes: caitlyn

    burst: caitlyn, missfortune

    aoe: missfortune, twitch

    late game: vayne

    I find ezreal very weak atm, doesn't shine at anything in particular, and his scaling is downright darius

  • #8 shinkutan


  • #14 itsjustadrian

    lold too. I'm pretty sure Caitlyn doesn't have as much burst damage as Twitch or even most AD Carries.

  • #4 Cerbereth

    Of all the champions in this game I hate ezreal the most. Any carry that is even remotely as mobile as him does less damage and anyone who does more damage is far less mobile.  And every single one of them has a taric for a support somehow which means the supposed squishy carry is now packing more armor than anyone but graves or urgot. The mana cost on his Q might as well not be there and he gets his own special snowflake build path (iceborn gauntlet wtf) as if he didn't have enough going for him.  Don't forget the global ultimate which thankfully none of them can land worth a damn.

    I hope he gets nerfed into oblivion.

  • #16 Isfirrius



  • #2 scruftypufty

    how's lich bane a counter to ezreal? O_o

  • #3 pagansaint

    More burst damage applied to him, it effectively doubles the amount of damage an APCs spam nuke does simply by using the ability.

    The faster you burst him, the less likely he escapes/kites.

  • #1 Apricota

    My favorite AD Carry is Corki. I used to pick Corki whenever I got to play bot lane in S2. Back then, Ezreal had little chance to beat equally skilled/geared Corki. Things have changed though, and Corki, let's be honest, is bad now.

    How do I deal with Fagreal as Corki? It's hard to effectively do something to him when Phosphorus Bomb has so big mana cost. You can' t trust Gatling Gun either, as it requires you to stand still and face the enemy (enemy support loves that). His ult is somewhat weaker version of Ezreal's Q.

    Do I need to conserve my mana and just Q+AA when possible? It seems like any Ezreal with support that shields or heals will eventually come ahead and no item will change that. Not to mention Corki's main harass doesn't scale off AD, which is super useless lategame.

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