The new Ohmwrecker: Opportunity Costs


Though drastically different since its change, scant attention has been paid to the new Ohmwrecker.

I won’t pretend that readers are stupid: on paper, it looks pretty bad. Take a look below.


Cost Health AP Other stats
Ohmwrecker 2850


50 Active, 15/Hp5, 15/Mp5
Rod of Ages 2800 450 (650) 60 (80)

450 (650) mana, passives

Rylai's 2900 500 80 Passive
Liandry's 2900 300 50 15 Mpen, passive


Opportunity Cost

To plagiarize, opportunity cost “opportunity cost is the cost of any activity measured in terms of the value of the next best alternative forgone (that is not chosen). It is the sacrifice related to the second best choice available to someone, or group, who has picked among several mutually exclusive choices.”

When evaluating an item, people tend to evaluate it in terms of comparisons. This is a good method of evaluation, because if an item costs the same and gives more, why not pick the other item?

This is the reason people don’t buy Ohmwrecker. Compared to, say, Rod of Ages, you’re out 30 AP, 300 Health, and 650 Mana. Plus, there’s the passive from leveling up to compensate for the lack of HP/5 and MP/5. And they cost the same. So when you evaluate Ohmwrecker, it has to somehow better than Rod of Ages. And in flat numbers, it appears that that is not the case.

Is that the end of the discussion, then?

It can be, if you don’t like Ohmwrecker’s active. But that is really the main difference. The main point of Ohmwrecker is its active. Would you rather have Ohmwrecker’s Active than Rod of Ages later game stats, Rylai’s slow and stats, or Liandry’s Passive and penetration? If not, it’s not for you. 

To me it seems that the kind of champion that would want Ohmwrecker is not the same kind that would want the other stats available. If you’re the tower-diving type, you don’t need a built in slow or more CC. Nor do you want later game power, you want to snowball. If you’re trying to burst, you don’t need the Liandry’s passive. You may want the penetration from Haunting Guise, but you’d rather get more AP from other items.

With this in mind, Ohmwrecker is most effective as an early game item so you can use the active more and because it favors early leads and snowballing types of antics. Similar to the principle of Mejai’s, you’re taking somewhat of a risk taking this item. You need to get something out of it by the time you’d get the stacks from Rod of Ages up, ten minutes later, and be able to make use of the active later on.

There are also a couple reasons that Ohmwrecker isn’t quite as bad as Rod of Ages.

First, you can build it quicker. You’ll also probably get at least 300 gold from the Philosopher’s Stone. That is almost an Amplifying Tome, an extra 20 AP that can go into another item.

Second, the build path is smoother. Rod of Ages champions get a Tear, Doran’s, boots, or Flask first. An Ohmwrecker path can start with beads, charm, and 3 pots, which is good sustain to start with. Philosopher’s Stone and Boots or Ruby Crystal can follow soon after. It is not as strong as, say, Chalice, but Chalice champions wouldn’t need Ohmwrecker’s Active.

Third, in later stages of the game the HP/5 and/mp5 is nothing to laugh at. In straight up 5v5 team fights, Ohmwrecker isn’t as good as Rod because of your having less health. But if you’re in that stage of the game where you’re sieging and there are a lot of turrets, Ohmwrecker can help your team get turrets down and the 180 health and mana you regen per minute lets you stay out longer. Rod has a higher pool for fights, but if it’s poke wars, Ohmwrecker does better vs. poke, while Rod is better in all-in 100-0 fight. Rod and the Catalyst’s proc is 200 mana when you go up a level. Later in the game, that happens less often and less reliably, and isn’t an always on effect.

Simply put, it is a matter of style and even, perhaps, a matter of matchup!

As for Liandry’s and Rylai’s, the former has a less smooth build path and is a niche kind of item. Most champions that would use Rylai’s wouldn’t need an Ohmwrecker. Liandry’s is another self-evident item, primarly used on Elise, Kayle, and poke champions that wouldn’t be diving turrets anyway. 

Champion List

Champions I’d actually consider taking Ohmwrecker on at mid: Ahri, Diana, Elise (I don’t recommend her as a mid), Fiddlesticks, Fizz, Gragas, Kassadin, LeBlanc, Malphite, Malzahar, Master Yi, Morgana, Nidalee, Swain, Syndra, Taric, Twisted Fate, Zilean 

Champions I’d actually consider taking Ohmwrecker on at top: Cho’Gath, Elise, Hecarim, Malphite, Singed, Skarner, Teemo.

Champions I’d actually consider taking Ohmwrecker on at jungle: Amumu, Diana, Elise, Evelynn, Fiddlesticks, Maokai, Nautilus, Nunu, Rammus, Sejuani, Skarner.

On a jungler, this serves as a great diving item if you’re doing frequent ganks. It lets you pull off ganks that would not be possible with any other item or spell. Ganks are even safer than with tank stats because sometimes non-tanky teammates grab turret agro. On some champs you can even go beads/charm pots to start if you’re going to gank a lot and not heavily farm the jungle and then sit on the Philosopher's Stone, season 2 style. Be warned that while it gives you gold it makes your clearing and sustain poorer, and you won't have any machete items at all. For some champions, this is okay.

Solo Queue vs. 5’s

5’s will have much better use of Ohmwrecker is it requires coordination. The last time I used Ohmwrecker in solo queue was as Diana jungle with a Fizz mid. Fortunately, the Fizz AND our top AND my bottom lane all got excited about it being up and being used just for them. This is not generally the case, but at least one will probably understand.

If you build it in solo queue, tell them well in advance.

And at any rate, it’s better with coordination and with team comps built around it. Keep that in mind.

Summarized points to think about

You should consider getting an Ohmwrecker if:

  • You are good at diving, your champ is good at diving, and your team will use it
  • You can afford to go to lane or jungle starting with charm and beads
  • You have mana issues but can’t charge Tear and don’t need the Athene’s stats
  • You’re going for early game snowball
  • Your team has a strong pushing comp and coordinates for pushes and sieging well
  • The other team has strong tower defending and goes more for pokes than all-in fights

Reasons against taking Ohmwrecker:

  • You need Tear, Rod of Ages, Athene’s, or any combination of them and Ohmwrecker cannot replace one of them
  • You need cooldown and Nashor’s or Deathfire Grasp aren’t options
  • You don’t have mana issues
  • You need armor or MR and health won’t cut it, and you need it before you get 3000 gold in the game
  • You’re going for late game team fights
  • You can’t hack going charm and/or beads for one or both of your first items
  • You need more health than Ohmwrecker provides (unless you’re a tank and you’re not focusing AP)
  • Your team has crappy crowd control and diving abilities


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  • #18 benblue4

    Typo: "5’s will have much better use of Ohmwrecker AS* it requires coordination." :)

  • #17 blackraven1425

    At least if you're quoting Wikipedia or whatever, toss in a link to the source.

  • #16 steverliu

    Thanks, great article. One disagreement i have is your recommendation on zilean

    because of his rezz ult he is great for turret diving with a jungler, i use it this way to turret dive a lot with success ganking top or even just diving their mid under their tower. 

    also as you said, mana issues, need cool down, my opinion zilean needs these. I start with 2 faerie charms and clarity and still run out of mana. 

    just my opinion on zilean, but im really glad you included him in your list as many people don't even consider him as a viable mid

  • #15 Dj0z

    Successfully use Omgwrecker?

    Challenge accepted.

  • #14 sgtcolon

    Despite recently realising how useful this item can be, I still don't think you should take it unless you are in organised play and specifically using it to take towers (not to dive for kills) and close out games. There are just better options for most other scenarios.

  • #11 fiveninths

    Ohmwrecker (aka home wrecker) seems perfect for Singed. Get an early Philo for the regen, then get the remaining items are good on him anyway (AP and HP). A popped Singed ult with Ohmwrecker on the tower seems terrifying to face against, and even scarier if you take Teleport and/or roam other lanes.

    Would potentially like it on Rumble as well, minus the wasted stats from Philo.

  • #10 B3hr7

    I could see myself runnning this item on Thresh and Diana. Hmmm....Thresh with shurelyas/boots/bulwark/ohmwrecker/banner of command/ruby sightstone (sightstone is purchased early on obviously), the ultimate dive/push comp build for a character with a dive/grab/suppress mechanism.

    Whelp, time to go hit the drawing board on this one.

  • #9 pagan4life

    the active on that item is not worth the cost.

    2.5s? big deal

  • #12 Majulio

    Quote from pagan4life »

    the active on that item is not worth the cost.

    2.5s? big deal

    2-3 attacks less, mid game, IS a big deal.

  • #7 ShadowMasterRP

    Even if you rush Ohmwrecker as your first item, even before boots, it's already too late to make use of it.

    The only way it would be viable is if its active could be acquired in super-early game.

    Late-early game and mid game (let alone late game), it's already useless, because 2.5 seconds of a turret not attacking is absolutely nothing once you're past level 6, let alone past level 12-15, which is when the item can currently be bought without sacrificing a normal build order.

    It may look good for diving on paper, but at the end of the day, you would've likely made the dive successfully anyway without it. Plus, in solo queue, you cannot rely on players to dive in a proper manner and work together fast enough to make it work.

    In fact, getting the item and urging allies to dive is likely to result in feeding.

    Basically, this item is what's called a "noob trap."

  • #8 MerlinTheTuna

    Cutting turret aggro for 2.5 seconds is still significant in the mid-late game, most notably when trying to crack inhibitor turrets. The big thing is just that you don't want to use it at the start of the dive. Since turret damage increases per consecutive shot and Ohmwrecker resets the count, you're preventing a huge amount of damage by activating it after shot 2 or 3.

    Eggo's point below -- that the item only helps if you're ahead -- is still the biggest issue with it.

  • #19 GibbyCanes


    I would argue that the damage you are taking away from your burst could not possibly be made up for in the extra 2.5 seconds that this item active gives you.

    tl;dr - arguments for buying this item are paradoxical. You want the active to get fed, but you have to be fed to afford it.

    Last edited by GibbyCanes: 8/14/2013 2:25:53 AM
  • #6 HPBEggo

    Largest problem with Ohmwrecker, and the same problem it's had since it's been in PBE?

    Ohmwrecker's active does nothing for you if you are not ahead, with the single exception of allowing for faster pushing.

    If you are not at your opponent's turrets, trying to dive them and/or poke them out from underneath, Ohmwrecker provides zero benefit outside of its statistics - which, while gold efficient, simply aren't good enough.

    The only way to make the item not terrible is to add a portion to the active that somehow buffs/protects your own turrets. This would make it more of a niche item that people would consider buying, rather than something that's only remotely useful if snowballing on a champion that couldn't normally tower dive easily.

  • #5 AwesomeT07

    While you make a lot of valid points and great number crunching to back up your claims this item is still terrible in every way and no one should buy it....EVER.  Has anyone been watching pro games or just ranked games in general recently?  Tower dives at level 3 baby it's the new thing to do until riot gets their heads out their asses and fixes turrets this item is completely useless because towers don't do shit to you anyway.  I can back this up with my own experiences too I mean, why waste 2850 gold on a pitiful amount of health and decent AP when, as a jungle, me and my buddies I play with in norms are tower dive ganking by level 3 or 4 anyway?  Turrets need a buff soooo badly and until they fix turrets or lower the price this item is very very niche at best.

  • #4 raikaria

    When it got reworked, I actually thought to myself 'I am so getting this on Diana'.


    Of course, I've not got to play Diana since the rework. Might give it a spin on my Maokai, however, anything for a reason to build Philo in the jungle again... not to mention for those all too common situations when someone flashes under their tower as you Twisted Advance them...

    Last edited by raikaria: 3/7/2013 5:38:40 PM
  • #3 HowardDeanFan

    I do think you're leaving out support champs pretty hard.

    I know this is an expensive item but that's why it builds out of a Philos stone. You should try building it on someone like Nunu/Leona/Alistar or any other dive support you can think of. On Nunu it is pretty great actually. Being able to snowball a dude under his tower and kill him then walk away unharmed is pretty great. It also lets you roam and gank pretty effectively as a support. walking around behind the enemy mid's tower, disabling it and going in on the dude with your mid is a pretty great surprise if you are careful about it.

  • #2 stealthattack1

    good maths, ill have to try it out. still a bit skeptical though, i will let you know how it turns out. 

  • #1 Cronamash

    While I see you're making very valid points on situations to take the Ohmwrecker, I think it's best on support champs. See, I main Lulu, and one day I was looking at my Lucky Pick and Philo Stone and was just thinking "How can I get the most functionality out of these items?" So I figured that since my Whimsy is a speed boost, why not get the wrecker instead of Shurelya's? Turns out, it works wonders! The extra AP is great on Lulu, and the active is awesome for dives.

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