What to say and not to say to your teammates

Actual screenshot from more than five years ago


The last few months have overall been good to rating. I’ve been working hard and hit a wall, and it’s because I’ve been cranky due to real life events (and playing League--need to calm down!).

Not every single game has been bad, though, and there’s only one thing that’s been consistent in the games I win, and that is basically morale. Lack of rage, criticism, and whining, the belief that you will/can or won’t/can’t win, being polite and helpful, the whole bit.

Criticism rarely works. A rare example where it worked (and even then I perhaps shouldn’t have) is when after a safe first ten minutes, I finally got a kill with my Nami support. This Nami was driving me crazy but I could tell he was trying hard, and I hate criticizing supports the most because they get the most crap.

What he was doing was he kept spamming Q’s in a predictable fashion and at random, and most of the times it landed I couldn’t do anything about it due to being further back, us having no vision, or having too many minions against us. I also don’t like Nami’s that only go for kills as it’s too predictable--I like Nami’s that are tricky or know how to be defensive and turn initiations around. Since he seemed mellow, I said, “a suggestion, Nami?”

Him: “?”

Then I said, “use your E first to slow, THEN hit go for the Q; it’s way easier to land.” 2 minutes later, he got me a kill by doing just that, and the lane was ours and later, the game. He thanked me and does that personally from now on.

Most criticism is comprised of either A. something to the equivalent of “you suck” or B. something where you say something that is supposed to be a fact (and often isn’t) and you hold it over them to suggest that you are smart and that person is stupid. Guilty as charged. Unless you’re specific and nice, nothing good will happen. Even then, it usually doesn’t work out.

Here are things that people complain about that does not help, ever, even if the thing said is true:

“His match history sucks.” you’ve never had a bad streak? What if he got camped, or 3v1’d at top a ton, and that doesn’t usually happen? Do 10 games really represent a person? If he’s so bad and you’re so good, why are you in a game with him rather than so high he can’t be matched with you? Even at Silver, there are some divisions in Bronze you won’t ever get matched against. Those people you can safely say you’ll almost always be better than. Someone a few divisions below you? Not so much.

“They’re duo’d, and they ruined everything.” Weak duo partners can be difficult. But they’ll feel loyal to each other. No matter how bad the partner is, the stronger one almost always will defend them or ignore criticisms. I am partial to this one and really feel screwed by weak sponsored players at times, but complaining, whining, or yelling doesn’t help at all.

“I’d do better if I’d gotten the role I called for.” Your fault for not knowing other roles. Any excuse you give about knowing only a few can also be given by that person. In that case, you’re both flawed. You’d hate it if someone said it to you when you had a bad game, and let’s face it, you know you have.

More stupid things to complain about:

His KDA sucks
His build sucks
His summoner spells suck
He gave first blood
His pick sucks
Our team comp sucks
He did this one bad move / he missed a skillshot or smite
You didn’t ban ______
He lost lane
He fed ______
He didn’t gank my lane / didn’t help against the invade on me

Important fact: people don’t always have a good or bad game. You do. Pros do. No one can be the same all the time. I have seen people with great KDAs do horribly and vice-versa.

What if everyone is bad? What if I was the only one who did well or decently? Well, that happens, but you still shoulnd’t say anything. One of the biggest reasons for not whining on the teams that truly are terrible is that it lets anger and feelings of entitlement creep into your soul, and it makes you more angry at mistakes or bickering in the next game. If you can’t help complain, stop playing, because you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage by playing again after.

Things to actually worry about (i.e., yourself):

Did you really choose a champion that you know how to win with?
Are you raging, whining, and complaining?
Are you making other players perform worse?
Are you making other players not want to try anymore because you’ve convinced that they can’t win, which might be ironic because the reason they feel that way is because they feel you feel that way, and that if you aren’t trying anymore, he shouldn’t have to either?

It’s hard, but you can’t go down that path. It loses you games. If you want someone to do something, ask as nice as you can and say nothing else unless he indicates he wants to listen. Many times they won’t. At that point, even if that person is dragging the team down, it’s better to just be quiet. If someone says to you "you can't be the real Old Man Eyebrows, you died", you say nothing. 

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  • #68 WhyNotPro

    Always meet this kind of person on SEA server. I just wonder why SEA server player have alot of attitude problem

  • #66 Basinator

    Fed Fiora in enemy team with 2 PDs, post game chat:

    Way of Darkness: fiora
    Way of Darkness: no offense
    Way of Darkness: but why stack attack speed?
    Germz: Well played gents.
    APG Duke: gg
    Germz: Just ignore WoD.
    Lord Pânda: wp
    Way of Darkness: uhm
    XDuranceX: fiora needs atksp idiot
    Way of Darkness: i am giving critism here bro.
    Way of Darkness: E?
    Way of Darkness: 120%?
    Germz: Not in-game :P
    Way of Darkness: better stack APen and AD for mroe utl and Q dmg
    XDuranceX: dude and equip 2.2% atksp + over 300 dmg so stfu

    XDuranceX: noc please learn how to jungle then can you speak with me

    Last edited by Basinator: 9/2/2013 3:35:52 PM
  • #64 Basinator

    I once got flamed hard in a ranked match when I sucked with Garen for building a brutalizer. "Just build full tank noob"

  • #65 Sanear

    This one reminds me of quite good Garen rework when i was testing it on pbe. I got flamed for building straight tank (Sunfire, Warmogs, Omen etc.) when our enemy Garen build BC,IE and killed our Riven over and over again... i still wonder how it was possible oO

  • #67 ichigo2979

    Garen kinda shts on Riven.. the silence, the spinning uninterrrupted by stuns, his passive regen to outsustain... Yeah. He should have been really fed if he had IE though... I remember when my friend did that just for the laughs. We lost because he was super-squishy but it was before we were even level 30 haha.

  • #63 Basinator

    Isn't it "Namis" instead of "Nami's"?

  • #58 Pietrak89

    "GG lost game" is a self-fulfilling prophecy. If a guy is convinced that he has lost, he will start throwing the game. I always try to bring guys like that back to the fold.

    Like last game: Darius (top vs. Garen) said the game is lost because it's 11/13 in team kills. He kept whining for some time untill I asked him if he is a man or a cry-baby. He did shut up after the question and started to play harder. The game was won :>

    Last edited by Pietrak89: 9/1/2013 11:42:49 AM
  • #59 ichigo2979

    the "man" thing works more than you think it would :) It makes them bro.

  • #69 guidooo4

    Wow, I tried it out, and it indeed works. Gonna keep that one in my repetoir.


  • #55 Watermeat

    Last game I played, LB gave up after 15 minutes saying it was useless and we couldn't win, and because of that stopped trying and jumped in 1v5 constantly, and we lost an inhibitor after 25 minutes as 4 of us couldn't fend off the other 5.
    50 minutes into the game, the enemy finally won, despite us managing to ace them twice, but couldn't do anything with it because superminions were pushing our base.
    If LB had kept trying after 15 minutes, it's POSSIBLE that we could have won.

  • #52 Dj0z

    BEST article on RoG EVER.

    Now force every player to read it right after their next login riot, and the game will get 140% better.

  • #51 dead_ed

    terrible abaddon build.....

  • #50 KoolGus

    Isn't that old Warcraft???

  • #54 RoakOriginal

    dota on w3 tft... i loved that game... but it was ridiculously easy to win after some kills, even if u had leavers in team... :D

  • #49 DarkSideCreo


    The pick order thing - i thought in ranked your pick order is determent by your elo/mmr. The higher it is, the higher pick you get, right? I queue with my friend in gold (i'm s1 atm), and he always gets a higher pick than me, and I usually end up in one of the last spots, because everyone else will be from gold.

    On topic - I did notice that being overall positive, and not too talkative, actually increases chances to win. When people don't waste time chatting, and concentrate on the game, only communicating when needed, or for an occasional "Gj" and "Ty", they play way better, and notice pings, important messages in chat, etc. I really don't see a point in raging, especially when it ends up costing a game. I've played games where everything was going bad, and we were losing a ton, but just because no one was raging and giving up, we'd end up winning. Thats like the best feeling :)

    Last edited by DarkSideCreo: 8/31/2013 12:38:34 PM
  • #47 pianoman1092

    Lol that screenshot could've been from like 80% of any league matches. I also hate when people just say "you suck" or variations of it. Honestly, if I'm stuck in a bad spot and people are saying that, I'll usually ask for actual help and advice on what to do or what I've done wrong. Most of the time they don't answer. 

    But as far as queue problems go, the thing I'm hating more and more (and more and more....) is this stupid "pick order bro" excuse. I'm now completely sure that when duos are involved, the pick order idea is not true. I've seen it using lolnexus for my own eyes. Maybe if every single person is a solo queue it's true, I'm not even sure about that though. My friend and I always wind up in the last 2 spots when we duo and we never get our preferences because everyone says "pick order".

  • #46 Loouis

    "He did this one bad move"

    I once had a Miss Fortune, I was support, and because she made one mistake our game went downhill and ultimately lost.
    Their jungler was counterjungling blue. He needed help and I came the moment I saw the enemy entering our jungle. The mid came as well. Enemy bot was coming as well.
    We had a huge fight between the river and the hill. Too bad it was a 3v4, because MF was still bot farming minions. Our Galio ulti'd every enemy champion, but still couldn't finish anyone.
    We did not get one single kill and they killed us all.

  • #60 ichigo2979

    In that situation it would have been better to pull back and go on the defense. Were this a premade game it would be lack of communication and something to improve, but in solo queue it's inevitable and therefore every person's job to be aware of where their teammates are.

    Too many times I have been on both ends where I or another teammate is splitpushing a side lane/at a buff/on their way but the rest of the team decides to fight a 4 v 5 anyway, only to exclaim later, "____, wtf were you doing over there?!?" 

    Your MF clearly had a lack of map awareness, but it was ultimately you team's mistake to fight that 3 v 4. Your Galio should not have gone in and ulted, even if he succeeded in taunting 4 people. You and your jungle should have pulled back, warded, and pinged/all-cap "shouted" to grab MF's attention. If she continued to ignore you, then it is reportable (refusing to communicate with team).

    I feel your frustration but this is something that I do myself in these situations. I ask what I could have done better rather than how hard did that fool throw the game. It's the point of the article. After all, there's only so much you can do to influence your teammates' play.

    Last edited by ichigo2979: 9/1/2013 9:29:12 PM
  • #45 Pietrak89

    Abbadon was such a fun hero to play. Too bad the only thing close to him in LoL is Sion (with that shield mechanic).

  • #44 Kelarmz

    It's almost better to just say nothing at all. I'm pretty sure solo Q could piss off a Zen Buddhist monk, and everyone I've ever known or spoken to who plays solo Q ranked is in the same boat of frustration, regardless of whether they're good or bad at the game.  That frustration shows when you type and often escalates quickly even if you weren't trying to piss anyone off.

    Personally, I was stuck in gold for a fairly long time and I knew I didn't belong there.  Despite every cliche GD post where someone is complaining about elo hell and 28 circle-jerkers come in and tell him he's at exactly the rating he belongs, I knew I should be higher.  I've reached diamond league since then, and if I had to choose one thing over all others that helped my rating increase that much, I'd say it was that I simply stopped using chat.  I've made minor improvements to my play here and there, but certainly not like a thousand elo worth.  Not even close.  I was more or less as skilled then as I am now, give or take a couple hundred elo.

    Out of 10 ranked games, I probably say 4 or 5 lines of chat total, and otherwise just communicate with pings.  Not only does it prevent me from aggravating my teammates with rage-influenced comments (or worse, outright telling them that they are trash like I used to), but it helps me stay detached from any other faggotry that might be happening in chat and remain focused on my play and on the game.  I recommend it to anyone trying to climb the ladder.

    Last edited by Kelarmz: 8/31/2013 4:40:16 AM
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