Xin Zhao Versus Jarvan - Who is the Stronger Demacian?


Hello and welcome to A DIFFerent View. I am Dr Prant and today I will be starting what I plan to be a weekly post called Versus. In a Versus post I will be comparing two champions that I believe to be very similar, and finding out what advantages and disadvantages the two have over each other. In the end I hope it will help you decide when you should pick one champion over the other, if ever. In today's Versus post I will be analyzing the similarities and differences between Xin Zhao, the Seneschal of Demacia, and Jarvan IV, the Exemplar of Demacia. With older Xin nerfs and recent Jarvan buffs some would say that Jarvan is superior in every way. I am going to see if this is true, and if not at what points Xin may excel over Jarvan.

What Do Their Kits Offer?

To start lets look at what abilities they share with each other:

  • They both have a knockup.
  • They both have an AoE slow.
  • They both can deal physical damage based on a percentage of the enemies current health.
  • They both have attack speed steroids.
  • They both can gain extra armor.
  • They both have at least one gap closer.
  • They both can add more to their health pool (Xin’s passive, Jarvan’s shield).
  • They both are manly Demacian men who never back down.
Next we will see what Jarvan IV has to offer then Xin Zhao can't do:

  • Jarvan has a unique terrain creating ultimate that also is an additional gap closer.
  • Jarvan has percentage armor reduction.
  • Jarvan's knockup can hit multiple targets.
  • Jarvan can boost his allies armor and attack speed.
  • Jarvan has attack damage ratios on his abilities. (Xin's Q is miswritten in the tooltip as it is actually just stating that he deals his normal attack damage.)
  • Jarvan can use one of his gap closers without a target allowing him to escape with it.
And what Xin Zhao can offer:

  • Xin Zhao can lower his cooldowns.
  • Xin Zhao can gain additional magic resist.
  • Xin Zhao's attack speed steroid is almost double that of Jarvan's.
As we can see, Jarvan has a lot more to offer from his spells than Xin. Most notably almost everything Xin can do with his ultimate, Jarvan can do without his ultimate.
As for mana costs Xin's are much lower, Jarvan has scaling mana costs on 3 of his abilities which hurts him.
As for cooldown's Jarvan's are a few seconds lower, except Xin's ultimate is always lower and he has the ability to lower the cooldowns of all his spells except W.

Base Stats

Here we will look at each champion's base stats.

From this table we can see that:

  • Xin has more base health than Jarvan until level 9. Jarvan has 29 more at level 18.
  • They have the same health regen.
  • Jarvan always has higher base mana. With 184 more at level 18
  • Xin always has 0.6 higher base mana regen per 5 seconds.
  • They both have an interesting range of 175, the highest unaltered range of any melee along with Fizz, Nautilus, Wukong, and Hecarim.
  • Xin always has higher base AD than Jarvan. With a decreasing lead down to 1 attack damage at level 18.
  • Xin always has higher base attack speed than Jarvan. With an increasing lead with 0.13 attacks per second at level 18. Xin’s passive and active of W give more attack speed than Jarvan’s passive and active E.
  • Xin always has higher base armor than Jarvan. However Jarvan’s passive and active effects of E give him more armor.
  • They have the same base Magic Resist.
  • Xin has 5 higher base movement speed than Jarvan.

This comparison shows us that for every stat except health at 18 and mana Xin is either equal or or greater than Jarvan. The amount of health Jarvan has over Xin is minimal, and the mana is somewhat decent but really just makes up for the fact that Jarvan has higher costs on his spells. Now that we've seen these champions in their basic form, I am going to take the next step in comparing them.

Stats at Level 18 with Full Items, Runes, and Masteries

For this step I am going to assume both Xin and Jarvan are being played as junglers, as that seems to be the more frequent role they are seen in. I am going to use two guides from both written by Crumbzz. I will follow his runes and masteries because they are optimal for each champion specifically, however I must change the items to make this more equal. According to the guides some items are the same and I will keep them, but in the end I’ve decided to give these champions Wriggle’s Lantern, Mercury Treads, Randuin’s Omen, Frozen Mallet, Atma’s Impaler, and Maw of Malmortius. These items seem like they are efficient for a tanky dps jungler that wants to stay on the enemy carry.
Xin Zhao Guide
Jarvan IV Guide

Xin will be going 21-9-0. He will have attacks speed marks and quints, armor seals, and magic resist per level glyphs.

Jarvan will be going 9-21-0. He will have armor penetration marks, armor seals, flat magic resist glyphs, and attack damage quints.

None of their abilities will be active, but the passives of their skills will be accounted for.

As seen in the table the only advantages Xin would have over Jarvan in this scenario is 3% lifesteal, 10% critical strike damage, 6 magic resist, and some attack speed. All of these stats are minimal, and if you add in Xin’s W active and Jarvan’s E aura the result is that Xin will have 1.669 attack speed and Jarvan will have 1.253 attack speed and 281 armor.

In a full burst combo with Jarvan landing all of his spells and attacking the target 3 times he will deal 2156 damage along with 10% of the enemy’s current health. Xin Zhao doing the same will deal 1587 damage along with 15% of the enemy’s current health. This is due to the AD scalings that Jarvan has over Xin. Jarvan also has more armor pen due to runes and his Q.  After the combo Xin will attack 0.416 times more often than Jarvan approximately meaning that in 5 seconds he will attack 2 more times than Jarvan. This still does not give him the damage and utility that Jarvan has to offer. In late game Jarvan is almost completely superior.

Early Game Ganks

The last step I will go through is the early ganks of these champions, as that is very important as their role of a jungler. I will assess their damage and utility at levels 2-6 with just Boots of Speed, as after level 6 it is very likely that the champions have recalled and bought new items which would be completely dependent on their farm and successful ganks.

  • At level 2 Jarvan will gank with 141 bonus damage, 67 attack damage, 6% of their current health, a knockup, and attacking 0.832 times a second. Xin will gank with 111 bonus damage (not counting the damage of his autoattacks but still counting the bonus damage of 3 hits with Q on), 65 attack damage, a 20% slow, a knockup, and attacking .869 times a second.
  • At level 3 Jarvan will gank with 141 bonus damage, 70 attack damage, 6% of their current hp, a knockup, a 15% slow, and attacking 0.849 a second. Xin will gank with 111 bonus damage, 69 AD, a knockup, a 20% slow, and attacking 1.150 attack per second.
  • At level 4 Jarvan will gank with 186 bonus damage, 73 AD, 6% of their current hp, a knockup, a 15% slow, and attacking 0.865 times a second. Xin will gank with 154 bonus damage, 72 AD, a knockup, a 25% slow, and attacking 1.167 times a second.
  • At level 5 Jarvan will gank with 231 bonus damage, 77 AD, 6% of their current hp, a knockup, a 15% slow, and attacking 0.882 times a second. Xin will gank with 195 bonus damage, 76 AD, a knockup, a 30% slow, and attacking 1.184 times a second.
  • At level 6 Jarvan will gank with 446 bonus damage, 80 AD, 6% of their current hp, a knockup, a 15% slow, he will create terrian, and attack 0.898 times a second. Xin will gank with 320 bonus damage, 80 AD, 15% of the their current hp, a knockup, a 30% slow, and attacking 1.201 times a second.

This seems to show that Jarvan’s ganks are most likely worse (as his passive damage isn’t much damage to low hp targets) before level 6. Xin at level 2 has a slow that Jarvan doesn’t have, and at past levels he will more attack speed than Jarvan which at these early levels will equate to a lot more damage. However at level 6 Jarvan gains a very unique ability that greatly increases his damage and gives him an additional gap closer. At any point beyond 6 if Jarvan’s ultimate is up his ganks will probably be stronger than Xin’s ganks.


On average Jarvan is a more powerful champion than Xin. Xin’s greatest advantage over Jarvan is his superior attack speed steroid. Other than that Jarvan’s utility and scaling surpasses Xin. If one change had to be made to Xin Zhao to make him more powerful, it would be best if an AD ratio was added to his E, as right now an AP ratio is practically useless.
Thank you for reading.

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