In Depth: Urgot, the Headman's Pride


Hello and welcome to A DIFFerent View. Today I will be talking about Urgot, who has been a top pick or ban in recent tournaments. Urgot is known as an anti-carry that commonly goes bottom lane instead of an AD carry, but he can also be decent at mid or sometimes even top lane. In today's post I am going to explain why certain itemization may be optimal, as well as some tips for playing Urgot and when to pick him.


The Abilities

First let's take a look at Urgot's abilities one by one.

This is a very underestimated part of Urgot, and a huge part of why he is such a great anti-carry. With this passive Urgot becomes almost impossible to trade with in lane. If Urgot currently has 500 health, this passive will make the enemy have to deal about 588 damage after resistances to finish Urgot. An extra 88 health in a trade is more than an entire set of Health quintessences, and this is just in an early exchange (Urgot has more than 500 health starting at level 1). In late game teamfights cutting an enemy's damage by 15% can not only make Urgot harder to kill but his entire team will be safer.

This is Urgot's main skill. It does high damage, and almost replaces his autoattacks. Now even though Urgot has a pretty poor range (425), make sure you are still attacking with him if you are in range to do so, as you're building damage items and therefore your autoattacks are a large addition in damage. This skill however makes up for Urgot's subpar range. Combined with his E he can lock onto targets from over 1000 range. An important thing to note about this ability is that its AD ratio scales off his total attack damage, and not his bonus damage. With Urgot's rather high base attack damage for a range champion, this basically makes the base damage on this spell much higher, which make armor penetration a good stat to have on him. It will likely be maxed first on Urgot

A self shield continually adds to Urgot's health pool throughout a fight. This combined with his passive makes items that focus on resistances over health very effective. Throughout the history of this game, champions with spam-able shields prove to be exceptionally strong; Janna, Lee Sin, Nautilus, Riven, and Udyr are just a handful of examples. Abilities like these can easily prevent a thousand or more damage in a fight, and even if they don't end up shielding damage, they can also deter the enemy from wanting to deal damage in the first place. The other important part of the ability is the slow. Even a 20% slow is useful and can make Urgot hard to escape from and to chase after. A good strategy in the laning phase if you're within autoattack range is to press W, and then autoattack the enemy so they are slowed, making is much easier to land an E and follow up with Qs and autoattacks. It will likely be maxed second on Urgot.

This is Urgot's spell that can make or break trades and teamfights depending on how well he can land it. If an Urgot with a Brutalizer lands this on an AD carry without any armor beyond armor seals he can usually bring them down to less than 50% health, making the next time he lands it fatal. It deals decent damage on its own, and it also has percentage armor reduction, a very valuable utility in the current League of Legends metagame where physical damage output is usually higher than magic damage on the average team. It is usually maxed last on Urgot, however it usually is taken at level 2 to combo with his Q. 

The true terror of Urgot's skill set. Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser is a very unique ability that also adds to Urgot's great anti-carry potential. It's a one second suppression, a swap, and then a 3 second slow all in one spell. I think my favorite part about the spell is that the suppression is only 1 second long, if it was longer, the enemy would have a greater chance to disrupt it with disables, but 1 second is just long enough for everybody to try to stop it and waste their spells on the tanky Urgot with a bonus 60/90/120 armor and magic resist. It is also one of the few spells in the game that increases range with rank in it, along with Kog'Maw's and Nocturne's ultimate. 

Runes and Masteries

Now there are a few good options for runes and masteries on Urgot. I think the following mastery page is most optimal however:

Obviously if you aren't taking a summoner spell affected by Summoner's Wrath, you should probably take a point in Butcher instead. As for these masteries they offer things Urgot could use and skips over stats he wouldn't benefit too well from. It is pretty similar to a normal AD carry in the Offense tree, but instead of taking 10% critical strike damage and 3% lifesteal, I've opted for taking 4% cooldown reduction as it's such a great stat for Urgot. Also with certain runes and items, this 4% gives him just about 40% CDR, which is the maximum amount a champion can have. The only mastery that isn't too beneficial to Urgot is the attack speed, but it's still somewhat useful and is necessary to get the very useful 10% armor pen. The 9 points in Utility is just a preference I have. It gives the reduced time on flash, which I think is very necessary as Urgot's Flash ultimate combo, the bonus mana and mana regeneration is nice as Urgot uses a lot of mana. The reduced recall time and increased buff duration is just a little bonus, taking reduced minion damage in Defense could be useful instead, or of course if you are taking Heal or Cleanse taking Summoner's Resolve can be very useful. 

As for runes there are a few options. I think armor penetration marks and quintessences are a great option because of the high base damage on his Q when you account that it takes the ratio of his entire AD, not just the bonus AD. Armor seals are pretty much a must unless you are mid, armor seals are just really the best option for bottom lane in general. Glyphs has an interesting option however. There is the option of Magic Resist but another common rune is cooldown reduction. Magic Resist is a really strong option against champions like Corki or Tristana with a high amount of magic damage burst, but Cooldown Reduction Glyphs give just about 6%, which combined with the 4% from masteries, the 10% from Brutalizer, and the 20% from a Frozen Heart will give 40%. I suggest if you really want to play Urgot to have two different rune pages. If you feel like you need the bonus Magic Resist you can take it, also if you're laning with Soraka who gives a nice 16 MR you can probably take CDR glyphs. 


Next I will talk about some of the viable item options on Urgot. Even though Urgot has physical damage scaling, cooldown reduction seems to be a much more viable option for him as it lets him Q more times in the duration of an E, lets him E more often, lets him shield more often, and lets him ult more often. Basically, Urgot seems to be much more dependent on his spells than his autoattacks, this is due to the combination of having a low range and awesome spells.

Doran's Blade: This item helps with trading for most AD carries, but Urgot is already a master of trading. I would only suggest this item if you feel you need the health pool addition against bursty enemy carries (once again, Corki and Tristana). 

Mercury Treads/Ninja Tabi: These are the only two boots I would build on Urgot. Mercury Treads are especially useful because even a silence can take away a lot of Urgot's damage output. Ionian Boots of Lucidity are unnecessary as Urgot already has plenty of other options for CDR, and Berserker's Greaves are suboptimal as Urgot has short range on his attacks. 

The Brutalizer: This is a great option for Urgot, it gives the three stats Urgot loves the most, CDR, AD, and Armor pen. Unfortunately Youmuu's Ghostblade doesn't really give anything that Urgot would like too much. But Urgot has plenty of high cost item options that can delay the option of upgrading The Brutalizer, if it really comes down to it I think selling it for another item could be more beneficial. 

Manamune: This item used to almost always be built on Urgot, and then people realized it isn't too necessary. I think in bottom lane it isn't too useful, but in mid or top lane Urgot it can have its benefits. In a 2v2 bottom lane you can usually take out an enemy without expending too many resources, meaning the mana isn't too necessary. But in a 1v1 lane the enemy may have greater sustain or bulkyness and will require more mana to finish off over a longer period of time, in this scenario Manamune could be useful. 

Frozen Heart: This item just makes Urgot an even greater anti-carry. An attack speed slow is basically the one thing Urgot is missing from his kit to make him the perfect anti-carry. Not to mention the high armor allows him to tank a lot of damage. The mana pool and CDR are also very beneficial. 

Last Whisper: This is a very important item on Urgot in my opinion. The 40% armor pen combined with the mastery and Urgot's E make the enemy team's armor stacking almost useless. Smarter players would build a high health pool, as soon as you see enemies stacking armor, I suggest you start building this item. 

Trinity Force: The only issue with this item is Urgot's somewhat low range. But this item should not be overlooked, with Urgot's low cooldown Q and a slow to keep the enemy close to him, he can gain a huge damage increase from building it. I suggest you have items that make you tankier before building Trinity Force, so you can stand close to targets while surviving a long time. 

Guardian Angel: This item combined with Frozen Heart makes Urgot almost impossible to kill. I would build this item if your team has plenty of sources of damage. It allows you to use your ultimate on anybody almost whenever you want without having to worry about anything. Combined with his W he can come back to life and often live or even clean up a fight. It has great synergy with Urgot, but isn't always necessary after a Frozen Heart. 

Maw of Malmortius: I think this has become Urgot's best Magic Resist option. With his tankyness and W he can stay at low health for a good period of time allowing him to benefit from the bonus AD. The magic damage shield is always nice and can come as a surprise to people that don't pay attention to items. 

The Bloodthirster: This as an alright option on Urgot, this may be something to combine with Guardian Angel. The ability to have +100 AD is nice, and the lifesteal is okay, but not really necessary because of Urgot damage reduction and shielding. Still, it can be very useful in some scenarios, especially if the enemy is low on CC so you can continue to deal damage and lifesteal. 

Warmog's Armor: I don't really feel a health item is necessary on Urgot, but maybe if the enemy is very high on true damage and you really needed it, I think Warmog's Armor will be the best option. It can make you very tanky after just one teamfight and make people just want to avoid damaging you entirely. 

Shurelia's Reverie: This item is alright on Urgot, the problem is with Brutalizer and Frozen Heart he already has a good amount of cooldown reduction. But perhaps if you sell your Brutalizer this could be a good replacement option. Using the active can let you catch up to people and ult them. 


There are a few good tricks to use on Urgot. First of all try not to pick him if your team doesn't have another decent source of physical damage. If you have a tank jungler and top laner, Urgot may not be your best option. His job is to be an anti-carry so it is probably best to have a carry on your team. That can be anywhere from having another ranged carry to even having a melee such as Jax. Urgot has proven to be very strong at the moment, if balances where to be made to him I would suggest nerfs to his ultimate, such as a longer cooldown or getting rid of the range per level. A further step would be reworking his Q to not scale off his entire AD and rather just bonus AD, they could increase the ratio or base damage to compensate for this, but it would make players need to build more damage on Urgot rather than some armor pen and then having a high base damage. Thank you for reading.



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