Player Mentalities

 Hey guys! Feeling a bit under the weather today so I'm going to ease up on the mathy posts and bring you. Player Mentalities!


 These are traps that your mind can fall into as a player. Most of these are negative and you should avoid them, they only hinder your ability to improve.


Usually used as an excuse of the player, they only died because the enemy had some lucky play. Don't do this! unless your enemy crit you with 2% crit chance, or wriggles procced to steal baron it wasn't luck. Give your enemy some credit, they hit that skillshot, instead of calling it luck. Think that they WILL hit the skillshot if you are where they can hit it, instead move behind minions, or getting better are dodging and predicting where he will cast. You will actually improve your play, and you won't look like an crying 12 year old!


This can cover a lot of things, but is mostly used at lower play for Doran's. For some reason people here have 2 preconceived ideas. Doran's are good to stack as many as possible (3+) or never get them at all because they don't build into anything and you just sell them later. Both of these are false. Doran's are worth it in item efficiency, even if you sell them later, and are once of the most cost efficient items in the game. providing an extreme early game advantage. However once you have a couple you don't want to purchase any more, they are delaying your core item build.

Giving up

Now most people know that giving up is a bad idea, yet SO MANY people still do it. gg Evelynn, gg first blood etc. Do not give up. Ever. Until your nexus dies the game isn't over. Most of us have seen the youtube videos of aceing them with 500hp or less on the nexus and turning around the win. I have personally won games 3v5, with jungle Corki and jungle Cassiopeia, Ranked. If you outplay your opponent you can win in these situation. We are humans, we make mistakes. but even 3v5 if you make very very few mistakes while consistently punishing the enemies. you can win.

Elo Hell

It is a thing, to an extent. To put it simply, a player is not 1 exact Elo number. they are a range, some wider range then others. This is mostly based on your skill variance between champions etc. A play might be 1400-1600, depending on a lot of factors. They might play their best champs all the time and ride near 1600 or play whatever champ they feel like. Elo hell is the lower end of this range, you are comparatively better to most people at this, but it is part of your Elo range and you can find it hard to get out of. because you do belong there. Now saying you get trolls or leavers every game has been debunked countless times. 5 enemy chances, 4 on your own. the enemy will get trolls more then you will. The ONLY constant force between all your games, is yourself. Until you have played 100+ ranked games don't think your Elo is incredibly accurate. After that point, you most likely belong fairly close to where you are.


Now, let's set Eve aside here, because she is the only champ i feel is truly unviable at all. This is intentional, If you play Eve, you are pretty much saying, I'm not even going to try to play to win this game. But as for pretty much every other champion in the game. they are all viable. Unless you are at a tournament level of play, you can play basically any champ you want and do well if you are good enough. Spamhappy, Scarra, TiensiNoAkuma. Countless others, have shown characters who are "unviable" if played well can do just as well as any other champion, Katarina, Poppy, Kayle, Twitch. 90% of this game is player skill. Under gold level you can out cs your lane opponent massively if you can cs remotely close to top level play. this effectively nets you extra items etc. If you have 1 item and i have 2, it pretty much doesn't matter what champ I'm playing because I'm simply stronger then you. There are countless other examples here. If you love a champion, get good with them, don't care what people say. SHOW them how good the champ can be in the right hands. This is coming from a guy who loves and mains Katarina ;P  <3 Tiensi for introducing me to Kat through your videos.

Conversely if you think everything is OP and uncounterable, your pretty much dead wrong. Think about what you can do in the situation to outplay your opponent and win. don't just say its OP and give up that the game is imbalanced. It's not. Riot has done the best balancing of a PvP game i have ever seen, nothing else even comes close in my mind. So props to them for being badasses ;D


Don't do these! When I see people thinking like this ingame it's just sad, and makes me think they are either trolls or lack the mental capacity to think things through. If you actually think most of these through a little bit, it's pretty clear they are bad to do. So don't do them!! Also, stop yelling at me when I pick Kat mid, she's my favorite champion ok?

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