How much RP does it take to "buy" League of Legends?

 Welcome back to another edition of A DIFFerent View!  Since our dedicated blogging team has put out so much informative content this week, I thought that we might step back for a day and go over some more lighthearted math – When you buy Riot Points, what amount should you buy in?  And more importantly, how much money does it take to buy all of the content available in the game? Below is a chart that gives the amount of RP you get for each relevant purchase, in all amounts available for purchase.


What is the USD:RP Conversion Rate? 

As you can see, most of the RP purchase costs give pretty good deals, ranging from 130 to 144 RP per dollar that you spend on purchases; however, one number seemingly jumps out as out of place.  If you only spend 5 dollars to buy RP, you lose out on a lot of “bonus RP”.  

When you buy $5, you get 650 RP at 130 RP per dollar, but when you double the amount that you spend, this jumps up to 138 RP/dollar.  This is an 8 RP/$ difference; when you jump up to a $50 RP purchase, the efficiency of your purchase only increases by 6 RP/$.

When you buy at a price point that is NOT a $5 online purchase, you are generally getting your money’s worth of RP, because you don’t get too much of a bonus from buying RP in bulk.  Note that when you increase your purchase from $20 to $25, you do not gain any efficiency from buying RP.  This is because physical copies of Riot Cards that you can buy in stores only come in $10 and $25 amounts; if you were to buy $25 of RP online, you would only lose 50 RP compared to buying it in stores.

It has also become clear to me in the last few months that nobody actually reads any content in between the introduction and the conclusion, so I have added a few inflammatory comments on purpose into my conclusion to raise pitchforks on reddit.


How much do skins and champions cost in real money?

Using the metric that most skins cost 260, 487, 520, 975, or 1820 RP, double bundles cost and assuming the value of 1$ is 140 RP, skins cost the following amount in real money:

*calculations using 1:140 USD:RP conversion rate.  

Other numbers:

  • To buy every skin currently available in the game as of today (April 26), you will need to spend 248,950 RP or $1778.21.
  • To buy every champion currently available in the game, you will need to spend 61390 RP or $438.50.  This figure considers that you are buying the Digital Collector’s Pack and the Champion’s Bundle.
  • To buy a 520 RP skin for every champion in the game you need to spend 50440 RP or $360.29.
  • To buy a 975 RP skin for every champion in the game you need to spend 94575.54 or $675.54.

And yeah, if you only buy skins that are on sale, you can stretch your RP a long way.  If you buy $10 in RP, you can get 5 decent skins for 50% off or 2.5 “nice” 975 RP skins when they are on sale.  Honestly, it confuses me when I see people that have spent $500+ dollars on LoL when you could realistically have a skin for each champ for under $300.  For example, I have skins for 18 champions while having only spent $30 RP in total over 2 years.  I use the metric of 1 dollar = 140 RP because most people do not purchase Riot Points in $50 packages.

One other point that I would like to “debunk” in closing is that generally quoted prices for a legendary skin and for a champion if you buy them in RP are $20 and $10 respectively.  As seen above, these estimates are almost 50% above the true prices if bought with RP.


You get ripped off when you buy $5 RP, but the other Riot Point packages are decent deals as long as you are purchasing the exact number of Riot Points that you want or need.  Skins aren’t really that expensive when you buy them on sale, and if you’ve spent over half a G on this game, you need to seriously reconsider your spending habits.  That is more than enough to buy a skin for every champion in the game, and you should consider instead looking for bargain times to buy skins.  Just buy during sales and before long, you will have every skin and champion that you would ever want for a lower price.  It takes $2216.71 USD to buy every single skin and champion currently available in the game at full price.

TL;DR: IT TAKES $2216.71 TO BUY THE WORLD.  (But buy skins on sale)

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post!   Please comment below or on reddit.

 -- VVinrar

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  • #7 BarlowBrad

    Question for your next maths blog... How much would it cost to buy just the 6300 IP champs with RP at 50% off, and how much time would it take to buy all of the other champs with IP? (assume 300-500 IP per day?)

  • #8 angrymandinners

    Quote from BarlowBrad »

    Question for your next maths blog... How much would it cost to buy just the 6300 IP champs with RP at 50% off, and how much time would it take to buy all of the other champs with IP? (assume 300-500 IP per day?)

    31 6300 champs, 487 each, thats 15,097 RP.  3500 RP for $25, so that's $107.84 for the 6300 champions.  Probably take you half a year at least before they all go on sale.

    9 450 champs=4070IP, 22 1350 champs=29700, 25 3150 champs = 78,750, 10 4800 champs=48,000 total=160,520.  500 IP per day takes 321 days. 

    In the meantime, 22 new 6300 champs will come out.

    Last edited by angrymandinners: 4/28/2012 6:57:21 PM
  • #6 Toruk_maxto

    Believe me or not just a few days earlier we were discussing this question with my friend "how much it could cost to buy all with real money" . Sir you are awsome...

  • #4 Ender117

    Well whoops dropped 1k :(

  • #3 angrymandinners
    Rune pages.
  • #2 Runepriest1

    Some of us actually do read the whole thing, y'know

  • #1 Instalocked

    Spending 500$ on this game isn't really that bad. I've played about 1500 games of League of Legends in total, counting ranked, normal, dominion, etc. Lets say each game was about 35 minutes long, I've played about 875 hours of League of Legends in total. Console games typically cost around 60-70$ with tax sometimes around 50$. If you are lucky you will get maybe 30 hours per console game. If you only bought 50$ console games you could buy 10 games, and if you played each game for 30 hours that would only get you 300 hours worth of entertainment. Movie tickets where I live cost around 13$ per ticket so I could see about 39 movies for 500$, if each movie was about an hour and a half long that would be about 58.5 hours worth of entertainment. So really spending 500$ on a game I've spent this much time playing really is not a big deal.

    Buy skins and champions on sale though, eventually the skins and champions you want do come on sale and to save 50% off is worth the wait. I buy the skins and champions I like whenever they are on sale and I have gotten to the point where I almost have a skin for every champion. Be patient and eventually you will have the skins you like! :)

  • #5 Kalaradin

    Or you could compare it to MMOs and the price is a horrible deal.  Pretty much every released MMO has had many, many times more content than LoL does.  Those games charge $15 a month and you get every bit of content the game has to offer.  At the price of 2216.71 ( which doesn't include runepages, or ip boosts or any of that ) it would take 147 months of the fee or 12.3 YEARS of the typical MMO monthly charge to cost the same amount.  A game like world of warcraft, which in content terms is HUGE compared to LoL whether you personally like the game or not, won't have been out for 12 years until the year 2016 and you could have played every month since release for that price.

    Personally I think the CFO and marketing people at Riot aren't very in tune with consumers.  They are more like the music and tv industry that think every song should cost $5 each and that every tv episode should be $10 each.  Meanwhile there is Apple who fought against the industry for $1 songs and have over 16 billion downloaded songs.  People will throw away $1 like nothing, but paying $7 for a single champion of content is far less of an impulse purchase, and there are many people that won't pay that and even quit playing on principal when there are plenty of other games out there to play that price for content is a better deal.  If you could pay $80 and get 80 champions far far more people would do it, which would lead to far more people playing the game. It is also still 6 months worth of an MMO, and they could still charge a bit more for skins to keep them as something people use to customize.  But even the skins I think should be made half the price they are now across the board.  And with those changes Riot would make at least the same if not more money (given all the people who have never spent a dime on the game because of the high prices) and would have an even larger customer base.

  • #9 sokkyoku

    Except an MMO isn't at all the same gameplay or even game style as LoL. You won't find as much action and different playable classes in any MMO than in LoL. You could almost consider each champion as a unique class in LoL.

    You are comparing the uncomparable, it's like saying "That car's way too expensive, i'll just buy a toaster, it's cheaper."

    And yes it is expensive, and they probably could lower their prices, but they won't, because they probably wouldn't make as much or more money as you say.

    As for your refferal to Apple, i'm having a hard time figuring out why Apple comes in here, looks like a Godwin point rising to me x)

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