Blog 2-Pack: AD Carry-Support Synergy + Jungle Karma Jukes


Welcome back to another edition of A DIFFerent View! For my super duper special Sunday post, I've decided to combine 2 content thingies together because either of them alone did not justify having their own seperate post.  So, without further ado, I present:

1. Ever wondered which supports are better for a particular AD carry?  Look no further, I've designed a nice picture for you!

2. Watch TheBirdOfPrey from the ADV blog get juked by a pretty beast 50 HP jungle Karma for almost a full minute.

Support-Carry Synergy

<pre>Legend:</pre> <pre>Grey = Zero to little synergy.</pre> <pre>Yellow = The support and carry have some synergy with each other.</pre> <pre>Green = This is a very good combination.</pre>

I have consulted pro guides and about a dozen gold-level players to create this graphic, so it should be relatively accurate.  Keep in mind that when you pick a support and a carry for bottom lane, you are not just picking for synergy but also for lane/team counterpicking.  The above graphic only shows part of the picking process.

Explanation for some matchups:

Alistar -As a support with relatively weak sustain compared to other supports, Alistar is strongest as a kill lane.  Because of this, he is given strong synergy with kill carries such as MF, Vayne, and Graves.  Given either the long range or playstyle of Ashe, Caitlyn, and Kog'Maw, he does not have the zoning power necessary to justify giving him lane synergy with these champions.  Champions given yellow squares when partnered with Alistar have them because they have some followup damage to Alistar's combination, but not as strong as champions in green.

Janna - The only champion that Janna does not synergize with is Tristana because of conflicting aggressive/poke playstyles.  All champions with green have some sort of skill or playstyle that is greatly enhanced by the damage given by Janna's shield, while others that have yellow squares are too vulnerable to damage due to their short ranges; they will easily be poked down while Janna's skills are on cooldown.

Leona -  Similar to Alistar, Leona has weak sustain and is only strong as a kill lane.  Because of this, most AD carries are either hit-or-miss with synergy.  Vayne recieves a yellow square because she may not necessarily be able to followup Leona's combo with strong damage, while every green square has strong followup punish damage whenever Leona pulls off a combo in lane.

Nunu - Nunu's Blood Boil allows him to have strong synergy with those champions that rely on aggressive poking and trades, as well as to boost the mobility of those champions with weaker laning phases (Vayne, Ashe).

Sona - Sona's passive auras helps poke-based champions such as Caitlyn and Sivir, as well as providing all-around bonuses in terms of trades.  While she does help the damage of Ezreal, a poke-based champion, his scaling is not that great at early levels without items.  At the same time, she does not provide enough sustain or heavy damage to justify synergy with Tristana and Kog'Maw.

Soraka - As a sustain-only champion, Soraka can only inturrupt trades with her silence and heal her carry.  Because of this, she has weaker synergy with kill champions like Tristana and Ezreal; however, she excels with weak laners (Ashe, Vayne) as well as heavy harassers such as Urgot and Graves.

Taric - Taric is a mana hungry champion that doesn't have the greatest sustain in the world.  His aggressive play leads him to have no synergy with Ashe and Kog'Maw while giving heavy synergy to champions like Miss Fortune and Sivir.

Definitely Not Big Plays

Unfortunately, we only had the replay from Galio's team available for that match.

TL;DR: If this was too long to read, there is probably something wrong with your attention span.

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post!   Please comment below or on reddit.
 -- VVinrar

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