Runes to Win: Why you should buy Avarice (GP10) Runes

In ranked solo queue, it’s rare that you’ll find someone who volunteers to play support.  It’s even rarer to find a dedicated support player who absolutely knows what they are doing.  But even without “knowing” what you are doing, there is one way to cheat your Elo and automatically make yourself a better support player: Avarice runes.  After reading this post, I want you to consider making a 5235 IP investment in avarice runes; for less than the cost of a champion, you will be able to outplay your support counterpart and make more gold than them without even trying.  Supports don’t necessarily carry games, but they do carry lanes.  With avarice runes, you WILL carry your lane.


For most calculations below, I am assuming that the standard build order is Faerie Charm/4 Wards with 15g to start (1pt in greed).  For the calculations without GP5 masteries, the start is Faerie Charm/3 Wards/HP potion with 35g to start.  All calculations are assuming no extra gold from dragons, towers, kills, or assists.  In addition, I am assuming that items are purchased as soon as the support as the gold available to buy those items.  I am aware that build orders vary between different supports and that many people get Heart of Gold before boots as well as Kage’s Lucky Pick; however, I will be using the following build as a comparison:

  • Purchase #1: Rush Philosopher’s Stone
  • Purchase #2: Boots + 2 Wards
  • Purchase #3: Heart of Gold
  • Purchase #4: Oracle + Ward
  • Purchase #5: Kindlegem + 2 Wards
  • Purchase #6: Shurelya's Reverie + Ward


In the above table, I have listed a series of game times at which you can expect to buy the items listed in the assumptions using different combinations of GP10 masteries and runes.  As shown, even a slight difference in starting gold generation makes a giant difference in the speed you will be able to buy your early and mid game items.  The item targets/times listed in the bottom half of the chart may not be accurate because it is likely that you will exit the laning phase or get objective/assist gold before most of those times.

Passive gold generation is a snowballing effect.  The more you have to start the game, the faster you reach your mid game; the further ahead you get from an opponent with no GP10, the greater of an advantage you have.  Assuming both supports are strictly following the build listed above, that means the ability to gain an oracles more than 5 minutes faster than your counterpart with no runes, which ensures mid-game domination for your team.  Although the gold gain from GP10 arguably drops off after mid-game, this should not be a problem for you because your primary source of gold should now be from teamfight assists and objective gold

Looking at gold generation from a different perspective, if you have all of the avarice runes and masteries and your opponent only has masteries, it is not difficult to keep up with your opponent with items.  By the time the mastery-only support has purchased a Philosopher's Stone, the support with runes will have the ability to buy a Philosopher's Stone, a pink ward, and 2 green wards, with all of this gold coming ONLY from passive gold generation.  This will allow you to gain a giant advantage over your counterpart during the laning phase because you will be able to provide superior ward vision to your carry while denying the enemy vision of bushes and the river.  In other words, you will win your lane without doing anything above your normal ability level just because you have a greater arsenal of gold and wards at your disposal.

With all things, nothing is free.  To pick up these runes, you are sacrificing survivability or damage in your quints and seals.  Your very early game may suffer in trades, but it is worth it, especially since supports shouldn't be the primary champion taking damage in a duo lane.  But the loss in power runes is made up for with passive gold generation since you will be able to pull ahead of your support counterpart within 7 minutes.

Conclusion and Opinions

Buy avarice runes.  The next time you decide to buy a 6300 IP champion that you may play half a dozen times, think about this: avarice runes only cost 5235 IP and come at the benefit of swinging the game to your favor in 20% of your ranked games.  With the benefit of farming a philosopher’s stone 3 minutes faster than someone without GP10, it’s a no-brainer to buy these things.  It’ll turn you from “dat useless noob support” into a support god(dess).

If my table and explanation above didn’t convince you to buy GP10 runes, think about it this way: an extra 7.25 GP10 at the start of the game will net you 175 gold every 4 minutes.  That means even if you are losing your lane, the enemy support has to assist a kill every 4 minutes just to keep up with your gold generation at the beginning of the game.

TL;DR: Buy GP10 runes; using them as support as an easy way to blast out of Elo hell.

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-- VVinrar

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I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post!



  • #18 EchoOfNoise

    pictures are broken :(

  • #17 Rhakzor

    I'd say it's better to run armor seals in a kill lane, but in a passive lane as corki+soraka, gp10 seals is indeed strong. GP10 quints is the way to go anyday !

  • #16 YouGotTheTouch

    I think you forgot to deduct 180g from the cost of the Philosopher's Stone - you already spent it on the Faerie Charm.  It doesn't make huge changes to the general point you're making - there is still a difference of more than 6 minutes between 'Masteries Only' and 'Masteries/Seals/Quints' when you get Shurelya's - but it does change a lot of the early timings.  With just the masteries, for example, you can afford the Philosopher's Stone at 8:13, and it's 6:29 with seals and quints.

    That difference may be enough for you to think that, actually, it's worth sacrificing some of that GP10.  With 3 GP10 quints and 9 armor seals, for example, you lose less than 2:30 by the time you buy Shurelya's (and less than 40 seconds when buying Philo Stone) compared to the full GP10 setup, but you gain 12.69 armor in the lane.

    Last edited by YouGotTheTouch: 6/21/2012 5:25:16 AM
  • #15 Sub_Salac

    Avarice runes are amazing, but not so much on supports. I follow what GoSu Pepper does on supports: Make them as tanky as possible and play suicidally agressive. Nothing beats the gold generation which results from raping bot lane, getting assists, and as a result, taking dragon with your jungler. What achieves this? Usually Armor Reds and Yellows, MR blues and flat Health quints. Avarice runes are amazing good on mid lane however, in the new meta we see flourishing. Rush 3 gp5's mid with avarice runes while farming every fucking wave morgana/sion/ap kogmaw style, and carry hard after the gold starts snowballing in.

  • #14 Moyuba

    I registered an account just to say I think this article is hugely pointless. all it tells you is that gp10 runes give you more gold, which i'm pretty confident in saying, everyone already knew. you don't take into account all of the survivabilty you're missing out on from not having armour seals and hp or armour quints. as a support going you're going to be heading to bottom lane, where the main source of damage you will be facing is attack damage. coming to lane with an extra 26 armour or 13 armour and 78 hp at level one is huge.

  • #13 FinalValkyrie

    I run the quints, but you REALLY need the Armor Seals to survive in lane, especially on non-tank supports like Sona and Janna.

    Being bursted down in lane is frustrating, and the extra 2.25gp10 probably is not worth it.

  • #12 jorijn94

    Sended this to couple of friends who hate to play support but are still like allright I buy them really nice calculating!


  • #10 ziptofaf

    Generally speaking, I can't say that gp10 runes are THAT good and it's generally good to have more than 1 runepage prepared beforehand if you are dedicated support player. For example, having very defense-based (red and yellow for armor, blue with mr/level, quints with hp) runepage may be the best choice versus kill bot lanes like Leona or Blitzcrank as enemy support. Generally speaking, champs like them need to have a bit of snowballing effect to be truly effective and by denying them ability to kill us we still win the lane. Sometimes we may also want to maximize our damage output, especially when it's our lane that is supposed to be much stronger in early game and then we may use some mana regen and maybe even a bit of AP. GP10 is definitely the better choice for more passive lanes though. All things considered, it's generally best to have diversity and use your brain when choosing correct runepage/masteries/support champ to make the best out of it.

  • #9 A2ZOMG

    Yeah, Avarice Runes are broken.  As a support mainer, I feel they should remove Avarice Seals, because they polarize the support metagame in a bad way by reducing viable options.

  • #8 Asalas77

    Are GP10 runes vaible for top lane ?

  • #4 guptee

    I play support fairly often, but other than soraka, almost all other supports can have more useful seals than avarice. Without much armor, you cant really trade with the opponent and lost out small skirmishes. So there is a good chance that you can lose your lane if you go with gold seals. 

    IMO its beneficial to go avarice quints but then armor reds and yellows better to trade with the ad and zone him out while your own ad farms 

  • #5 VVinrar

    I find that quints+seals are effective on sustain supports such as Soraka and Janna, but it is better to run only quints on aggressive supports like taric/leona.

  • #6 sigurdboe

    You buy armor reds! No need for arpen or mpen red for supports.

  • #11 guptee

    yeah i said i get armor reds regardless of the support 

  • #3 ISharpenPencils

    I'm jealous that you got to play with shurelia :3

    Good post, I enjoyed the read.

  • #1 xxqwerty

    I think you've proved the value of gp10 runes, but some people have to account for the fact that they would have to buy an extra rune page for a support page. That would add another 6300 ip to the cost, bringing it up to 11535 ip.

  • #2 hugomann

    Honestly, if you enjoy playing support at all it is most definitely worth it. The best way I can describe the feel of playing with a boatload of GP10 runes is you go from needing a bit more gold to buy items to having gold leftover after getting what you really wanted to buy and then even more wards.

    The support rune page is pretty generic to begin with so it's worth having. You can pretty easily come up with a support page that will fit most or all support champs. With supports being 1/5th of every game, why wouldn't you have a page dedicated to that?

    Last edited by hugomann: 5/27/2012 2:15:18 PM
  • #7 sigurdboe

    A good investment is too buy the runepage bundle for RP. I know everybody dont buy RP, but it helped me out alot because I play alot of roles, with different rune-pages.

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