Truths, Lies, and Ninjas: A League of Legends Brain Teaser

Truths, Lies, and Ninjas: A League of Legends Brain Teaser, by VVinrar

I am giving away $10 RP for either the first or best explanation (depending on what I get for answers).  A winner will be announced Thursday, June 28.  I'm currently overseas and I can't send out a prize immediately, but I will do it within the next few weeks when I have access to an RP card.

When A DIFFerent View first started, DiffTheEnder didn't want this to be a straight theorycrafting blog.  He was more interested in doing "fun" blogs such as mythbusters-style posts, the occasional mathcraft, and of course...the brain teaser.  Unfortunately for Diff, the mathcrafting was the only part of the blog that resonated with the viewers, so we got stuck with with doing that; however, I'll be temporarily bringing back the tradition of brain teasing in today's post.  

Hidden within the sh*tty LoL fanfiction below is a teaser which you must solve to win a prize of $10 RP.  Good luck, and no cheating! 

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The Brain Teaser/Background

Following a breakdown in negotiations between Noxus and Demacia, the temporary cease-fire that the two city-states had agreed upon was broken when Noxus sent a small crack team of soldiers led by Emilia Leblanc of the Black Rose to pillage the countryside of Valoran.  After some local farmers reported that their homes had been burned by the Noxian forces, Jarvan III decided to send out an expedition to confront Leblanc. In front of the king, both Garen Crownguard and Crown Prince Jarvan Lightshield the Fourth volunteered to lead the force to defeat the Noxian forces and capture Leblanc for judgment.  The king could not deny the request of either champion due to the deeds of valor that both had accomplished recently, so he sent both to defeat Leblanc in a joint expedition.  After exploring the countryside for several hours, the Demacian forces discovered Leblanc's forces waiting for them.  In the ensuing battle, all of the Noxian and Demacian troops involved were either killed or incapacitated, including the three champions themselves.

Fortunately for the Demacians, an Ionian relief force showed up shortly after the conclusion of the battle. Coincidentially, three ninja medics were part of this group: Surgeon Shen, Nurse Akali, and Kennen M.D.  They were able to distinguish who the three wounded commanders were by their armor, but due to lack of medical supplies they could not positively identify any of them.  As a result, the three were laid side by side for questioning from the ninjas. It was determined that the best course of action was to imprison Leblanc for her crimes, return Garen to Demacia, and take Jarvan IV back to Ionia so that Soraka could examine to see if Leblanc had infiltrated his mind.  

The Challenge/What To Do

Due to some obscure Kinkou rules, the three ninjas are only allowed to ask three yes/no questions to their wounded: one each for Shen, Akali, and Kennen.  The questions must be able to be definitively answered, so they cannot ask anything that might result in a "maybe" answer.  They can only ask each question to one person, so if the ninjas ask the same question to more than one champion, it will count as multiple questions.

Each of the wounded commanders (Garen, Leblanc, and Jarvan IV) knows the identity of the other two wounded, but due to the known lying habits of Leblanc and the unknown state of Jarvan's mind, the medics cannot take any of their claims in regards to the identities of the others in good faith.  The only thing that the ninjas know is that Garen will always tell the truth, Leblanc will always lie, and Jarvan's answers cannot be trusted - he can either lie or tell the truth.

Your goal to solve this brain teaser is to help the ninjas identify the three yes/no questions to be asked to the three wounded champions and who they will ask them to.  You do not have to identify the champions, only the questions asked and who they will be addressed to.  It is a good idea to explain your answer in a way it can be understood clearly.

TL;DR: Solve teaser, win RP.

Clarification/Emphasis based on some of the answers I've been seeing: You do not know who each person is.  Only Garen/Jarvan/Leblanc know the true identities of each other.


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Disclaimer: If there's a smart-ass way of solving this with 1/2 questions that I somehow forgot to limit in the rules, I won't count that answer.



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