Winner of the "Truth, Lies and Ninjas" Brain Teaser

Winner of the "Truth, Lies and Ninjas" Brain Teaser

Last Thursday, I posted a teaser called "Truth, Lies, and Ninjas".  The situation was that there were three wounded champions, each of which knew who the other two were; the objective was to find a way to ask three yes/no questions so that you could ascertain the identity of each person.  The difficult part of the puzzle was that one of the wounded always lied, one always told the truth, and the third could tell either the truth or a lie.

I am very happy that so many people responded with an answer for a chance to win $10 RP. You guys managed to set a Reign of Gaming record for most comments! Unfortunately, the first person to post a correct answer used an answer from google and changed all of the names to fit my brain teaser, and another person posted the wikipedia solution to the teaser.  It was very difficult wading through all 90+ comments especially due to the complexity of the answer.  All of this made choosing a winner much more difficult, but in the end, I picked a winner.

And the winner is...

Eeyup (AkiraSatou)!

If they're lined up as 1, 2, 3:
Ask 1, 'is Jarvan immediately to the right of LeBlanc?' If yes, then the order is either LB-G-J (if LB was asked), G-LB-J (if Garen was asked), J-LB-G, or J-G-LB (if Jarv was asked). If no, then the order is LB-J-G (if LB), G-J-LB (if G), J-LB-G, or J-G-LB (if J). Four possible solutions after each answer. Furthermore, if yes, Jarvan can not be in the middle. If no, Jarvan can not be on the right.

2a (if yes to 1). Ask 2, 'Are you Jarvan?' If 'yes,' it has to be a lie, which means LB is in the middle. If 'no,' Garen is in the middle.

3aa (if yes to 2a). Ask 2, 'Is Garen on the far right?' We know 2 is LB, so they will lie; yes meaning 1 = G, 2 = LB, 3 = J, with no meaning 1 = J, 2 = LB, 3 = G. That's one solution.

3ab (if no to 2a). Ask 2, 'Is LeBlanc on the far right?' We know 2 is Garen, so he will be truthful. Yes means 1 = J, 2 = G, 3 = LB. No means 1 = LB, 2 = G, 3 = J. That's another solution.

2b (if no to 1). Ask 3, 'Are you Jarvan?' 3 can't be J, as stated above, so it's G if no, LB if yes.

2ba (if yes to 2b). Ask 3, 'Is Garen in the middle?' Since LB is the answerer, she lies, so if yes, it's 1 = G, 2 = J, 3 = LB. If no, it's 1 = J, 2 = G, 3 = LB. Yet another solution.

2bb (if no to 2b). Ask 3, 'Is LeBlanc in the middle?' Since G is the answerer, he is truthful; if yes, 1 = J, 2 = LB, 3 = G. If no, 1 = LB, 2 = J, 3 = G. The last solution.

I chose Eeyup as the winner because it was the first posted correct answer that didn't seem like a blatant copy of a google-able solution to this teaser, in addition to a pretty well-worded solution.  Congratulations. Check your reddit mail because the RoG message system is currently unavailable.


Honorable Mentions

Artemisquinn's Smartass Solution

TL;DR Medical ninjas know male and female so LB is identified instantly and J4 is the only one of questionable mind of those left so they can simply ask Garen if he is Garen and know the correct answers instantaneously.  One question one win.  Medical ninjas.

Nakameshor's Conspiracy Theory

Well.... Lore geeks and conspiracy theorists say that Jarvan IV is LeBlanc in disguise. So I think the real question is: Why was LeBlanc fighting herself together with Garen, and how did she do it, because her clone does no damage.

The solution to the conspiracy theory is that (1) Leblanc likes to screw with people's heads and (2) Leblanc's clone had an item with on-hit effects.  Boom!


Congrats again to Eeyup, and thanks for participating in the giveaway!

-- VVinrar

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