Housekeeping: A DIFFerent View Archives and Blogging Opportunities!

Housekeeping: A DIFFerent View Archives and Blogging Opportunities!

As DiffTheEnder mentioned yesterday, it's pretty difficult to write for "A DIFFerent View" because we have to constantly evolve our blog posts to prevent becoming just another opinion/theory blog.  This is why we're taking a step back on this Sunday to look back on our accomplishments and look towards the future.  When we first started A DIFFerent View just over 6 months ago, most of the team had never written a blog in their life -- but within the course of 6 months, the blog has managed to evolve from ground zero to become the #1 resource in the League of Legends blogosphere, with tens of thousands of views from our loyal readers every day, as well as having the unique opportunity to be hosted on the largest content-based site in LoL -- Reign of Gaming.

Since we've had over a hundred posts of educational content and no effective way of looking back on past posts, I decided it would be a good time to archive all of our past content into one easy to read blog archive.

--> Every freaking post we've ever written, in one easy-to-navigate forum thread! <--

Blogging Opportunities

As mentioned before, it's sometimes difficult to come up with fresh content since we update 7 times a week.  And this is where you the reader come in:  

  • Do you have an idea on how to break the current meta?
  • Are you a theorycrafter that is dying to share something that other LoL players don't know?
  • Do you want your opinion to matter even though you are only 800 Elo?

If you answered yes to any of the above 3 questions, pm me, leave a comment below (lol the RoG pm system is broken again), or e-mail me at vvinrar @  You may get a chance to have YOUR VERY OWN BLOG POST ON ROG OMFG and you may be able to be compensated with either RP, real money (not that fake monopoly stuff), or nothing! (if I don't like you or I don't like your content).  You may also have a chance to evolve into a paid position at A DIFFerent View after a trial period.  No experience necessary.

Cheers and good luck,

For more of my work:

-- Find old posts @ the RoG forums.
-- Look out for new posts on Thursdays and Sundays!
-- Find my Item Efficiency Spreadsheet at

If you have any questions, feedback, suggestions, or requests:

-- Feel free to find me in the "A DIFFerent View" chatroom on the NA server.
-- Leave a comment on this post.
-- Contact me at [email protected]



  • #6 DonYagamoth

    I'm not ambitious enough to regularly create complete blogs - can I throw my thoughts somewhere into, which you may or may not be able to create a blog out of it?

     Things like:
    - Ward in the middle of the map (on the midlane, a bit towards the enemy tower), if you are mid and have to farm under the tower (due to you being too weak because of various circumstances). This way you can at least tell where the enemy AP could roam to and warn your allies (extremely potent against a TF - regular wards don't work, but you can tell if he wants to teleport when he runs towards top/bot)
    - Use Teleport as an AD carry. You are weaker in a direct clash, but can generally outharass the enemy. Further, in mid/lategame it's often beneficial to come "too late" to teamfights, when the enemy has already blown major CDs (unless your team is so far behind, that it gets crushed before you are teleported)

    Generally, a lot of "it - then" in my ideas. 

  • #7 VVinrar

    Your two ideas sound good in concept, but in reality they are difficult to execute.  We try to uphold a standard of length for most of our posts.  For example, the word count for our last 3 posts are 900 (Diff), 1400 (Prant), and 1100 (VVinrar) -- So that's about 2 pages single spaced in Microsoft Word.  In comparison, this entire blog post was 400 words.

    Sure, you could write a few paragraphs on each of your two ideas, but there's no real way to rationalize the ideas into a full blog post, or at least at the length that we are used to.  The way I see it, the only way your ideas can be fleshed out into a full post is if (1) They were combined into one post or (2) They are placed into a list like "5 Ideas We Have To Change The Meta".

  • #2 MerryLane

    Personnally if I'm taken, all I want for payment is a video of the three of you dancing with a ballet tutu.

    That you would post on RoG's site and facebook's group, of course.

  • #3 DiffTheEnder

    You're fired. I'm not even the one hiring (VVin is) - but I don't care, you're fired.

  • #5 VVinrar

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, you'll be working with me and not Diff.  You might have the ability to interact with him, but I'll be the one overseeing the blogger trial period :)

  • #1 gekkos

    not that fake monopoly stuff

    this is a lie, dont make the same mistake i did!

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