Runes to Win #3: "My First Runepage" Infographic

Runes to Win #3: "My First Runepage" Infographic

As a continuation of the massively successful Runes to Win series (find Part 1 and Part 2 here) today's edition of #VVinning/A DIFFerent View brings an update to LoLmanac's "My first League of Legends Runepage" flowchart, which you may have seen a few months ago inside of the RoG forums and a few weeks later on the frontpage of Reddit.  After reaching out to us via e-mail, ADV and LoLmanac put our collective theorycrafting heads together and came up with an update to the popular flowchart -- exclusive to Reign of Gaming!

Click on the image to see it in full-size!

How to read the chart

Given the complexities of reading flowcharts, we tried to simplify things as much as possible.  If you're a fresh level 20-30 player with no runes to your name, you should start at the top of the image -- the part that says "START."  Pick up 9 Greater Seals of Resilience and then 9 Greater Glyphs of Warding.  After that, follow the directions and buy the runes that best suit the roles that you play, as indicated by the directions on the picture.  When you have finished a basic runepage for your preferred role, consider either buying the "Advanced" runepage for your role or branching out and buying the other basic runepages.

When you have every rune in the upper half of the flowchart ("Basic") you should have the tools to build an effective runepage for almost every champion in the game!  

Why these runes were chosen

One important thing that should be noted is that the runepages that are recommended for purchase are good as general runepages.  For individual champions, there may be better runes suited for their ability kit -- but the runes that we have chosen should be effective across most champions in that specific role.

I believe that there are 2 runes that can be used for literally every champion in the game -- armor seals and flat MR glyphs.  Both of these runes make you much stronger in the early game and serve to help you live longer in every role.  It's nearly impossible to jungle without armor runes, and the extra tankiness aids you in trades across every single lane, especially if your opponents don't have runes yet.  In addition, the armor/MR combination is only 205 IP/rune, which is the cheapest possible Tier 3 rune inside of the store.

Your third rune choice should be quintessences.  Arguably, you could get attack damage marks before your quintessences (they are more cost-efficient) but in general quints have the greatest effect on the power of your runepage.  Without the specifics effects of quintessences, your runepage is just another generic runepage.  The same goes for your marks but that with a slightly lesser effect; you can use your marks and your quintessences to accumulate offensive stats, defensive stats, or a mix of the two.

A more detailed explanation of why I prefer many of these runes for starting can be found in "Runes To Win #2".

Mixing and Matching

As noted above, these runes are not perfect for each champion in a specific role -- there may be a better combination of runes for a specific champion.  This means you can mix and match many of the recommended runes to make an optimal runepage for your champion and playstyle -- don't feel like you have to use only basic or only advanced runes as part of a runepage.  You could use AP/lvl glyphs and armor seals on the same runepage; you have to experiment for yourself to find the best runepages for yourself.  Guides made by professional players, or even by our blogging team can only bring you so far.  Play the game yourself, experiment, and make great runepages! :)

You can download the full-size 1322x1835 infographic here.

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I hope you enjoyed reading today's blog post, please comment with your thoughts below!
-- VVinrar

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  • #11 Rhakzor

    Very nice post! Very good for starters :)

  • #7 Shurimpu

    I... I've been using scaling mana regen yellows on my AP mids for ages. It tends to work. Am I just bad? I swear this used to be a common choice...

  • #8 Inaikaz

    It's pretty outdated tbh, most people use either flat mana regen or HPlvl now.

  • #9 Sir_Dougles

    More often then not, scaling health yellows will be the way to go, AP miss should be fed every blue buff after the first and not all AP miss use mana, so health yellows give you a better overall page.

  • #6 Inaikaz

    I fail to see why you should ever get AD Quints before marks.  You can afford 5 AD Marks for 1 AD Quint, especially at lower levels where people have an extremely rough time farming up for a Quint instead of just giving into temptation and spending IP on a new champion.  It's 4.75 AD vs 2.25 AD for the exact same price.  Even when you get all 9 Marks vs 3 Quints, it's still 8.5 AD vs 6.75 AD for almost half the cost.

    Armor/MR should definitely be the first runes, no doubt about that, but I'm seriously questioning the reasoning behind farming IP for expensive Quints rather than spending a little bit each time for marks.

  • #10 Sir_Dougles

    I'm inclined to agree here, Marks should be purchased over Quints unless you are mixing up your Marks (jungling for example)

  • #5 Dub_Rio

    This is awesome!

  • #3 toastal

    I usually suggest GP10 quints to newbies as well since they're cheap, kinda role agnostic and new people are bad at last hitting meaning they'll come out ahead compared to others regardless of farm. It also makes them less shy to trying support.

    I'm also number one on suggesting flat AD marks first as they'll help last hitting and harass for all roles, even supports (you know those banana barrages can hurt).

    I disagree with AD quints for junglers as Armor Penetration is better in the forest with AS marks. ...And really Apen quints do do more damage on AD carries and AD bruisers late game. It just makes more sense for efficiency's sake since these quints more reusable even if I run and suggest AD quints on AD carries and bruisers.

  • #2 shabbyOLcloak

    I've been waiting for something like this for so long. Thank you.

  • #1 Ladnil

    I always recommend GP10 quints to my friends newly playing the game.  They only cost 500 apiece and work with every rune page, so you can spend more time focusing on gathering penetration/AD marks rather than getting two sets of quints right away.  Flat armor yellows, scaling MR blues, GP10 quints, AD and Mpen reds, and then after that I leave them on their own for runes because those are at least functional on every champion.  By the time they're 30 they tend to be looking into buying more pages and getting more specialized setups going, but they've figured out what they want on their own by then.

    Last edited by Ladnil: 8/9/2012 4:07:13 PM
  • #4 user_621210

    Really buying GP10 quints, armor yellows, and Mr/lvl or MR blues are perfect for any rune page starting out.  

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