How to safely ward every important bush in League of Legends


Are you a VVinner? Are you in Stone 6 because you die every time you walk into a bush? Do you want to know how to buy wards? Do you want to know how to ward a bush without dying? Are you a walking ward because you've died too many times? ARE YOU A WARD?

If you answered 'Yes' to any of these questions, look no further.  In today's edition of #VVinning, I will be showing you how to safely ward every single bush circled in the map below. Everything is shown from the perspective of blue side, but all of the same wards can be done from the purple side of the map. The complete warding breakdown is in the video, and the more difficult ward locations will be shown in screenshots in today's article.

The Lower Jungle

Red Buff Bush

The place where the Gangplank is standing is where you should be standing and the cursor location is where you should be clicking. Are you unsure whether there is an enemy in your wraith bush? Just ward over the wall and look no further. Ward and save a life.

Lower River Bush

Knowing how to ward the river bush is difficult at first, but once you have the basic technique down it should be impossible to miss this ward. Just stand on the edge of the wall from the lane side, and click on the upper right corner of the dirt patch to hit the river bush.

From the jungle side, there are a series of dark green trees surrounded by light green trees. Click on the base of the furthest away dark green tree to ward the river bush and check for potential bad guys without risking your HP bar in the process.

Scarra Ward

This is probably one of the most difficult places to ward in the game and is only matched in difficulty by the Baron tribush ward on the other side. If you can ward the tribush from the dragon pit, you might want to consider becoming an LCS professional warder.

...I hear Dignitas is looking for a new mid laner! (Note: Joke)


The Upper Jungle

Upper River Bush Wards

These locations are the counterparts to the lower river bushes shown above. The only difference is that these wards are slightly easier because they have more obvious landmarks to click on to ward. In both of these cases, all you have to do is stand next to the pillar and click on the far corner (to your champion) that is closest to this bush.

From the jungle side, the far corner is the upper left corner of the rightmost pillar of the ruins.

From the laning side, the far corner is a lot easier to hit. The pillar in this ward is conveniently diamond-shaped, so just click on the far corner to get your guaranteed ward to safety.

Baron Ward

Luckily, this tribush isn't warded over the baron wall as often as its dragon counterpart, so it hasn't been named after a player yet. Again, you stand close to the bush and click on the far corner of the pillar.


Trick Wards

Stealthy Baron Ward

The purpose of this ward is so you can see when your enemies are going for Baron, but they can't see your ward. It's just out of range so pink wards can't see it, but the tiny bit of vision it gives over the Baron entrance is enough to give your team a vision advantage!

Spellsy Ward

Named after the man, the myth, the legend, Spellsy of aL fame. Well, he actually named it after himself, but if you repeat a nickname enough times on the internet, it becomes its true name. The problem with warding bushes in the jungle is that you only get vision of the bush and 1 or 2 paths of vision. The Spellsy ward allows you to gain vision of all 3 approaches of red buff, in addition to the buff itself. This makes it especially useful for warding your own jungle because most enemy junglers aren't dedicated to pinking your Spellsy ward.


I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post, please please please comment with your thoughts and any locations I may have missed. Don't forget to thank the Elo gods for teaching you how to ward, and YouTube subscribe!
-- VVinrar

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