Hashinshin reviews Jayce. This title is not very long.

So I've dedicated this week to reviewing Jayce. The entire week, all towards reviewing Jayce. I live, breathe, sleep, and FEEL Jayce. I won't rest till I have some Jayce inside of me! So anyway, people apparently hate it when I give huge long introductions that never go anywhere so I guess I'll just have to get to the post. Because I mean who would want to read an introduction that properly sets the tone and pace for the rest of the post, that would just be silly and a waste of time. I wouldn't do that, waste your time, I would rather just get right down in to it and get some stuff done. So lets review Jayce! Oh like all my posts this is going to be insanely long and really get nothing done. 

The aesthetics of tomorrow! 

First things first. We have to review him, aesthetically. From a visual perspective I think Jayce looks pretty cool, and his skin looks pretty cool too. There is the issue with his hairdo being a bit... 60's but he's supposed to be modeled after a 60's superhero (and largely has that Clark Kent feel) so it's okay. However, I don't so much like how his skin makes him look like this hulking monstrocity that often isn't exactly very tanky. Vlad has this issue where a skinny twerp with weird hair can end up being just as tanky as Mordekaiser but lets ignore that for now. Basically, his base skin makes him feel about as tanky as he is, where as when you're playing his skin I feel a hexdrinker (not maw, maw sucks) and frozen heart are basically the only way you can play him because otherwise you just feel silly being the squishy terminator bot. 

So far as the aesthetics of his abilities go I'd say they're pretty spot on. I'd say his ranged auto attack feels a little dinky, and his Q before supercharging it feels a little dinky too. For a champion who can be very damaging it doesn't really make sense for them to actually sound like dink dink dink. Anyways, his hammer form abilities all look massively cool. His hammer smack is my new favorite ability in the game. Do you KNOW how long I've been waiting to bash someone in the face after saying "HAMMER TIME!"!? Look I'm talking this is Little League here and you're up to bat for your first home run. Nothing is cooler than making your opponent feel like he's a golf ball. What's more, it has the cool boom explosiony effects so if you kill with it it's like KABOOM MOTHERFUCKER. Jayce definitely needs more catch phrases for when he kills people, every super hero has them so why not Jayce? I recommend "he really got hammered!" and "hole in one!" just for starters. 

On to his personality and feel. I think Riot was going for a serious take on a 60's superhero. Which is great for all seven people that still take 60's superheroes seriously. For the rest of us we've been watching Zapp Brannigan for the last twelve years and kind of expected a little more Velour. I feel as though we've got two clashing feelings here. It's hard to take Jayce seriously, yet he's taking himself seriously. If Riot maybe put a little more work in to making him more like the New-Age superheroes (you know, real people with flaws and not perfect pretty boys) we'de all have been able to breathe in Jayce an accept him a bit more. Especially the Viktor players who are presently bent over on the ground with Katana through their stomache. 

The abilities of tomorrow! 

So far as for rating the synergy and overall feel of his kit I'd say that he has four solid abilities, and two abilities that really don't make sense. His Q and E fit perfectly in together and work out perfectly, his W doesn't really make sense. He's an active playstyle dude who is always comboing in to his next move. His W is like WHOA SLOW DOWN THERE CHAMP, don't you want to sit there and just auto attack for awhile? Jayce is like no dude I'm about to hammer him away so I can hit him with a ranged auto attack in to a Q. Then his W like a needy girlfriend is like BUT I WANNA COME WITH! And you're like okay fine I'll use you W. Then you realize you just wasted a catastrophic amount of mana for really nothing. What I'm trying to say here is his W just doesn't make sense for a kit like Jayce's that never wants to stand still.  The hammer time component is a damage AoE that beyond just being lazy is just kind of dumb. His entire setup in hammer time is to get a good auto attack off then hammer them away to get them at range for your ranged abilities. His W is like SLOW DOWN THERE, don't you want to sit next to them for 4 seconds and auto attack? What's more, his ranged W while seemingly cool never really seems to work out for more than fishing for Phage procs, and even then if it fails to get the phage proc you'll be driven out of range thinking man this was a dumb idea. 

Basically I'm saying his W is like wearing weighted shoes during a hundred meter dash. It just doesn't make sense, you know? The rest of his kit is like a marble statue of a beautiful woman, everything just works. Then his W is just like adding a random tophat to the statue. You're like what is that tophat doing on that statue, and the artist tells you "well I needed to put something up there so I opted for the tophat!" I mean if you're gonna take the time to make this masterpiece maybe you should have taken a little more time to finish it off. You can never go back and change Jayce's abilities after release, and now you're stuck with this ugly ass tophat on your beautiful sculpture. As you might imagine I max the W last. 

Why does Jayce have a Y? They must've wanted the name to be longer. OH RIGHT, playing Jayce

So now for the recommmended tips for play section! (Oh man I really nailed the timing on this one.) What you're gonna do with Jayce is incredibly PROACTIVE and not REACTIVE. When you're playing a ranged carry you're very reactive, when you're playing Jayce you play PROactively. Basically, take your thunder hammer and beat the shit out of people before they can respond to you. White has a 54% win rate in chess, taking the first move and sticking with it will win more than it losess, and with Jayce this exaggerates a little more. Basically your idea here with Jayce is to always be one step ahead and keeping your opponent backpeddling with his battle plans messed up. Jayce is no tank, and he's not particularly good at coming back from a losing fight like Jax or Irelia might be. He is however incredibly good at just denying his opponents their move. Remember, in the game of chess if you don't let your opponent take his move you'll win every time. When given the option to punch your opponent in his face or let him take his move, always bring out the fist. 

Okay so you might be saying "okay you said a lot but you didn't really say anything just now." Okay, so lets be a little more specific with Jayce. This is how a typical Jayce combo might go. Put down your speed up, Q through it, run through the speed up, auto attck, change forms and Q in to range, auto attack a few hits till you can swap then E them out of range, auto attack and Q again and speed boost again. Basically, you keep them responding to you. You never sit in a form and wait for CDs, you always make them play your game. You're a selfish dude and you're not gonna let them play what they want to play. It's your damn house and we're going to watch Zoolander, AGAIN. Don't let Jax play his sit in melee game. You've got tools to kite, and should he actually get in range you've got some good melee damage to pull off before quite literally sending him flying. 

Now for even MORE specific tips. When trying to escape and enemy be sure to use the EVERYTHING. Don't use one ability, then another, then another all trying to escape. Use them all at once. Slow him with to the skies, then hammer him away, then swap forms and speed yourself away. None of your abilities are really that long of a CD and you shouldn't really worry about it. What's more, when running away be sure to Q through your gate after running through it to chunk off chasing attacker's healthpool. It might help you down the line, it might deter them from chasing. What's more, it's always a good idea to just get in some free damage. Don't get offered a free lunch for literally half a second of your time and turn it down. Basically what I'm saying is with Jayce you gotta use everything at your disposal. Leave no ability unused and just really have a no mercy attitude.

Jayce the Con Man!

So far for the cons I'll just list em off in one paragraph. He's buggy. His gap closer fails constantly, and when it does work it often doesn't put you close enough for it to matter. What's more, his early laning isn't exactly the best. It's difficult for him to lane against some champions. His gap closer fails if they dash or flash or anything like that during the animtion (making it exceedingly easy to avoid the slow/damage.) It's just... yeah. Once more people pick up on it I'm pretty much assuming it's never going to effect you in team fights. It sorta pisses me off that riot keeps hating on bruiser's mechanics like this and J4's ultimate while you still can't flash out of Vayne's condemn. Anyway there you go. The cons are its stupid easy to A. Have his crap bug out, or B. Avoid it entirely. 

This post will end.... tomorrow! 

In the end I'd grade Jayce a low B or C in thematic qualities. His appearance is okay, his voice is meh, his title is kinda generic technohero. In all it just doesn't WOW me. The visuals on his abilities are the only saving grace. It's not like Skarner with his maniacal laugh. interesting backstory, and awesome voice. It's not like Xerath with his ridiculously awesome everything. He's not bad though, he's not Ahri McWeMadeThisShitUpToGetAFurrySlutInOurGame. In power I'd rate him a high B. He's going to find a place on teams. Not EVERY team, not every tournament, but I can garentee you'll be seeing him pop up in many different places. He's going to be that uncle that sometimes comes to christmas. It'll be more off to not see him in a tournament than to see him in one. At least once. He's gonna be a lot like how Maokai is. Some tournaments he's just going to seem completely busted. Other tournaments he'll just seem ordinary or even lackluster. He really needs to find his place. 

This is NOT going to be a weekly thing. At all. Don't expect it. I merely really liked Jayce and wanted more people to see how good he can be. What's more, I wanted to try my hand at this and see if anyone was really interested in what I think of the new champs. 

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Viktor fans begin killing yourselves nnnnnnnnow.



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