Twisted Treeline items, a small little help-you post. A TT item review.

This post is going to be short, but I think the subject matter can help a lot of people. Twisted Treeline items, which is good and what champions really excel at using them? I figured I'd just make this, it's gonna be short, but I see lots of people playing TT with the wrong items and I just figured I'd give a little help out to people. 

Blade of the whatever it's called. (Blade of the ruined king.)


40 damage, 10% lifesteal. Deals 4% current HP in magic damage to enemies then you heal 50% of damage dealt. The active steals 30% of MS and deals 150 + 50% AD PHYSICAL damage and heals you for damage dealt. (Really complex.)

Just call it blade. It's good on: EVERYONE. Well it's good on bruisers. Because it's SO GOOD on bruiser it actually makes ranged AD still bad. Ironic? You bet! It's godmode on Udyr, It's incredible on Xin/Warwick, and it's good on pretty much every bruiser who has a decent attack speed steroid and does physical damage. 

I highly recommend you first build this item as it builds out of the amazing cutlass which makes ganks in TT incredibly easy. Especially with how gank based TT is an item that helps make your ganks more powerful is incredibly good. Once you combine and make the Blade you can kill anyone off of the proc's effect alone. This item is good-good-good. SUPER GOOD. This item is so good even bruisers who typically just build trinity as their only real damage (Xin Zhao, Udyr, etc) will want this item. 

Dunno what else to say, it's really freakin good. 


Grez's Spectral Lantern. 

Stats are basically Wriggle's minus the lifesteal, plus an effect that reveals stealth in an AoE. I really don't feel like typing them out.

Uhhh I havn't really ever wanted this item, it's really niche. It' a tier 1 item (AKA its basic, it's smaller than a phage.) Gives little amounts of damage, armor, jungling speed, and a weird stealth detecting active. If you're a slow jungler who needs to be tankier and also see stealth champions this is your item. If not? Just build cutlass -> blade or straight in to a bigger item so you can gank out of the jungle better. It could be decent on junglers the need to maintain speed, but because TT quickly outscales the jungle (due to increased gold and levels) you don't really ever need help jungling like on SR. 

No lifesteal makes this item pretty pointless compared to Lantern. Where as Lantern makes most champions 0 health loss in the jungle, this still makes you lose HP in a jungle that isn't even hard enough to warrant wriggles. 

Lord Van Damm's Pillager. 

40 attack damage, 350 health, 10% CDR, 10% spell vamp, 25 armor pen.

Good item, and it can be combo'd with brutalizer to create a super early game for physical damage bursters. Don't really need to talk more about it seeing as how everyone is already building it since it's an AD caster item that's real. While not a REAL AD caster item since it doesn't scale your AD, it does let you get 1 more AD item (letting you reach 4 AD items now!) for an AD caster build. 

So freakin good.

Wicked Hatchet.

20 attack damage, 18% critical strike. Every attack (not based on an active) reduces healing by 50%.

Causes tons of damage to healers, but sort of weak otherwise. Against a Mundo it's good, against a WW it's alright, but other than them it really won't do much. It's a counter item though, so it does do its job and nothing more. Solid counter item though. Just because your opponent bought some life steal does not make this a solid item. Note that this item is incredibly low damage for how much it costs so even against someone like WW I'd be wary of buying it. If you're someone like Talon this is not the item for you. 

No lifesteal but having attack damage makes this item a little more and a little less useful. I'd say overall better than executioner's. 

Blackfire Torch.

50 ability power. 300 health. 350 mana. Your damaging spells burn 5% of your opponent's current HP over 3 seconds, half damage for DoTs or AoEs. 

Pretty good if you rush it, but ehhhh. It's almost always solid purchase, but it doesn't have the impact that Pillager or Blade do for their classes. This is ON PAR with the best AP items, but it's not BLATANTLY BETTER like Pillager or Blade. Champions like Teemo can make great use of this item due to it proccing on Shrooms, and champions like Cassiopeia synergize great with it. I wouldn't go buy it on Mord though or something like that. ADDITIONALLY, void staff is almost ALWAYS a better purchase for dealing with tanks. 

Good item, worth buying, good in a rush because of the items it builds from. AP champions though will not that this + void staff counters tanks. This + not void staff does NOT counter tanks. Void staff counters tanks, this is just a solid AP item. It's not really the same item as DFG though, it's a sustained damage item. 

Overlord's Bloodmail.

It's crap. 

A piece of crap. Never build it. Any other item will give more survivability, and it doesn't give enough HP to synergize with champions who want to stack health. What's more, it's proc tends to overlap constantly on kills, and because so many people take healing debuffs, ignites, wicked hatchet, etc. it's not even assured to be of use. Just very meh.

With no passive regeneration and significantly less HP than warmogs it's nowhere near warmogs in strength. Warmogs which is, at best, a niche item for a couple champions who sometimes buy it. 

Wooglet's Witchcap.

100 ability power. 10% movespeed. +25% total AP.

A good solid item for APs. Though I question the movement speed on it, it makes most mages FASTER than bruisers and really screws with the balance. Cassioepeia for example becomes nearly impossible to deal with for melee that have no or few gap closers. 

Next patch it might get armor (might) which will solve the issue APs are having right now with pillager+brutalizer rush champions 100-0 combing them. On the other hand, it'll make champions who are buying those items (who tend to be assassins) unable to kill them. Mord with this item will just be untouchable to ADs or aassassins.

As compared to Deathcap it's blatantly superior. Blatantly. And cheaper. The item was added pretty much directly to make APs more viable against bruisers and it somewhat overcompensates but it's fine because Blade/Pillager overcompensate for bruisers too.

Final notes on TT:

AP champs are still decent, AD carries are meh, bruisers are good, tanks are good. Most teams should be damage bruiser, AP, tank. Some ADs can do decently here, but you really gotta make your team revolve around them. This map uses bruisers as the sustained damage instead of ADs. Which is fine considering ADs own SR. 

The items make item builds on this map favor damage/tanky instead of tanky/tanky builds on bruisers. Blade is practically a must-buy, and Pillager gives champions like Lee Sin/Renekton something to do with their brutalizer. The unfortunate side effect is that Pillager makes it even easier to 1-combo ADs. The balance on the map overall though is significantly better, and unlike before a team can properly be built with most champions (at least as many as SR) with real team comps that aren't bruiser-tank-tank. 

I have had success with EVERY champion type. So, don't turn around and tell me how weak you think, for example, APs are. APs have gotten a ridiculously good item in Witchcap, and the faster map starts have helped champions that were a little weak to get in the game better. However, the maps still spend a lot more time early/mid game than Dominion so champions like Talon still tend to do at least decently here. 




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