Let's Go Shopping (Building Up Your Jungle Line-Up)

League of Legends is a free game that you can play and enjoy without ever paying any money at all. However the game is far from free. If time is money then League of Legends is quite the expensive game. The in-game currency (IP) takes quite awhile to accumulate and it sure is painful when you make a purchase that didn’t benefit you or you ended up regretting. Building up a portfolio of champions is a grind and even moreso with the added need to get rune pages set up for them.

Players seem to have to dump a ton of IP for every “role” in the game and jungling is no different. The biggest advantage for building a jungle portfolio (in my opinion) is that it’s probably the cheapest role to outfit. Most of the runes you obtain are easily crossed over or are the cheapest in the game period.

So in this thread I’ll be taking you guys shopping so you can build a versatile jungle starter page and slowly evolve it into something even more spectacular. It is no lie that certain junglers CAN jungle with almost any runes but their true power is only unlocked with a more powerful rune set so those junglers are considered “expensive” junglers.

The post will be broken up into tiers. The first tier is your starter kit and how much IP you would have to spend to obtain it. I will also mention which junglers would perform best with the starter and are options to consider obtaining. Note that all this is made with the assumption that the player is level 30 and has a full mastery page and it is also made with the assumption that the player is jumping in to the jungle role since, if they’re not, they can skip several of these tiers due to their runes from other roles.

Super Poor Kit 

This is when you’re just jack poor or just starting off. Without considering anything else you should first obtain ARMOR YELLOWS without a second thought. This is the universal requirement for every jungler and they’re super cheap.

Armor Yellow x9 – 1845

There are actually champions that work with the runes you have thus far!

Dr. Mundo (1350) – Some players like to take magic pen on red, magic resistance on blue and movement speed on quints. None of those runes actually help you jungle but they help you transition. That being said the only universal agreement for Mundo is to take armor yellows. He’s a good starter jungler for the poor man.

Cho'Gath (1350) – He’s more reliant on masteries than anything while runes just add flavor. Considering Cho'Gath can jungle naked and even without armor runes he can surely shrug off the other color runes.

Amumu (1350) – The guy only needs armor and he’s good to go. He’s a full on initiator/tank for your team that’s also relatively easy to use.

Sejuani and Nautilus (6300) – These two only need armor runes to jungle but they’re on the super expensive side on their own so they are kind of out there though you can use them without much issue when they’re free.

Alistar (free) – Just do the Youtube thing and get a free Alistar. He does need more runes beyond armor but he is FREE so no point in not getting him.

So let’s assume you now own Armor Yellows, Dr. Mundo, Cho'Gath, Amumu and Alistar. Your total IP cost for your poor man’s pack is at 5895.

Starter Kit 

This is the kit most people have asked me for. This is the kit that basically covers most junglers in the game as it works for absolutely everyone even if, for some, it isn’t the best. Note that all pre existing runes are included even if not mentioned.

Attack Speed Red x9 – 3690
Magic Resistance Blue x9 – 1845

Attack Speed runes are the cookie cutter amplifiers of damage throughout all junglers. Some may take more power from Attack Damage and some from Ability Power but these runes work for everyone – physical or magical.

Magic Resistance is pretty much what you’ll be outfitting most of the junglers with even though it doesn’t help you jungle. These runes help out your transition and are staple to the bruiser and tank kits that are the most common among junglers.

There are, once again, champions that are worth buying at this point that will make use of the runes you so far own with relatively no difference from a full rune set.

Nunu (450) – He’s incredibly cheap. He’s pretty weak and more used for support at this point but can make something happen in the jungle. The Attack Speed and Magic Resistance enable him in this new jungle but he’s still outdone. Still he’s very cheap and you can toss some IP at him for variance.

Warwick (1350) – He’s pretty much the easiest and most “no brainer” jungle in the game. Right click things till they die. Anyhow having Attack Speed Red is the minimum to not have him as a slug and Warwick is a versatile jungler as it is especially when you get more runes down the rode. He’s one worth picking up due to the simplicity, future investment profit and he can actually be useful.

Rammus (3150) – This is when Rammus becomes “enabled” and is an option to buy to build up your tank junglers. However he really isn’t versatile and reliable so I wouldn’t recommend him – but he is a choice you can make at this point.

Udyr (3150) – Attack Speed is (Phoenix) Udyr’s best runes on red and it is pretty much what enables him to start terrorizing people. At this point you already have armor and magic resistance and have enabled his jungle potential seeing as Quints are usually movement speed quints and interchangeable between others. He’s a very versatile jungler and, as you get more runes down the line, you will only be revisiting him over and over to tinker with him.

Skarner (6300) – He’s the same thing as Udyr when it comes to the rune requirements being surpassed. The only issue here is he’s a lot more costly. We haven’t come to the point where our only choice is super expensive champions so we can still penny pinch.

So let’s assume now own Attack Speed Red, Magic Resistance Blues, Udyr and Warwick. That’s 10035 ip on the starter kit and adding 5895 ip from the previous kit makes that 15930.

Advanced Kit 

This is the next logical step of purchase considering how many times you’ll be expected to be the beef for your team. Things start getting more costly here due to the different runes required and the mix and matching you’ll need for most junglers who need these runes. The average cost of the junglers opened up with this kit also rises.

Attack Damage Red x9 – 1845
Armor Penetration Red x9 – 3690
Attack Damage Quints x3 – 3075

The combination of these three type of runes is what opens up all tanks, bruisers and the like especially when combined with all runes already purchased. The combination of x3 AD x6 ArP Red + AD quints is a common one that’s universal through all bruisers. Some take all AD red and quints and some alter combinations here and there. Either way this is when most junglers become fully active (including some already purchased before become even better).

Pretty much all junglers are open by now (some specialty junglers withheld) so I will only mention the junglers I believe would give you the most bang for your buck.

Jarvan IV (4800) – The super versatile champion that can work as a full on dps, tank, bruiser or support and can be taken as a strong laner in all lanes if need. His sheer versatility and power makes him perhaps the best investment for junglers with this kit. Nocturne is a substitute for Jarvan IV but he’s a bit more expensive. Nocturne can be just as versatile as Jarvan IV in terms of team role (tank, bruiser, dps) and he does have a super strong gap closer. So if you’re looking for an alternative for Jarvan IV then save a bit more and get Nocturne.

Malphite (1350) – At this point the runes you’ve collected can be mixed and matched to make Malphite a bruiser or a tanky initator who works well in AoE team comps or as an anti-carry. He’s one of the more versatile beef junglers who is above average in all aspects of the jungle while being relatively cheap.

Gangplank (3150) – He’s a carry (or semi-carry) jungler who can also be played as a fatty bruiser type. There are very few junglers that can straight out carry from the jungle and Gangplank is one of them. That’s one of the reasons he can be a worthwhile investment. Olaf (3150) is also one that can be argued to be a carry jungler but he’s less versatile than Gangplank but he’s an option.

Lee Sin (6300) – It is Lee Sin. He’s worth every penny but he does need the AD rune combination. I don’t need to say how powerful he is but his sheer dominating force (both lane and jungle) is enough reason to invest in him. Riven (6300) can be thought of as a substitute for him but not one I would recommend if you want the most bang for your buck.

So now you’re building your portfolio and paying a horde of ip now. Let’s assume you bought these champions and the runes. All together they are worth 24210 ip and combined with how much you’ve already spent (15930) it is 40140.

Master’s Kit 

These are now just the last bits of runes that don’t really open up any other junglers but enhance junglers you already have. These runes can work on practically anyone and really enhance junglers that were enabled with the poor and starter kits.

Movement Speed Quints x3 – 6150
Armor Quints x3 – 3075
Ability Power Quints x3 – 3075
Lifesteal Quints x3 - 6150

I lied. Maokai is enabled by Ability Power Quints and using your old Quints but I figure he’s more of an optional purchase the same thing with Fiddlesticks. Movement Speed Quints enhance junglers like Amumu, Udyr, Skarner, Cho'Gath, Dr. Mundo and yeah you see where I’m going with this. Armor Quints are for customizable purposes that can help out junglers like Rammus and Sejuani. Lifesteal Quints allow you, with some junglers, to take doran’s blade and maintain superior sustainability over a vampiric scepter. I didn’t mention spell vamp runes since their use is very, very niche. They can be useful on a jungler like Karthus and Dr. Mundo but they’re hardly required and more niche.

Out of these runes the only ones I would very much recommend you buy are the movement speed Quints. That adds another 6150 ip to your bill.

Final Breakdown


Alistar - Free
Dr. Mundo – 1350
Cho'Gath – 1350
Amumu – 1350
Warwick – 1350
Malphite - 1350
Udyr – 3150
Gangplank – 3150
Jarvan IV – 4800
Lee Sin – 6300

Champion Cost - 24150


Armor Yellow x9 – 1845
Attack Speed Red x9 – 3690
Magic Resistance Blue x9 – 1845
Attack Damage Red x9 – 1845
Armor Penetration Red x9 – 3690
Attack Damage Quints x3 – 3075
Movement Speed Quints x3 – 6150

Rune Cost - 22140

Final Cost – 46290

Now get to the grinding!!!


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