The Journey to the Higher Elo

For some reason I was compelled to play ranked solo queue and have had mixed feelings of it. I still think ranked can be pointless suffering at times but to carry a bunch of random people who tend to be helpless. I'm not done yet but every game seems to take a lot out of me because of my high demand of competency or at least "trying to at least be decent" which didn't happen very often.

For Season 1 I carried myself using the nerfed Jarvan and Amumu. It was before the jungle remake and I kept stomping people. After I gained gold due to them lowering the requirement I just stopped carrying. All I wanted was the Jarvan skin and I got it. I was done.

Now for Season 2 I thought I could repeat the success. I didn't realize that the jungle remake would turn some of my favorite junglers into lesser picks. Jarvan isn't as good as before due to the power creep and the jungle remake being more time constricted. That being said I started winning after I chose to stick to only a few select junglers.

I've been forced to top lane, mid lane and support so far even though those aren't my main roles. I can handle it but there are a lot of really uptight people. So many ragers, so many crybabies...and they are frequent. I'll talk about both the picks I've made thus far and the behavior of some people.

The picks I've most commonly made have been Jungle Darius and Malphite. If I was to be support I'd just go Taric while top lane is Renekton and mid lane is Annie.

Darius is simply just Darius. He stomps on people harshly and his jungling is basically unknown. People don't know how to handle it and I can get fed and outplay tons of people. Often times I'm the one getting first blood on their jungler and outright denying them their jungles and it snowballs from there. I also get to killsteal from my own teammates. This, in my honest opinion, is not bad. There are some teammates that become incredibly useless by the merit that they suck so I feel the gold would better be suited on me - someone who is already dominating.

Malphite also too has very little counters and people don't know how to handle him. He then transitions into someone that can shut down potential threats very easily so even baddies can do their jobs. You initiate, smash their carry, your team cleans up and then thanks the other players.

I also had some Olaf, Lee Sin and Jarvan games but those were less and in between. I used Olaf to counter jungle picks like Amumu and Nautilus and just snowball. In the lower elos I believe it is smarter to pick murdering junglers rather than support junglers. I picked Nautilus in lower elo and by heaven and hell I could not carry the others. They just can't make use of your utility. You need junglers that deal DAMAGE.

For mid lane I'm just more used to my old school laners like Malzahar, Sion and Annie. What do they have in common? These are characters that run around and MURDER people. They don't sit in lane and farm all day they actually go and try to gank everything and everyone. So as Annie I spent most of my time looking for people to kill and getting fed. It worked out every single game thus far.

For top lane most of my top laners are obsolete such as Tryndamere so I went with Renekton. Riven works too but I don't find her too fun to play so I went with the Gator. It goes well to say that if you win the lane you can win the game but with Renekton I too went and looked to kill the enemy jungler and be a menace elsewhere.

I think you have to win your lane and OTHER lanes in order to just dominate a game. Therefore farmers aren't advised unless you have a partner that can drag it out.

In short Jungle Darius is totally viable for rising through the elo bracket especially if you're an experienced jungler.

And the behavior? You've all heard that same song and dance before. Trolls everywhere as far as the eye can see. You can't go one game without someone being an idiot.

There was literally a moment of "hey guys can I play Ezreal?" and I said "no screw that Pulsefire Ezreal crap" which led to his reply "no don't worry I don't own that ugly skin." He goes AP mid Ezreal...with the pulsefire skin. Yes he was utterly useless the entire game but we carried him. People like that really need to not play this game.

I had one game where two of my teammates wanted to jungle. We had jungle Jax and Udyr and instead of actual jungling they went afk and argued like children. WE STILL WON because I took care of the ganking duties as Annie. Those kids got free elo too.

I had one game as a super fed Darius but our AP mid was a complete waste of space that he fed the enemy Ahri incredibly hard. We still won because I caught her and we pushed. This kid got free elo too! The best part is he had the audacity to claim he carried us and we were the ones trolling.

Every single game seems to be very long and agonizing. People just can't finish games and then they wonder why the enemy team makes a comeback sometimes. People spend too much time with their hands in their asses they just don't push and win. They spend too much time blaming each other it is ridiculous.

I'm almost at 1800 with a friend of mine. We have to shift roles around because people are too selfish to make reasonable picks or listen to each. Maybe that's just because solo queue already wore them down but man does Riot need to crack down on the trolls.


Now to add more to this ranked solo queue is just taxing. The fact that there are people doing elo jobs, the fact that people don't take a mode that apparently needs to be taken seriously serious at all, the fact that there is very little incentive to play the mode is sad. I got pretty tired of having 30+ minute queues in normal so I went to play ranked. That was kind of a motivator.

There are some things I've been doing in every game to try to motivate my team to win. I have very few losses in this bout to gain elo and I owe it to these steps I take.

1. Don't bother arguing AT ALL. You won't convince that guy to not take your main role from you in most cases. Just adapt to something else and play it. Some guy instalocked jungler? I can't complain or else it will go poorly. I pick Annie, go mid and still try to win.

2. Try to prevent as many counter picks as possible. I do this by sometimes asking my teammates what they want and if they want something that is easily countered (and they are above me) I offer them to save their pick. Some players want to instalock Kassadin either knowing or not that he'll get countered harshly. I offer them Kassadin in exchange for something they may have. They may not have the jungler I want but it's better than being scared about your lane being crushed.

3. When I'm forced into a role that I do not main I DO NOT pick what they ask me to pick. I pick what I am good at in that role. In one game I was being cursed out and yelled at for picking Taric instead of Soraka and Janna. I don't play those champions. I am a terrible Janna and Soraka. I picked Taric and won my lane with my teammate because Taric is one of my favorite champions that I actually know how to play. With that said do not do that to other people either. If you're rising in elo but you're playing with people who are stuck there it is likely a very bad decision to force a champion on them. Let them pick a champion they actually know how to use instead.

4. This next one is controversial and will get you yelled at. Sometimes I dub a lane "dead" and forsake it. If I believe a certain lane will not do what they are supposed to because of repeated failings or player incompetence I just dub it dead and forsake it. I try to get someone else fed and struggle with the mess. As pompous as that sounds we know it's true sometimes. That would sometimes include taking blue for myself if the mid laner is just going to feed it.

5. The final one is to never ever yell at your teammates. It just causes them to go full idiots. They might spend time just arguing with you instead of actually playing. I've seen players die because they were typing. This is just stupid and avoid it at all costs. Just ignore them, grit your teeth and hope no one pays attention to them.


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