Make a Jungler Out of You - Jungler Buff Ideas

It's come to be that sometimes some old junglers need to receive some love in order to be revived in this new "meta" of ours like Nunu did. Some former laners have also received jungle prowess in order to be capable of jungling as well as either an option or a new home. There has been talk by Rioters considering this an option for a few characters - noticeably Gangplank - but they want to be careful about making said characters much stronger in the lane.

I myself would very much like to see some tweaks be handed out to a few characters. Some champions could use entire kit overhauls, some characters simply need quality of life changes, some characters could use unique mechanic changes and some characters just need to have a role revived.

The following "changes" are my opinion and if any of them match future changes to the characters it is purely coincidentally unless said so otherwise. This not to say a champion does not work in a lane either. It is just that some of these characters are no longer seen as much, jungle or lane, and it's a damn shame. It is also not to say that the characters can use all the ideas laid out for them.

As it stands now Gangplank is merely a mediocre support jungler with the capability of going carry if he's doing well. Even then he suffers from weak match ups, a slow and staggering jungle, build confusion and team comp dependency. He can't really deal with a lot of the current junglers, he's single target and slow as well as unsustained, his utility isn't totally helpful for every team comp and his jungle build conflicts with his most effective builds.

I propose that Gangplank be revived as a farmer jungler much like Nunu was revived as an old school control jungler. It might not change the meta but having an old school farmer jungler that works it can spice up a few team comps. Farmer junglers in the past were ticking time bombs that if left unchecked would be able to surpass even the solo laners. Gangplank won't have the best match ups still but making it so the enemy team has to stomp on his neck otherwise he'll become a farmed up semi-carry with utility for his team would be a great thing to have to push uniqueness in games.

Q- Parrrley: Now refreshes upon killing a jungle minion. Increase gold gain by a bit.

This would not power up Gangplank's laning. It could only be used for the jungle and it will enable him to not have to wait around for his Q to refresh while tanking minions. If leveled it can help him start racking up gold (but not levels) and help him reach farm status akin to that of a top laner. Also the gold gain was nerfed quite some and should be boosted up.

Passive - Grog Soaked Blade: If passive kills a monster after it had be shot by parrrley (up to 1.5 seconds or so) it acts as if though it had died by parrley.

One of the biggest annoyances with Gangplank is that his passive will rob him of parrrley gold if his Q leaves the minion with very small amount of health that the passive kills it right after that. What's even more bothersome is when the jungle minion would be able to survive a parrrley shot thus not giving you the gold bonus but would die to the auto attack+passive you'd want to use to get it low enough for parrrley to kill it for extra gold.

Now this is a big one. Ever since the jungle remake took place Fiddlesticks has been in a real bad spot. His jungle gets kicked down pretty harshsly and easily and he just struggles against certain match ups. Boots start isn't really useful on him either since his true power comes from having a truck load of AP early. His movement speed is just atrocious, his early build options are obsolete and he's pretty weak without his first blue.

I propose making his auto attacks actually do something in the jungle to help him out and well as also give him some damn movement speed. I don't see what would be the problem with helping him become a tad faster. Admittedly there is risk in making him a better laner too with some of these proposals.

Passive - New Passive: He can be given a new passive along with his old one or just replaced. Fiddlestick's auto attacks place a mark on his target that has the following effects. If a marked target dies he regains a percentage of the total drain damage he dealt as mana. If Fiddlesticks attacks a marked minion he deals bonus magic damage to it. The mark has a duration of 1.5 seconds but is refreshed with every tick of drain or auto attack.

As it stands Fiddlesticks needs help sustaining his mana if he's screwed out of a blue buff and has both his mana and cooldowns shot. It is also a huge pain to have to decide between blowing you drain cooldown and a good portion of your mana or auto attacking to kill a lone monster or finish off a dying one (like a golem). Both options sucked because you either lost mana or lots of health in those situations. With the mark suggestion he would be able to "store up" mana into a mark and not worry so much about using drain to finish something off that would take only 1/3 of a drain to kill. He also would also have increase clearing power for when his W is down or when he wants to kill the puny monsters like the little wraiths or wolves by just auto attacking them down. I do believe if should work on champions too at least the mana restore part. Fiddle won't really have an impressive mana pool so he'll be lacking in mana and he's not much of a farmer so he won't be building items to make up for that. I feel Fiddlesticks should be rewarded if he was able to not switch his mark around and burned intense amount of mana to drain down a target. This would also help him return jungling if he just blew everything during a gank and managed to take down a champion with a mark and some drain ticks on them.

General: A small increase in movement speed.

Now here is a controversial one. In organized team play she can do some amazing stuff even if she does have a lot of weaknesses compared to junglers similar to her. Her capabilities are so strict in definition it often hinders her. Basically put she's very situational. It is said only idiots use her in solo queue but good teams will consider her. Her initiation is gamebreaking and her damage is respectable (it's actually very good just very difficult to actually get the full benefits from).

She doesn't need too many buffs in my opinion instead she needs to be cleaned up a bit. Her early jungle is atrocious and her ganking isn't the strongest though it does go hand in hand with the fact that she got her ass beat in the jungle. Her match ups are atrocious as she'll lose to almost anyone who picks a fight with her (from the top junglers) and her cooldowns are painful. I propose cleaning up a few animations and a new passive to her W.

W - Northern Winds: Sejuani gains a small boost in armor/magic resistance for every enemy with Frost. The boost is less from minions/monsters. She maintains the highest she has gained upon activating Northern Winds and it lasts until the duration ends.

This is effectively giving her manageable tankiness. Let's just use a random number to explain this better. Let's say at rank 1 the passive gives her 5 armor/magic resistance for every frosted target. If she's in a 1v1 duel the gain would not be too much. It would mean her opponent won't have too much issue dealing with her aside from a small boost in defense. If then used in a team fight a perfect initiation on 5 people could effectively give her a giant boost and allowing her to survive her own initiation. This would encourage Sejuani players to get in the thick and just frost as many players as possible. In the jungle a Q + W on a camp basically equals a large gain in resistances which is necessary considering her lack of sustain. It would also help her deal with invaders somewhat seeing as she'll have increased resistances when fighting near frosted minions.

General: Less lag time after using Q and E. Kind of feels that the animations on those should be quicker especially on that E.

Now here is another controversial one. There is no denying Trundle is a strong jungler in the sense that he has godly match ups, godlike sustain, great mobility and thievery and tricky ganking. The problem comes with the fact that he simply doesn't fit the "meta" and thus is not a good jungle pick at the moment. It is akin to saying Galio, Jarvan, Singed, Hercarim are not good junglers because they aren't picked as much or aren't really "in" at the moment. If the jungle meta were to shift to favor Trundle again then you'd pretty damn well will see him again.

Even then whether the meta shifts to him or not he does need a few quality of life changes. These may not make him "viable" but they will certainly be a welcome buff to the character's design. I do have to say he could use some buffs to open up new possibilities for him.

General: His rabid bite really needs to not have such a counter intuitive effect with attack speed. It should scale with attack speed in that the more attack speed you have the sooner it ends. His ultimate needs to have the animation either removed or made quicker. Often times Trundle players will not use it because it will slow down their chase. He also needs a new skin badly. Caveman Trundle, Leprechaun Trundle, Police Officer Trundle, Judge Trundle, Headmaster Trundle (ruler as club) - these are just some of the ideas that could be used man!

I know I'm committing a crime by saying he should receive some buffs but the following can be considered minor.

R- Agony: Trundle gains vision of his afflicted target. Also increase the duration.

It's a simple change. I mean it helps out his chasing and gives him a small boost in utility. I don't see the harm in letting him have this. Also the duration increase would make it so he can actually make use of the bonuses his stealing over time.

W- Contaminate: Reduce the stats gain from activation (except the crowd control). Trundle now passively gains half the stats (except crowd control reduction) his contaminate gives him per rank. Increase the stats of contaminate at higher ranks.

Now why with this change? Well here is Trundle's dilemma in this current meta. His best starting item is Vampiric Scepter and taking boots actually ends up causing Trundle to take more damage than necessary. Early lifesteal is very strong on Trundle but at the cost of mobility he is really hindering his ganking powers. Having Trundle's W be similar to Gangplank's E means he'll passively have a decent gain in movement speed and attack speed as he ranks it up making a fighter build look more attractive for him and giving him a reason to rank up his W. He would still be able to rank up his E if he wants to go more utility spec and he won't lose out on the crowd control reduction with one rank in W. In the end Trundle players would be able to hold on to their W during jungling now since they don't always have to burn it for stats.

Now Nasus is one of my favorite characters in the game but not only do I rarely get to play him (forced to jungle) but even if I did he's heavily countered in top lane and if he isn't countered he's camped. Basically he doesn't really exist in the game at the moment. He too could be considered for a boost in order to revive jungle farmers.

The proposal for him is rather simple really. It would certainly make him a ticking time bomb in the jungle but that's the responsibility of the enemy team to keep in check. Let him farm his Q better in the jungle!

Q- Siphoning Strike: Upon killing a jungle minion Nasus's siphoning strike refreshes.

This is exactly the same as the proposed Gangplank change above. It is jungle monster specific so it cannot be abused in a lane. If the Nasus does it properly he'll be able to smack every camp monster for the finishing blow and siphon gain. This will end up also giving him a much faster jungle as he is able to throw some ranks onto his Spirit Fire and blast a camp with it and pick off the dying monsters with his lower ranked (thus high cooldown) Siphoning Strike.

W- Wither: Lower the movement speed and attack speed debuff it currently has. To compensate for this Nasus gains some of those drained stats.

Now this one is insane and I'm just throwing it out there. If you were to give Nasus power in farming he can become insane and wither is already an ungodly broken so allowing him achieve god status from jungle farming but still letting him maintain his broken wither is a bad idea. The proposal would help his ganking/chasing and later soften some of his issues with being kited later. Sure he won't absolutely cripple a carry but it may not be a problem when you were able to farm up excellently thanks to the change on the Siphoning Strike.

Oh how the mighty have fallen. He currently has the worst win ratio in the game and is sheerly outclassed by pretty much everyone. Tryndamere was nerfed with his remake and then was nerfed because people sucked vs him. Then Riot released a bunch of top laners more cruel than him and people discovered that Riven existed.

I can't say whether or not the changes I propose for Tryndamere will change how he works in lane (likely yeah) but I would like to see him buffed up in the jungle as he's one of the few jungle "carries" of the game.

Passive- Battle Fury: It should give him lifesteal at max fury.

Honestly you are not going to be wanting to burn your source of critical strike that helps your clearing. You also don't really want to be fully healed. Tryndamere gains damage from his Q by being beat up but is able to maintain a balance of health and power with lifesteal. Sadly this lifesteal comes from vampiric scepter and thus he sacrifices the mobility that boots would have given him. He'll still hover around low health and rely on crits but at least he won't he'll have the mobility of boots and the security of potions to compensate.

E - Spinning Slash: After Tryndamere's Spinning Slash ends he gains a small boost in movement speed.

This is minor but since W can be unreliable at times or not enough and then your spinning slash doesn't close the gap enough a gank will not produce anything beneficial and then likely the retaliation from the enemy can hurt you a tad. A movement speed increase after E would give Tryndamere the small boost he needs to get in to cut someone or to retreat if his initiation failed.

General: Change his Mocking Shout animation to something less silly. Just make him yell at them or something so he won't get buggered down by the animation.


Release his new skin so people can play him and realize how awesome he is.

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