It isn't my fault

It is no secret that I'm not a fan of ranked mode. My biggest problems with it is how easily it is abused and the fact that it's not really different from normal except that elo somehow poisons certain people's minds. The past few days I've played on different accounts (I did not boost - did not get any lowbie accounts) just to frolic in this new end-season ranked mode. I would figure that, with the season ending, more players would be playing ranked mode than average and you'd get more colorful types. It didn't take long till I started running into them.

This won't be an article where I curse these players. This article will be more about observation. I mean I knew ranked could be bad in terms of player behavior but now that I rid myself of my name by using an alternative account I get to see a bit more. If there is one thing I got sick of very fast at this low elo is that everyone has excuses for everything. While sometimes they're legitimate most of the time they're just someone trying to cover their own ass and I'm sure you guys have heard plenty of these already so this isn't anything new.

"Please stop fighting" - those were the words likely most spoken by me. When it comes to playing to win with complete strangers I know it's pretty much the death of the team if they start fighting at each other. Last night I had a team member say it was GG 5 minutes into the game because top lane and mid got killed. Then the blame game started and it devolved into some bitchfest. It was in 1400 and, from the experience I can draw from playing this game for so long, I could tell the player who was bitching was the one who actually lost us the game. The players picked themselves up later and started carrying but this player just kept whining. We still lost in the end after a grueling 50 minute game and then player had the audacity to make a comment that it was not his fault for the loss.

"WTF?" - that's probably the most common one I see and this one still seems to be used at higher elos. This often happens with the player dies in some non-team situation and they try to act as if they were taken by surprise. I've literally seen things like "WTF how does Brand do so much damage?" All I can think of when I see this is some kid trying to justify making a stupid play and hiding behind ignorance. Unless you're a complete dumbass or a new player you should know by now - at 2000 elo - that Brand is a burst mage who deals intense amount of damage and will annihilate you if you give him the chance.

"Lucky!" - This one gets on my nerves pretty easily. While there may be some luck in things with RNG related abilities such as Gangplank's ultimate or Malzahar's space aids there is no luck when it comes to skill. I've seen players call another player lucky for things like flashing over their ability and downing them with a sliver of health or juking them and killing them. They yell out lucky instead of admitting they just got outplayed. They will this out too when a teammate interferes in a fight either by presence or an ability like Ashe's arrow. They can't or are unwilling to admit they were baited by the foresight and planning of the enemy team.

"First time..." - This is the one that immediate evokes groaning from others. The first time players. It's like it's okay if you suck at a role and you were forced into it but you should let your teammates know ahead of time. It's just common courtesy so they could adjust and make it easier on you. However, damn you if you took the role by force when you're terrible at it let alone with a champion you don't know how to play. This is why some players refuse to play during patch day. All the players who purchase the new champion will want to play it and take the role they were told fits that character. Kha Zix was the most recent release and you saw non-jungle players trying to jungle and just make a huge mess of things. They will say things like "I don't normally jungle" or "first time playing this champion" but that' just showing they're selfish and blatantly stupid. This is a ranked game and they're knowingly weakening their own team because they want to fiddle with something they know they don't know how to manage. This excuse can fly in normal games or with friends but not in a ranked game.

"You just got fed" - this one carries some legitimacy sometimes but to say it to your opponent when you had no provocation is just disrespectful. I refuse to play Jungle Darius in the lowest pits of elo because of how easy it is to win with him. I don't talk in all chat yet people still go off and say "you're not even good you just got fed" or "you would have lost if you didn't get fed" and so on and so forth. This excuse is disrespectful to everyone in the game especially if it wasn't provoked. It just shows the person saying it has sand in the butt and sore about having lost. They're actively looking to blame someone or something and, at the same time, trying to scratch at the ego of whoever carried the game. Of course it doesn't work but they have to do this in order to soothe their own cognitive dissonance. "I'm not a bad player!" they think and thus have to find an excuse whenever they feel a better player has shown up and sat on their faces.

"I was lagging" - while this one also can be legitimate sometimes it is one of the most annoying ones to use. If I feel I may have issues with lag then I go into a custom game and run around and do things. Then if in a real game I get lag and screw my teammates over I refuse to play another game till I figure out the problem or it goes away. I would say that this excuse is fine for one game if you didn't know beforehand that you were lagging (though you should check somehow) but if you go into a game again knowing you lagged like hell the game before and you use this excuse again then that is just you being inconsiderate. If you can handle the lag then go for it but it's not fair to think that excuse can continue to fly.

"This team..."" - and that is followed by some other damning words or left by itself in an attempt to imply the team was responsible for that specific player losing. This is one of the more selfish ones because often times this person tries to say it in all chat to cover their own ass and they think trying to make themselves seem like the only "good" player on the team in the eyes of their opponents will prove their point. I've had fun with these types because I would ask them what the team did wrong and then told them, in a very civil manner, what did they do to fix the issue and did he observe what was happening? I figured some of them were actually civil people who were flustered and they calmed down but then some of the truly buttsore would just double their efforts now solidified in their ignorance.

"..." - this isn't an excuse but it's pretty stupid too. It's like - what is that supposed to mean? You have something to say? Instead of typing that out to your lane partner or someone else when they do something bad (or something bad happens to them) why not actually define what you are trying to say? Perhaps by telling them what you think they might improve and not do that again or have that happen to them again. The "..." is fine in cases where something really silly (in a good way) happens or a bad joke is made but not when you do it in an attempt to be smug and superior.

"I was just trolling" - this is probably the most infuriating of all excuses. I see it often used by players who were obviously not trolling but got their asses handed to them that they fall back on this to pad their poor play. This is further exemplified by the fact that if their team starts to turn it around these players suddenly decide to get super serious and help the victory. This is the whole "If I'm winning I'm good but if I'm losing I was just trolling" thing that curses all video games in a similar or same fashion. It's like "Sweet baby Jesus man just give the opponent the glory of victory and your teammates the humility of a proper loss!" but nope the sand in their cracks is full of broken shells and discarded bottle caps.

Excuses just bother me because the person saying them is a real human being. This person is simply refusing to accept that they were beaten and thereby disrespecting their opponents and refusing to get better. They simply blind themselves to the truth and believe that others should conform to what they believe. If they failed in a game they will appeal to everyone to elevate them to some status where they are perfect. Players need to accept that they screwed up.

To be clear though it is okay to use these excuses in some situations or once in awhile but when used frequently it's just scapegoating. In ranked I tend to never talk aside from post game/lame joking and information swapping. Often times on my main or the alts I have to play the parent to someone who's raging. It only makes the game go to hell if a person acts the idiot. However I will not deny that I have become frustrated sometimes and told a guy the blatant truth about what's going on. If a person just keeps getting caught and they make excuses over and over then I will be forceful. Sometimes these people need to be verbally slapped with the sweet sausage of justice.



  • #40 Recker12

    The worst experience is when your team surrender even though your 5 and 1 karthus with 200 cs... and was never given a chance to carry

  • #39 Recker12

    more ever I just mute them  and ignore.I mean I will probably rage at my team if it actually the fact they were bad.Like a south american team I had last game(Though I still blame myself and I shouldve duo lane farm with udyr).i wouldnt rage at them if they actually tried or said sorry.Or they at least acknowledge im the one carrying and you need to pay attention to me to win.

  • #30 DarkCyberElf

    Because I play normals (no ranked), I see these kinds of behavior every single game (on both teams, usually on mine though). But the thing that is definitely the most irritating to deal with in LoL is incompetent people. You specifically instruct them not to do specific things, and or you try to let them know what they're doing wrong and how to prevent it, and they not only defend their actions but continue to do them and end up losing the game for their team. I am so tired of people who can't take responsibility for their actions and see the potential wrong in them. Everyone makes mistakes, it's not a big deal to admit you screwed up or you made a foolish mistake, but to assume it not only wasn't your fault but that you don't need to fix it, is just ridiculous.

  • #37 DarkCyberElf

    Moreover, I'd like anyone who wants a dedicated player to play with and/or anyone who doesn't instantly rage/block and remove for slightest bit of criticism on their decisions, to add me, as I too am tired of the behaviors so prevalent in this community listed by Stonewall.

  • #29 EnaiSiaion

    When I went Zyra mid and got counterpicked by Anivia and then our Jax decided to gank Anivia at level 2 causing me to die in order to save him, I followed your advice and didn't rage on my team or dat Jax and instead apologised for being so bad.

    Result: 4 reports for intentional feeding.

    Thanks bro.

    Last edited by EnaiSiaion: 10/23/2012 6:57:31 AM
  • #36 DarkCyberElf

    Yep. If you don't respond to people in game for your actions, you get reported for intentionally feeding/refusing to communicate/unskilled, and if YOU DO respond, you get reported for verbal abuse/negative attitude/offensive language. League of Legends chat is a double-edge sword, you pray you don't get stuck with complete faggots on your team who flame the moment you say a word, or you hope you don't get paired with morons who won't listen to a word you say and often don't seem to speak English.

  • #27 nochange

    I agree!! Especially with the lucky/I'm just trolling excuses. I think you forgot the tryhard loser excuse...Why even play if you're not going to try?

    A couple games ago our top insists on top, ok we give it to him. Then he feeds the top 4 kills, having half their cs by 10 minutes. OK this guy is clearly losing/getting camped by jungler.. Then he does the GG pity game/I'm useless blah blah. Ok realizing this guy cant lane vs this oponnent anymore, I go top with our jungle and kill the tower, he rages saying, "WTF how do I farm now?!!" At this point hes about to afk. I tell him to just roam, grab some gp5 and try to win end game. Needless to say after feeling like this guys parent for 30 minutes we win by quite a landslide -- while top was camped we had decimated every other lane. The top laner ended with a positive kdr, and was a real headache for our opponents. Some people give up WAY too easily....

  • #24 dreammorpheus

    Word man. It's gotten to the point I just about cant stand playing this game alone. I would say on average I ignore 2 people per game now. Maybe everyone if I am having a bad game. It seems like there is always one volatile player that nitpicks over every mistake instead of just playing the damn game. A person that seems oblivious to the fact that being a kill or two down early isn't GG. They don't seem to realize that their entire team cant be expected to win every lane 100% of the time.

    "Don't worry, we got this" Is a fine mantra. Staying positive in the face of defeat is the mark of a great player in any game/sport. You don't see great quarterbacks screaming at their linemen when they get sacked. You see mediocre ones do that. (Cutler, Rivers)

  • #31 DarkCyberElf

    Perhaps I'm oblivious to certain simple truths, but since I'm usually considered, as in your words, "that one volatile player that nitpicks ever mistake instead of playing...", as a result of the fact that I do my best every game, no matter what role I'm forced into (I play only normals, keep that in mind), and then when people start to feed, troll, throw, or make extremely stupid mistakes, I tell them not only to stop that action but how to fix it. And the thanks I get as a result of this, is flaming and berating insults, followed by the continued action (whatever it may be). So, unless you are one of the many people who never stop and think, huh, maybe this guy who's "bitching" has some good points (unless it's one of those people who constantly say "This team..." and "_____ is bad"), I fail to see how nitpicking mistakes, when there are major ones people constantly continue to make throughout a game that need to be dealt with, is your concern.

  • #23 Waterd103

    I wonder what do you mean with "Can be easily abused."

  • #25 Maralunda

    I assume he means stuff like elo boosting.

  • #20 D00meriksen

    Wow, stonewall. You are really a person and a player one has to respect. Very nice article and I guess everyone had those games, where trash talkers ruin the fun for everyone.

    Keep up the good work!

  • #26 dumbitdownjr

    I second that!

  • #19 Nash19

    The ones I hate the most are those that are simply so bad they get literally shat on in lane and the only way you can somehow win the game is by camping their lane and make sure they don't feed, and eventually feed them with kills.

    Then they brag about how good they think they are while they would just have fed their opponent(s) at least 5 kills if I didn't camp.

    Not really an excuse but still super annoying. Sometimes I'm very glad I learned how to jungle - mainly through your videos - properly because the only role that has enough presence to potentially make up for bad players is jungle.

    Last edited by Nash19: 10/21/2012 4:12:01 AM
  • #32 DarkCyberElf

    Yes, it still baffles me as to how someone can play this game enough to (1) get to level 30, (2) buy a few 3150/4800/6300 champions, and then (3) still act like they have no idea what they're doing at all, in general. I started playing around 6 months ago, and am surprised just how many people there are that have played this game much longer than that, have more normal wins than I have, and yet when it comes push-to-shove when it really matters ingame, they lack half of what I guess I would call "my skill".

  • #18 Jengaeeh

    stonewall, you are the embodiment of a player i'd like to play with

    what bothers me is how people "claim" their lanes and pretend like it was incontrovertible, while i try to ask for a lane w/o instantlogging, being ready to accept a compromise

  • #33 DarkCyberElf

    That's perhaps the most annoying thing to deal with every game, people instantly call their role out, with no concept of compromise or accepting the possibility that someone on the team might fit that role better. Practicing is one thing, but honestly for me the experience usually goes down like everyone calls "mid, top, adc", and I'm stuck with jungle or support one way or another, and then your lanes feed hard despite your most valiant efforts, and you ask yourself "couldn't I have won any of these lanes myself if they had just not called them...?"

  • #17 Burakki

    I see why it might be misunderstood but I sometimes write "..." when I just died and think it was really bad on my part. It seems better than to say "I suck so hard at this game".

  • #15 henkjehh

    Clearly I should be 2.2k ELO but i always get matched with noobs who always die and then I die because of the team i hate it. I am a good player but noobteams screw it.


    I have the feeling a lot of players actually feel like that even though they are garbage. If someone tells me that i'm bad, i tell him that everyone is bad since we are in lower elo, most of the time they make a complaint like ''no, just you are bad'' or ''im not bad'' which kind of pisses me off because their stupidity reached the mount everest point.

  • #21 K0stra

    "My main acc is around 2K elo for both S1 and S2. I never apperiated phrase "elo hell" when i realized i can´t get my alt p 1,5K after two months of trying...

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