Jungle Tier List Breakdown (part 2)

Time to bring you even more of the Jungle Tier List breakdown. I'm busting my ass for you guys to make this come out as epic as I can!

Lee Sin

Speed B+ - Lee Sin is not a fast jungler at the start but he picks up some speed as his abilities begin to power up with ranks. There isn't much to say except that he gets slightly faster from his average start clear and maintains the pace rather well.

Resilience A - Lee Sin's incredible versatility (and the fact that he's an energy champion) allows him to easily recover after being harassed and punished. His kit is so self sustaining that it allows him to overcome even some of the harshest harassment. He even has access to support/bruiser builds that allow him to provide utility to his team if he was utterly crushed while jungling.

Build S+ - Lee Sin has a multitude of builds he can take from support/bruiser builds to even assassin builds. His base build (runes and masteries) are universal and work with whatever build he intends to be. That means he is able to achieve optimal strength for each of his builds rather easily. He is also able to shift his build in the game without much issue as in go from assassin to support if the need arises. Very few junglers in the game are able to build pure damage but make a transition to tank as easily as Lee Sin can. This means if Lee Sin is having a very good game he can build pure offense and assassinate targets but if his teammates aren't doing so well or the enemy team recovers naturally, he can transition into a tankier character without much issue.

In short, Lee Sin scores well because of the sheer versatility of his build, the fluidity of his builds, and the ease of optimizing multiple builds and advantages.

Sustain A+ - First off, all energy champions have the natural strength of infinite resource sustain and thus Lee Sin gains points for that. He has a built in shield that offers both lifesteal and spell vamp which gives him the power to heal himself with his auto attacks and his other spells and it is rather spammable. His high damage allows him to maintain his pace and increase steadily as the game goes. Proper usage of his spells and auto attacks quickly tear camps to pieces while maintaining his health at an optimal level.

Ganking S - It's hard to disagree with this. Lee Sin has multiple means of engaging a gank in multiple ways and often repeatedly as well. He has 2 dashes (3 if with flash) as soon as he obtains his Q and his W and has a hard to miss AoE slow/cripple. His W allows him to use his teammate as bait, use a ward to escape or engage, use his W and a ward to bypass wards by wall hopping, and his Q is a lightning fast engage on an enemy combined with an equally as fast gap closer execution. His ultimate also grants an AoE knockback (with conditional knock up) that he can use to further control his target. He loses only minor points in that his abilities are conditional (yet the conditions are common). All that control and speed is further boosted by the fact that he possesses incredible damage.

Dueling S - Everything that was said about ganking applies here as well. He deals extreme amounts of damage early on especially to light armor targets and can easily hunt down and murder almost all of the other junglers with ease. The nature of his abilities (especially his E) allows him to outmaneuver his opponents and deal with a wide nature of situations.

Invasion A+ - This can be summed up rather easily. Thanks to his multiple means of escaping (aka his mobility), his low cooldowns, his energy, his powerful dueling and ganking, his steroids and debuffs, there is very little stopping Lee Sin from going into a jungle and stealing a camp or just escaping with very little effort if he gets caught.

M. Transition A+ - Lee Sin's mid game is by far his best phase and this is the time when his damage is at its highest (or effective) whether he built as an assassin or as a tankier character. The best way to put this is "He can be a tanky character with assassin like damage and the ability to disengage if something goes wrong." If he builds tanky - he may not have as much damage compared to pure assassins but it is still strong and at least he has escapes and other forms of utility. Even as pure assassin he still has these tools and can survive bad initiations.

L. Transition B - Lee Sin is not "weak" late game but his time has certainly passed. He's forced into a utility role now focusing on either getting the perfect initiation, peeling for his teammates or debuffing the enemy. At this point his damage is not easy to make full use of and it has started to fall off if he didn't built anything towards damage. That said, in conjunction with the difficulty to use it, Lee Sin, built as damage, will not get a chance to fully realize his combo either because he is swiftly killed or deterred.


Speed S - Zed currently reigns as one of the fastest junglers in the game and rightly so. He grinds camps quickly simply by spamming his E and his clearing speed only picks up. There isn't much to say except that he's lightning fast and very few junglers can keep up.

Resilience B+ - Largely thanks to his speed and energy, Zed is capable of bouncing back from most forms of harassment simply be power farming the jungle and waiting to be effective at level 6. Unlike other assassin junglers, Zed's recovery comes from farming instead of grabbing a lucky gank.

Build C+ - Zed is stuck having to build pure offense and has very little wiggle room even then. He does have the bonus of not having to take any of the machete routes (though he still has to buy the item) but he will remain rather fragile much of the game as, though farming very well, his gold will go towards offense. Even then, after considering how much gold an offense build takes, he doesn't have much in the options when it comes to building his offensive build. It will tend to be the same exact build in most games.

Sustain C+ - Zed has no natural health sustain and is not tanky either. He will take a beating from the jungle throughout his clearing even later into the game. The issue is further made clearer when he buys no defensive items. He does maintain an intensely quick pace but he will still take some damage from the camps and it will be noticeable after a full clear.

Ganking C/C+ - Zed's ganking, while very high damage, is also very difficult to pull off properly. The reliance on his shadow makes it difficult to gank as if he needs to close the gap he wastes his slow. On another hand, if he wants to use his shadow to slow the range on his W and his E is so dismal that it is not easy to close the gap by walking on most targets and even then the E range may screw him over. His ganking doesn't improve much even at level 6 as a lot of the damage from his ultimate can be mitigated by using an escape or CC after he's started it. However, as it was already said, Zed's damage is very high and thus bait ganks are recommended. If a teammate helps him pin down a target, Zed's damage is often the only thing needed to destroy someone.

Dueling B - Much like his ganking, his dueling brings with it high amounts of damage but at least forcing fights with your opponent is much easier with dueling. Zed doesn't bring much to dueling and often times will drain himself before he finishes off a target. His chasing isn't that great either as his W has an unforgiving cooldown. His dueling is both weak and strong. Strong in that he will tear even the strongest of jungle duelists to pieces if he gets the jump on them and weak in that he can't face them in an even fight. Even if he nearly kills his opponent - they've probably already killed him.

Invasion A - Thanks to ridiculous speed and E cooldown, he tears camps to pieces and is able to move in and out of camps. Not much can be said about that part - he's just ridiculously fast. The weakness of it comes from the fact that his E burns through his energy reserves that he'll leave himself vulnerable if anyone shows up and he will be unable to fight anyone off. Still, smash and grab.

M. Transition B+ - It isn't much higher thanks to the fact that jungle gold isn't loving towards damage oriented junglers but at the very least the new itemization helps pad that out. He is not tanky and his means of escape are also his offense so that's a double whammy against him right off the bad. He can though, at least during this phase of the game, instagib any soft target he gets on top of. Sometimes you can sacrifice yourself to take out the enemy mvp and that's' all your team will need of you hopefully. Still, he's an assassin and focuses on taking out the softer targets and dealing damage.

L. Transition B - It's the same thing as the mid game phase except it's slightly harder to do your job now. However, at this point you're at least able to purchase an item like guardian angel to give yourself a fighting chance. As long as he farms well, which he tends to do, he'll be able to maintain high, respectable damage.


Speed A - Hecarim became much faster than before albeit he was gifted another issue (explained later) and can grind camps down very quickly throughout the game. His spammable Q is what is responsible for this and maintaining its passive cooldown reduction is very important to maximize his clearing.

Resilience C+ - Hecarim is one of the easier junglers to shut down. He either snowballs or crumbles and shutting his momentum down is the way to deal with him. He is incredibly weak early vs both camps and junglers that most forms of harassment work on him and repeated harassment can severely cripple him. His abilities are weak in their first ranks but they become better as they gain levels except if he's gaining those levels at a negative pace compared to the scaling of the jungle camps. In short, he needs to keep up with the strength of the jungle or it starts crushing him.

Build A - Ignoring the fact that some of his favorite items were nerfed, Hecarim is a jungle tank/initiator and is naturally blessed with the power to still do the initiating part of his job (even if he dies) and thus it doesn't matter if his build is truly complete. That said, some of his best builds take some of the most cost effective items such as Spirit Visage and Aegis and, at least late game if he got cooldown reduction, is able to deal respectable damage damage using budget hybrid offense/defense items for a tank. His constant Q spam along with a sheen an prove to be all he needs for damage.

Sustain B - Hecarim is an incredibly risky jungler early as his sustain is abysmal in both health and mana and that detracts from his final score. Though this issue is quickly remedied as he gains ranks in his abilities and his sustain becomes phenomenal. Simply put, just because he's a ganking jungler and nothing can make up for his unsustained initial clearing, he loses points because of the risk.

Ganking B/A+ - Hecarim's initial ganking is very tricky and difficult to pull off but it ends up getting a decent score because of his ability to bypass wards due to the ridiculous speed he obtains. Other than that - it is difficult to pull off successfully in most cases and his chasing isn't that great after his intiation.

However, once Hecarim obtains his ultimate his ganking takes a huge leap forward in terms of power. His direct ganks (down the lane) are amongst the best in the game and those are the types of ganks that cannot be warded for. The range on his ultimate, combined with the incredible mobility of his E, allows him to cover much ground and initiate on opponents from many different locations and bypass even the best placed wards. However, it isn't perfect in that Hecarim still needs to rely on a proper follow up from his teammates and the strict cooldown on his ultimate means he devolves back into an only decent ganking power.

Dueling C - Hecarim is by far one of the weakest jungle duelists. He deals sustained damage and it is rather low early on in the games. He has next to no mobility outside of his E (which is unforgiving early) and even then it doesn't help in dueling as much as other junglers' tools. He is also rather fragile early which adds more pressure to the fact that he can't trade or deal damage effectively.

Invasion C+ - He can steal camps somewhat quickly and that's about it. Still, it tends to be very risky for him to enter the enemy jungler as he's a weak duelist. His invasion is simply average with the only redeeming quality being his fast clear for the small camps.

M. Transition B - Unless he is fed, Hecarim isn't that strong mid game outside of his initiating powers. He simply doesn't do much outside of moderate sustain damage (if he bought a sheen) and initiating, which isn't as strong as Amumu or a few other junglers.

L. Transition S - He is by far one of the strongest junglers late game. He packs a surprising amount of damage even if he only purchased an offensive item like sheen/trinity force and he still has his initiation powers. His real power comes with tankiness and cooldown reduction. With full cooldown reduction he is able to maintain his W up and, along with his tankiness, keep himself from dying due to the fact that his teammates are healing him constantly. His Q spam with the passive stacks and cooldown reduction will make sure he contributes at least a decent amount of damage. In short, he becomes next to unkillable and is able to stick to an mvp target and pressure the enemy team to protect their player.


Speed A+ - Tryndamere is one of the faster junglers in the game without RNG and can potentially be the fastest jungler in the game with good RNG. Still, it is rather much a pain that his speed ultimately relies on luck.

Resilience B - Tryndamere's giant steroids allow him to sustain his damage with levels and won't require farm - at least early. This means that he can devote himself to farming and protecting his camps if he's being harassed. His incredible speeds means his opponents will have a hard time catching up to him (and he's rather good at escaping to) so recovery for him is guaranteed, if potentially gradual.

Build C - Tryndamere really only has one build route to go and that is pure offensive carry. His ability power build is gimmicky but ultimately detracts power from his jungling and doesn't earn enough gold to work. To make matters a bit worse - his runes and masteries, while not too dramatic, have to be altered to fit for jungling.

Sustain B - Tryndamere's early sustain is basically non existent. In fact, if it weren't for the fact that his sustain becomes godlike in both amazing pace and near invulnerability later, his early sustain issues would have sunk his score. For his first clear he has is by far the riskiest jungler in the game. He needs to maintain his health low in order to jungle properly and quickly which leaves him vulnerable to getting instantly killed by an enemy jungler or, if not careful, the camp itself might kill him.

Ganking B - Tryndamere's mocking shout isn't that strong of a ganking tool due to the conditional nature of it but his E allows him to bypass wards by wall hopping and is a strong gap closer. Tryndamere then brings him with two tools for the gank - incredible ganking and potentially refreshing gap closer allowing to continue the kill. After he obtains his ultimate he is able to easily turret dive most targets and secure the kill with his teammate. His ganking is only decent though as it doesn't always tend to work.

Dueling C+ - He is a rather fragile jungler that is already jungling while clinging to his own life, dueling is not recommended for him. If he is lucky though, he can easily rend an opponent in two. However, relying on luck when it comes to the jungle is simply a stupid idea. He can easily kill most enemy junglers on equal footing but smart junglers will never try to face him in those situations. Any fights that are uneven are usually very negative for Tryndamere.

Invasion A - He loses points for his very risky dueling and haphazard sustain but ends up having a good score on invasion because of how quickly he melts all camps (big and small) and how easily he is able to escape from sticky situations. His ungodly speed is what ends up securing a good invasion score for him.

M. Transition C+ - This isn't easy to note about Tryndamere. While he can farm very well, he is still no match for a lot of champions come mid game. At the very most he'll be able to cherry pick a few kills here and there but he'll have an incredibly difficult time trying to do things unless he snowballed. He needs more items.

L. Transition A - While some would say that he is ungodly late game, that is a thing of the past. Yes he is a very strong jungle carry and can dish out tons of damage with items but he's still easily kited and most champions nowadays are able to simply escape from his clutches and mock him. Still, out of every jungler in the game, he has potentially the highest damage potential and is one of the few true jungle carries. If done properly (team helping) he can outright slaughter the enemy team.


Speed B - Nautilus has a decent clear speed (became faster in Season 3) and he actually speeds up as the game goes on. It is a myth that he is a slow jungler. He is just slower compared to the fastest junglers and it is made noticeable because they like to take advantage of his slower clearing - like they would do for any other slow jungler. Though admittedly it is more noticeable against Nautilus for a reason that will be covered later.

Resilience B - Nautilus is very easy to shut down during the jungle phase as the camps already crush him from the get go and utterly demolish him if he doesn't keep up. Constant harassment will bury him and speed junglers are capable of doing this easily. Why does he end up scoring high anyways? It is because, while easy to stomp in the jungle phase, his transitioning is amongst the best in the game and he outright demolishes other junglers in utility come level 6. His nigh uncomparable level 6 ganking can bring him back from some of the worst starts. Though that is not to say he can't be demolished so badly that he ends up becoming useless - after invading him to hell and back one must focus on counter ganking him where he plans to be.

Build B - He is a support/tank jungler and thus has already a lot of viable builds he can take, he even has some offensive ones. The problem is that he's not a great farmer and, unless he's fed, he will not obtain a proper offensive build or an immediate defensive build. He has two glaring flaws that he has to remedy rather early. His god awful movement speed and his surprisingly terrible armor. He needs to purchase items to pad those stats or else he'll explode in even his own ganks - or just outright not catch anyone.

Sustain C+ - Nautilus is a mana hungry champion that is very reliant on his cooldowns in order to jungle. Let me put it this way - Nautilus needs to have his incredibly long cooldown shield up (early game) in order to clear camps which contributes a good but weak (low ranks) AoE damage dot on the monsters but is lost when the shield breaks all the meanwhile he's spamming his E trying to take the camps down. He's so overly reliant on a long cooldown shield to protect his health and help his damage so once that is lost he is not only taking damage from the camp, he is also taking longer to kill it which means even more damage.

Ganking S/S+ - Nautilus is hands down one of the strongest gankers in the game. The sheer amount of ganking tools this monster has is ungodly. He has a gap closing pull (or a gap closer near walls), an auto attack snare, an AoE staggering slow and an undodgeable AoE ultimate knock up. The nature of his ganking tools even grants him the power to combo-cc lock an opponent possibly pinning them down for upwards to 5-6 seconds. His ultimate just makes him unable to fail a gank unless counter jungle. Regardless of how it is used - the ultimate guarantees a knock up which forces the target to eat it or burn everything in order to be in a better position when it hits. It allows for powerful direct ganks as well as Nautilus can simply walk up to a lane and use it and prepare his other spells to grab the scrambling target. Nautilus is a ganking target and it is highly recommended that he gank whenever there is an opportunity and especially when his ultimate is available.

Dueling D - Nautilus is by far one of the worst jungle duelists in the game. His shield is his offense and his defense but most junglers will quickly removing that making him utterly incapable of fighting. Even the most average of dueling junglers can abuse him. The only thing he can hope to do is use his tools to escape and not fight.

Invasion C+ - Aside from clearing fast, he has no real powers. The fact that his invasion relies heavily on his high cooldown abilities and his shield (don't need to explain why that's bad again) he leaves himself so vulnerable and helpless when he tries to invade. It is recommended he not invade unless the opportunity is basically given to him in a golden plate.

M. Transition B - There is not much to say here outside of the fact that he has incredible amounts of CC that he grants for his team and he has decent initiation (not the best). Still he is rather fragile and will likely drop in many fights even with some tanks items. He relies heavily on his shield to survive and deal damage but still can't maintain it up most of the time. Still, CC bots have strong transitions.

L. Transition S - The CC bot ends up able to deal damage with absolutely no offensive items. His W is bolstered by his resistances and has its damage increased by the health that Nautilus is hopefully stacking. His cooldowns have also become a lot better at this point and he is able to maintain both his shield up and spam his E throughout the fight. If he's focused then the enemy team is doing something wrong, if he isn't then he'll get to deal moderate sustained damage and constantly pressure the enemy team with his staggering crowd control.

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