Jungle Tier List Breakdown (part 7)


Speed B - Elise starts off slow and only increases her clearing upwards to a moderate clearing pace. Nothing much to say here other than that this is easily rectified with a leash and ranks into her W.

Resilience C+ - Elise, as a jungler, is easy to put down. She needs levels in order to keep up with the jungle or otherwise it begins to outscale her and pushing her. She's surprisingly easy to kill as well. She doesn't fair well against other junglers this early in the game. Simply put - fragile, level dependent and vulnerable.

Build A - Elise, much like Diana, combines bruiser like qualities with the strengths of an AP jungler. She has diverse build orders and ways of going about achieving those orders. Many of her builds are economic and she makes great use of items that combine offense and defense. Her most optimal builds require her to obtain a good amount of gold which is what detracts from her final score - also the fact that some of her "usual" builds are less effective when used in the jungle (magic pen build).

Sustain B+ - Elise's sustain is an interesting aspect. Her early health is average as the combination of her W lifesteal and spider tanking doesn't save her from getting hurt a bit until much later. Even then she needs to rank up her W in order for it to properly sustain her - therefore she needs levels. Her mana will never be an issue since using her human abilities while jungling isn't necessary (though they tend to help). Even with ranks on her W - she gets rather thrashed by the jungle whenever it is down. She isn't building any straight up damage so all of her clearing power is coming from the W steroid.

Ganking A+ - Her E alone propels this score to an obscene amount. She has decent damage and her big leap definitely helps engage and somewhat disengage. I just can't glorify her human E enough. It is a ranged, skill shot stun. You can either close the gap as a spider then web them or web them then close the gap. Either way - just hitting that thing can guarantee a death. It loses points because of her clunkiness and awful movement speed (as human).

Dueling B - Elise is one of those jungle duelists that does poorly against the other strong duelists. She can outmaneuver plenty of them but even then has issues killing them. However, she does pretty much destroy everyone who isn't a strong duelist. Match up wise - it would be that she does horribly or bad vs the strong duelists like Lee Sin and such but completely rolls the B and below duelists.

Invasion B - She's not the fastest clearer or anything but she is one of those junglers that can annoy you to no end. She can invade and, if caught, escape easily. That's pretty much it. She has average speed and clearing but dammit if you can do anything about it except watch and get webbed.

M. Transition B - Elise has plenty of build options but even then she won't be optimized from the jungle. That's pretty much it. She can do her main job of poking/assassinating still but much less effectively than if she had lane.

L. Transition C+ - Same thing except her murder powers have started to wane. Overall she is a good jungler but she sacrifices more than she should in order to do so. Lane Elise far outshines Jungle Elise. She can, at least, become a web bot!


Speed B+ - The speed thing is going to start a trend with Malphite. Malphite has above average speed and clearing. Just wack them with E and they will drop along with some fisticuffs.

Resilience B - His ability to pretty much tank everything with prejudice and his ability to scale with armor (which increases his tanking ability) just make his ability to return rather easy. He's not a great duelist or fighter but he's not easy to beat - it's a grind. His ganking saves him too later. In short, he can be harassed easily by many junglers but, even without trying, he just recovers naturally thanks to his kit and build.

Build A - Malphite is very easy to build as a jungler. He's one of those junglers that excels by simply building defense. Malphite's final score suffers because of the lack of versatility for his build while jungling. He is pretty much forced into building defensive stats and take runes that increase his jungle prowess but not support his favored offensive builds (aka magic pen).

Sustain B+ - His build is incredibly tanky and his passive is powerful even early. His E also cripples the monsters offense. He takes a beating early and doesn't heal but with timing the clears with his passive he'll be able to maintain his health properly. His speed never gives out unless he runs out of mana, which is really his only issue in sustain.

Ganking C/A - His ganking pre-6 is really weak. In most cases it just ends up being a harassment gank. His level 6 ganks are blink ganks with powerful cc and burst. They are easily telegraphed but way stronger anyways. Not much to say here. It's a "click boom" gank.

Dueling B - Malphite is another one of those "annoying" duelists. It has to be noted that he shouldn't really be looking for fights and instead just stick to jumping people if he wants to murder them. He doesn't have "finishing" power but he does have the ability to tank most junglers and waste time - meaning teammates will show up hopefully. There are some match ups that he wins incredibly drastically which are match ups vs anyone that relies on attack speed.

Invasion A - He's a thief that can just waddle away when attacked. There really is not much to say here either except that it's almost a waste of time to fight a Malphite who isn't behind. He'll just shrug off the attack walk away or stand and fight and delay you. He clears small camps insanely fast at no cost and often is able to invade areas due to positioning himself for a gank with his ultimate.

M. Transition A+ - It's a freaking Malphite. Land your ultimate, use E on their carry, you probably won the team fight. He builds nothing but tank and deals respectable damage and shrugs off damage like no one's business. The guy is a transitioning beast.

L. Transition S - Like I said it's a freaking Malphite. Now add cooldown reduction and him spamming his E and the enemy carry may never deal damage again.


Speed A - Skarner became slower in season 3 sadly. That isn't to say he's slow. He still clears fast just not AS fast as before.

Resilience C+ - About the worst thing that happened to Skarner with the jungle changes was his ability to recover was shot to hell. Keep in mind resilience is about recovering from harassment - and Skarner isn't one who does that well anymore. If he gets beat he stays beat. He drains his mana and has to make constant trips. It helps that he really isn't going to be ganking pre-6 but it's one of those slippery slope things. Constant harassment destroys Skarner. The score would have been higher if his transition wasn't shot.

Build A - Skarner's builds are at least flexible if albeit not the cheapest out there. He has a wide variety of builds from offensive ones (super expensive usually) to bruiser (moderate expense) and tank builds (also moderate). His budget build is an aura build but that build doesn't tend to optimize his powers. Still - his damage is very high regardless of his builds for throughout mid game and his crowd control has its strengths boosted most forms of utility (mostly speed boost).

Sustain B - This took a hit too. Skarner gets faster as he gains level and he is able to maintain that pace - as long as he has mana. His mana issues barely improve and his health is tied in to how fast he clears and how he can spam his abilities. His sustain was better in season 2 when the jungle was weaker and required less effort to clear.

Ganking C+/S - Skarner isn't a strong ganker pre-6. It is difficult to grab someone for a gank unless he gets assistance from his teammates. However, if he does manage to close in on someone, the enemy will take a considerable amount of damage and be slowed to almost a halt. His early damage and slow spam is considerable. Once he obtains his ultimate he becomes an incredible ganker. It's a targeted, melee ranged suppression pull. Once grabbed it basically means death for his target.

Keep in mind that the nerf to his ultimate did not affect this score it all. It does not really harm his ganking. It harms his team fighting/initiating. Skarner's cooldown is reset if they flash out of his ultimate. It's the same as if they had flashed before he even used it. Skarner can either bait the flash and follow up with his own flash and grab or just return later.

Dueling S - Skarner is another one of the god duelists in the game. It is arguable between who the strongest straight up duelists are. Olaf and Skarner are both duelists who excel and slugfests and they both have strong match ups that are in their favors. For Olaf, it is argued that his axe helps him chase and pin someone down while Skarner can just spam his Q and tear someone down with mixed damage. There are strong cases for both but one thing is for sure - Skarner will fucking destroy anyone that is in melee range vs him and that is an easy occurrence in the jungle. Though an argument against him is that he's very easily outmaneuvered since he is all melee including his crowd control. Someone like Trundle can abuse of Skarner with his wall and mobility.

Invasion S - Combine speedy clearing with good mobility and "I will murder you and lay eggs in your chest" levels of dueling and you aren't to be messed with when invading.

M. Transition A - Simply put, as a bruiser he's amazing. He has high damage, tankiness, demands a peel and can build a mix of offense and defense. The guy can even initiate. That's where he loses points though - his initiation is an all in thing and will get him killed. It used to be less of an issue when his ultimate could grab almost any target but they nerfed that part. If he goes all in for an initiate and they easily stop it - it's very possible he puts his team in a bad position for a counter-initiate. Other than that, melee character that can get kited like all the rest and is reliant on flash to start fights. High damage, high tankiness, good build. Not much to say.

L. Transition A - Same thing as before though he can reach the point of anti-carry status and requires a peeler. Other than that - same thing really.


Speed A+ - He was formerly one of the fastest junglers in the game but Season 3 slowed him down a bit. He's still very fast just not as fast as before. No real issue here though.

Resilience B - The guy can be kicked around and bullied pretty damn hard even moderate duelists can crush him. It helps that his ultimate is amazing for team fights and his ganking is godlike but his clearing takes a hit if he's kept down. It doesn't last for long if he manages to get levels - a few levels and ranks into his abilities and he's back on his feet.

Build A+ - He's a tank. He's a cc bot. He's AP(ish). He's able to initiate. He has abilities with multiplicative values. Yeah his build is going to be easy and cheap. You can throw anything on him and it will work out. He doesn't have offensive builds from the jungle and that's the only thing that detracts from his score.

Sustain C+ - Keep in mind he loses points for his early jungling. He is mana hungry and he takes a bit of damage. His passive's full power hasn't kicked in yet and he takes a few bursts of his abilities to clear a camp. His pace demands he burns everything in order to clear. His pace stays only okay and his mana issues tend to remain but his health sustain becomes much better.

Ganking S+ - It is debatable whether or not Maokai is the best ganker in the game but I would put my money on that he is. Sure wards hurt everyone right now but Maokai's ganking tools are obscene. First off, his ranged, targeted snare - that thing is insane. It basically will grab someone regardless of whether they use an escape (though it can lead Maokai to his death) and grab them. It's as simple as that. Point, click, you got them. However, then you tack on a ground mash Q which causes an AoE knock up. A freaking AoE knock up on a short cooldown. Combining both abilities basically nets you an emulated Malphite ultimate on a very short cooldown. The ease and reliability in Maokai's ganks pretty much propel this score.

Dueling C - Trees can't defend themselves, except Mexican fighting trees.

Invasion B+ - Great clearing and able to use his seedlings to scout for him. Not much else to say here. Don't get into fights.

M. Transition A+ - Everything about his transition was basically mentioned in the build section. To explain his ultimate - basically it's damage reduction for the entire team. It is a bit weaker now because of burst city but in sustained fights the thing is killer. It basically gives your teammates artificial health which has its value multiplied by how tanky they become. I hope you get the picture I'm trying to draw here. He basically gives his team an artificial gold boost when using his ultimate.

L. Transition S - Same thing except now he's harder to kill and likely has auras up the ass providing insane utility. His passive is actually pretty damn annoying at this point.


Speed D - He's still the slowest top jungler in the game. This weakness is so glaring that even beginners to abuse it. Even with a leash it is beyond slow.

Resilience B+ - If it wasn't for his ultimate and his godly health sustain then his resilience would plummet. Harassing Shen makes him slower and can cripple him beyond repair but his ability to "infinite" jungle is what helps him recover from even the most stupid amounts of harassment. He loses points because he can't do much about being harassed except trot along to level 6. Infinite jungling will be explained below.

Build B+ - Shen has an infinite amount of builds and a lot of them are cost effective for a jungler. The only problem is that Shen isn't your average jungler. He is unbearably slow and can't farm well EARLY until his ultimate becomes active. That said, the sheer number of build options he has from offensive, bruiser, tank, and support is what keeps him going. That and his infinite jungling.

Sustain A+ - He has energy and he's a tank. He's basically already built to stand there and tank everything. His Q helps him sustain himself and, while weak early, every rank it obtains boosts its power considerably. It gets to the point where Shen will basically be at 100% health while jungling...slowly.

Ganking A/S - I don't get why some people say that Shen's ganking is weak before level 6. It's a gap closing taunt (effectively hard CC) with a follow up burst from his passive. Shen's damage is deceptively high too. It is very quick and accurate. Shen isn't likely to gnab the kill but he is very good at enabling the kill.

Once Shen obtains his ultimate he is now able to maintain global pressure as long as it is up. Players will know Shen can pop into a fight and therefore will be less aggressive. Shen can counter gank or join in a gank if it is set up right. The global presence cannot be ignored and it is a major contributor to Shen's strength.

Dueling B - Shen is surprisingly a strong duelist as he can trade blows and dish out respectable damage. He cannot match the tools that the best duelists have but he can take down B level duelists with ease. He is a very powerful slugger and can even deal with duelists that are designed to outmaneuver their opponents.

Invasion D+ - Aside from being able to escape easily - unless it's basically 100% clear that you won't run into trouble, you're usually not gaining much by invading with Shen.

M. Transition A+ - It's Shen. He's a bruiser tank that can split push and cover the entire map.

L. Transition S - Just read above.

Special - This is why I shortened out the transition things. I'll basically explain them here by also explaining his special "infinite jungling" thing. Basically his ultimate allows him to apply global pressure at all times and makes it so he doesn't have to stop farming in order to position himself for a gank. This is an artificial boost to his speed and his farming. He just farms all day. He can even make trips back home to equip himself or heal without much issue as long as his ultimate is a threat. He can defend a lane yet not lose any threat to gank a different lane. All this saved time allows him to farm more which allows him to purchase better items. Later on he can detach himself from his team while the team roaming and mexican stand offs are occurring and continue farming the jungle and/or lanes. He can make up for his rocky start easily this way. Jungle Shen can end up matching the strengths of Lane Shen easily given that his team doesn't force him to be with them at all times.

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