Jungle Tier List Breakdown (part 8)

Cho Gath

Speed A+ - Cho Gath became a little bit slower than Season 2 but not by much. He still just grinds camps down like no one's business.

Resilience A+ - Cho Gath is a jungler with one of the best recoveries in the game. He's a crowd control bot so he's already getting a natural boost here. He has fast clearing thanks to his strong AoE abilities and his strong single target damage (that E man) so he'll pick right back up with some farm. His ultimate gives him a giant tankiness boost and artificial gold advantage over his opponents. His sustain is still strong (albeit nerfed) and he still can build pretty much anything. In short, Cho Gath's sheer versatility, gold efficiency and insane speed/farming helps him recover even from the most catastrophic forms of harassment.

Build S - You can build practically anything on Cho Gath and it will work even in the jungle (with a few modifications). Some of his best and most optimal builds require a lot of gold though which tends to be much more than the jungle can provide. At the very least his wide range of builds from bruiser (both AD and AP), aura support, tank, mage and more, end up pushing him to godly levels in this aspect.

Sustain A+ - His sustain was nerfed a bit and his speed pace was nerfed with the jungle changes but overall it didn't do much to him. He's still very healthy and mana sustained (after his first clear) that you wonder why people say that Warwick is the only the jungler that jungles at 100% health.

Ganking B+ - This too has been a very confusing aspect. Not because it is hard to grade or anything but because players seem to think Cho Gath is a terrible ganker. Yes his knock up can be unreliable but that's because they're rather stupid and don't think about the entirety of Cho Gath. Cho Gath has two strong ganking tools that are both AoE and are skill shots. The range on his Q is incredible as well. It is very easy to dodge but it is also likely a guaranteed kill if it lands. There are things Cho Gath can do to increase the chances of it landing such as silencing the target first (which isn't hard) or forcing them to use their escapes early. He exerts a lot of control onto a target and, in most cases, will get to use his Q twice in a gank. To add on top of all that - his damage is actually really high early on and then he obtains his ultimate true damage nuke. He only loses points on the unreliability.

Dueling B+ - This one was a weird one to score. He gets outmaneuvered a lot but also can outmaneuver a lot of opponents. His damage is high but he seems to lack the power to finish off enemy junglers. He's beefy and keeps getting beefier and maintains high power but he doesn't always win his fights. He's a strong duelist but his match ups are all over the place.

Invasion S - Everyone knows Cho Gath is one of the godliest control junglers especially when he obtains his ultimate. He grinds camps down like nothing while being fully sustained and he has two strong cc tools (which are stronger in the jungle) to escape. He's a competent duelist as well. When he obtains his ultimate he gets a super smite which allows him to annihilate any camp in a heartbeat. He can go to a buff camp, do one rotation of spells, a few auto attacks, smite and chomp - then he's out.

M. Transition A - A cc bot with a static health steroid. He can build anything and he farms rather well. He does reasonable damage at this point in the game and is a great bodyguard. His only issue stems from his inability to initiate which is a big deal for cc bots. He has to burden another teammate with initiation powers.

L. Transition A - The same exact thing except his builds determine if he deals damage or if he hits like a feather now and if he takes awhile to take down or is unkillable.


Speed S+ - Her spot for being the second fastest jungler in the game is currently in dispute with Zed but yeah she's fast as hell.

Resilience C+ - Aside from farming very quickly, there is not much Shyvana can do against harassments. Her speed saves her but duelists progressively get stronger against her the more they harass her, she becomes less threatening to laners (as if she even ever was) and falls off the more harassment she gets. She's a fragile thing early.

Build A - At least her builds are cost effective and reasonable. Her damage stays strong through most of the game and she can easily farm up her cost effective builds. There isn't much to say here except that, as long as she isn't harassed to hell and back, she'll farm up her basic build.

Sustain C - She almost dies in the jungle for her first clear. She's insanely fast but insanely fragile early on. Her sustain issues persist for awhile until she itemizes to fix them. She has no mana which is a good thing and her cooldowns are reasonable given her speed. She can sustain her incredible speed as well. Her early-early mid sustain is just trash.

Ganking D+/C - Shyvana cannot gank to save her life. She needs the perfect situation in order to engage for a kill and it's largely thanks to her teammate setting up the kill. Her ultimate doesn't increase her ganking potential by much. Some may argue that "oh just use exhaust" but it's a variable that isn't being counted in the score because then you'll have to accountability for exhaust in other jungler's scores and we'll be in the same damn spot anyways.

Dueling B+ - I always hear people say "omg Shyvana is a great duelist" when I think she honestly isn't. She has a lot of damage but that's her only real strength. If she catches someone off guard she'll probably hurt them badly but she gets outmaneuvered by plenty of characters. She's a slugger at best.

Invasion A+ - She moves very fast, doesn't require mana and grinds camps down quickly. That's her whole gimmick and doesn't need much explanation. Just go from camp to camp and grind.

Transition B - I just combined both of these. She's basically the same thing. She has okay damage without items and better damage with them. She has no crowd control so she has no real utility. She can get kited easily but at least has her ultimate to do something. Someone made the comparison and I would have to agree - she's a female Udyr. She trades the stun for a leap of faith. She can eat someone if she gets to them or she just gets kited and dies - unless she farmed up an arsenal.


Speed C+ - Rengar is a slow jungler. Even on release he was pretty slow but every nerf made him slower and slower. At least later on he gets a bit faster.

Resilience C - Rengar struggles pretty harshly if he's harassed and beat up while jungling. If he gets behind because of failed ganks or counter jungling - he struggles to clear his jungle. The nerfs hurt his recovery in season 2 but the season 3 changes made things a bit harder for him still. Admittedly the health change for monsters helped him out.

Build A - Rengar can build tanky, bruiser or assassin - that's a plus. He's a bit like Lee Sin in that he can build assassin if he's dominating or build on a budget if he's not. They nerfed his personal item which was kind of a sucker punch to him. It was very cost efficient.

Sustain C+ - Rengar's sustain used to be much better but yeah nerfs happened. He doesn't require mana so that's a plus. However, he takes a huge hit from his inability to maintain a strong clearing pace. It used to be a great thing for Rengar when he could just go to every camp and melt them but now they get progressively stronger while he struggles to wipe them out in some instances of the game. His pace is wonky. His healing factor is great but not enough. Basically put, he gets pretty trashed at clearing.

Ganking S/S+ - Rengar is amongst the best gankers in the game. His passive is a freaking free leap with a ridiculously refreshing cooldown. He has ranged targeted snare that is available when he reaches full ferocity and can be regained if gains full ferocity again - he can sometimes use it twice during a gank. The same snare is a targeted slow when not ferocious. Rengar also has high damage, good tankiness and is very mobile. Once he gains his ultimate he takes it to the next level. Now Rengar has a stealth ability which allows him to initiate direct ganks with ease and ignore plenty of ward spots. On top of that, he now has a leap that is on demand and not when he's a bush. To add even more to that, he also gains ferocity while stealthed which means he doesn't necessarily have to charge his ferocity before ganking OR that he can initiate and use a spell with ferocity followed by a full rotation of his spells in order to gain back ferocity and THEN using his ultimate to quickly gain the ferocity back and using another ferocious ability.

Dueling A - Rengar is a decent slugger but his best dueling comes from just outmaneuvering his opponents. His passive just helps him do tons of crazy stuff in the jungle leaping everywhere. Regnar, aka leapman, can use monsters to escape or initiate into a slow/snare and what have you. He does a good amount of damage as well. His issue is that he usually doesn't have enough power to "finish" someone off but at least he can chase them down. His chasing power is determined by how the enemy decides to run or how far the chase will be. That's what ultimately chips points away from this - also he can't really fight the S junglers.

Invasion B - He's got insanely funny dueling which helps him out here. Anyways, it is true that Rengar is a pretty slow jungler but by the time Rengar is invading he's also ganking. Usually invaders are not granted points for this but Rengar is a ganking jungler and he benefits from invading by the fact that he can feed his ferocity and position himself better (usually) for a gank. It's one of those rare cases where invasion doesn't take Rengar out of the way and may actually help him.

Transition B - It largely depends on his build. It ends up being the same thing really just changes the fact of whether he'll explode his target and die right after or deal good damage but survive. Of course I mean that the build he took will govern this transition. He's a bruiser with mobility, steroids and good damage. There not much to say here but that his job stays the same throughout all phases of the gank - snipe someone. He can become an initiator depending on who his teammates are though.


Speed C+ - Warwick hasn't been fast in a long time. The former king of the jungle weeps for the comfort of his throne.

Resilience B - This is one area where Warwick used to be Triumphant in. He's better than a lot of junglers at recovery since his sustain is so godly even against scaling enemies - but he's still a shadow of himself. Still, you can't keep Warwick down for long. It takes an excessive amount of force to take him out of the game.

Build A - He has a very versatile build set and can build tanky and still deal a modicum of damage. Not much to say here except he has similar build options to other tanks like Malphite who don't need to itemize anything but defense.

Sustain S - Warwick's renowned sustain is still there. He'll probably never drop his health. It's great and all but his speed only gets slighter better. Again this is another thing that has nothing that is needed to be said. He just stays at full health by clawing at enemies.

Ganking D/S - Warwick is one of the worst pre-6 gankers in the game. His movement speed gaining ability is very conditional as well. He can counter gank and he can probably gank the most aggressive of targets but usually those situations basically have be handed to him. His ganking becomes very powerful once his ultimate is gained. It's a point and click long lasting suppression. It's that's simple really. It will require his teammates to react though since Warwick likely will not kill the target on his own. Still, it is a very powerful ganking tool.

Dueling A+ - Warwick is a very powerful yet pathetic duelist. He can kill almost anyone 1v1 including some of the S tier duelists but he is incredibly easy to outmaneuver. Even some of the weakest of duelists have the potential to just outmaneuver and outwit him. He just claws at people which means others can juke him in the bushes, line of sight or just cc him and walk away. He's a slugger that gets outmaneuvered very easily.

Invasion B+ - Warwick is slow but why does he score high in invasion? Because of the way he duels. If you try to stop Warwick then you're forced to get in his face and he may gnaw at you. It's one of those situations where stopping him forces you to get into a position where he has the advantage.

Transition B - Again another jungler with a fused transition score. He is yet again another old character that has been screwed by power creep. I compare him to Udyr and Shyvana except he has some utility. He also has an ultimate that helps him engage (though in team fights he gets thrown off easily). He gets kited too but he can claw at someone if he gets on them. He deals damage if farmed too.


Speed B+ - Sejuani's speed is not as bad as most people thing but her ability to maintain it is flimsy. She burns mana like a madman. She may die too trying to maintain that speed.

Resilience D+ - Sweet jesus does harassment destroy her. Even light harassment can demolish her. Her lack of sustain, her lack of dueling potential, the fact that she's so fragile...man she just gets screwed easily.

Build B - The jungle doesn't provide enough gold for a lot of her builds so she's stuck being economic. Even then her economic builds are not enough! She needs a lot more gold in order to make up for a lot of her deficiencies. Her best pre game build requires her to sacrifice tankiness in favor of cooldown reduction as well.

Sustain C - She starts becoming very fast and thus her pace is amazing. That's about the only thing she has going for her though. She has no health sustain and suffers because of it throughout the game. Her mana issues exist as well.

Ganking B/S - Her pre-6 ganking is pretty good if albeit she can die from ganking early. She's like Skarner where she can pin someone down and murder them. Her ultimate is perhaps one of the best ganking tools in the game. It allows her to do blink ganks and direct ganks easily. It's a ranged Amumu ultimate with a strong success rate. This is probably her best trait but sadly it is not enough to make up for her shortcomings.

Dueling D+ - She is probably one of the worst jungle duelists. She has okay damage but not enough to contend with others, her sustain is awful so she's probably broken by the jungle, she has no tankiness and just gets murdered by the jungle. She has tricks to outmaneuver some opponents but she doesn't have enough means to make great use of it.

Invasion C - She has speed and can escape. That's about it. She loses a lot of points because of her terrible sustain and dueling. It would have been much worse but, like Rengar, her ganking positions enable her invasions to not be massive detours.

M. Transition B - Her ultimate. That's all she has. Her ultimate is so good it allows her to at least do something. Everything else about her is likely underdeveloped even sometimes even if fed.

L. Transition A - Same thing as before but she might have the items that help her not instantly explode or be useless. Her initiation is what gives her some use but others just end up doing her job better.

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