Saintvicious joining Curse - Crumbzz to Dignitas - Voyboy to CLG

Longtime CLG jungler will become part of Team Curse, joining the team as the jungler. Curse will be saying goodbye to Crumbzz in an amicable parting of ways for personal reasons . CLG is not without a new lineup though, adding Voyboy from Dignitas to their team for top lane and sliding HotshotGG to the jungle. Dignitas will add Crumbzz to their lineup as well, and he will play top lane.  All the top NA teams shuffling around as the Season 2 Championship draws near. More updates and statements from the teams as they come in.

Saint's statement on his twitter can be found here:

Crumbzz statement on leaving Curse:

As the season 2 championship approaches many teams are scrambling to practice and get into a good stride before this major event. As many of you may have guessed, a lot of teams are getting gaming houses as a way to ensure their devotion to the game as well as increased practice hours to prepare them for the gold. Team Curse is no exception. Unfortunately , I cannot attend the gaming house that Curse has so eagirly offered to provide, due to personal reasons, primarily University as I wish to continue my studies without a halt, and moving into a gaming house would not allow me to do so. It is with good blood that I am announcing my leave from Team Curse. I am forever grateful for the opportunities they have provided me in the League of Legends scene, and the memories, as well as the friends that I will continue to have over at the flamed logo team. It may be sad for some, but I must do what is in my best interest. I would like to thank all of Curse's staff for creating one of the most pleasurable work environments I have been involved with, as well as the entirety of my team. Jacky, Pobelter, Elementz and Cop for being fantastic teammates as well as great people and players. And most of all my manager Liquid112 for having provided me the opportunity to join Team Curse in the 1st place and being the most hardworking person I have ever met, as well as handling any situation thrown his way perfectly, including this one. I thank my fans for grinding this with me, they are the driving reason behind this game and behind my motivation, and hopefully staying with me in the future. I'm going to try my best to remain in the competitive scene of League of Legends as I just can't get enough of it. It's been a blast, but this is goodbye to Team Curse, and I wish them nothing but the best in the future.— Alberto Rengifo, Today 2:45 PM

Crumbzz statement on joining Dignitas as their top lane:

Quote from Crumbzz
- I am very pleased to be brought aboard Team Dignitas, I must say I was lured by imaqtpie"s hair, but that doesn't matter since I am here and that's all that counts. I will play in the role I have been placed in to the best of my ability and will hopefully keep Team Dignitas as a powerhouse in League of Legends.

Liquid's statement on the future of Curse:

Hey everyone, we're enthralled about Saint joining the team, this bad ass mofo has huge amount of tournament experience, played on what was the best team in NA and now brings a wealth of skill to Team Curse.  We can’t be more excited.  With that being said, we are also very sad to see Crumbzz go.

Voyboy's twitter confirmation:

Xpecial and TSM are the only team standing still in all this, and at least one of their members is as blown away by all this as the rest of the community is. Xpecial remarked on his twitter how surprised he was, and then dropped this tweet:

Quote from @TSMXpecial
- Each team literally shuffled their best players around and none of the teams are noticeably stronger...


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