Absolute Legends.EU becomes Curse.EU

Curse is adding another LoL team, and will be picking up one of the hottest teams on the EU Scene right now in Absolute Legends. This addition will give them contenders in the EU and NA scene, and make Curse an even powerful name in the LoL E-Sports scene. The following statement was given by Team Curse:

Team Curse is proud to announce one of the best teams in the EU scene, the team formely known as Absolute Legends EU, will be joining the Curse family known as Curse.EU. We're very excited about the new partnership with them and with it will come a gaming house for the team which will be located in Germany.

The new Curse.EU team will be a formidable one, and their team manager Tomislav "flyy" Mihailov offered the following statement:

We are more than glad to join one of the most stable organizations in the world of eSports. We are more than eager to show them that they made the right choice by picking us up. Curse is giving us the opportunity to develop our potential and show the community that we can be on the top, which we are grateful for.

The lineup of Curse.EU will look as follows:

Joey Steltenpool - YoungBuck - Top

Vytautas Melinauskas - extinkt - AP Mid

Tobias Magnusson - Malunoo - Jungle

Algirdas Saliamonas - Sleper - AD Carry

Andreas Krogsbøll - xinec - Support

Tomislav Mihailov - flyy - Team Manager

 Christopher Pankhurst - Panky - Shoutcaster

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