L0CUST kicked from Team Dignitas!

Today Dignitas announced the removal of L0CUST from the official team roster in hopes of "performing at a higher level." This decision was made based on the team's performance in Korea as well as prior events. Team captain Scarra had this to say:

Quote from Scarra:
Today, we part with one of the oldest members of the Team Dignitas League of Legends team. L0cust, our support player, will no longer be playing for our team. We had to reach a tough decision after our performance in korea and prior events, and we decided that we wanted the highest chance to win the season 2 championships, which was a choice that eventually came down to this moment.

 The official statement can be found on Dignitas' website HERE.



  • #4 gimped420

    Did you have to title it that. . .  even if both your and scarra's messages mean the same thing. It's like, "SNOOKY VOTED OFF THE ISLAND."

  • #5 dcgreen

    The title is reflective of what happened, it is in no way misleading. The team will use the word like "removed' or "parted" but when you read the article they had to "make a decision" to make room for someone else. When you remove the sugar coating, that's kicking someone.

  • #3 dcgreen

    Dignitas definitely seems to be the biggest team to suffer from the Tri-Swap a few months back, but we do not know what goes on behind the scenes that exactly caused this decision. It could be a combination of things such as less time to be able to be dedicated to practice as well as some personality clash with imaqtpie or something. Whatever it is, Dignitas believed it was easiest to replace L0CUST and so we can only hope that it was the correct choice with the Season 2 championships approaching so quickly.

  • #2 StacoOrikoro

    Funny, considering that Locust isnt the one, making Diginitas lose.

    Scarra is a great soloq player, but he doesnt do well together with his team.

    Crumbzz toplane never really wins top or makes big plays.

    Jungle i will dominate did pretty poorly lately.

    And they kick the support, when their weaknesses are clearly not on that position, more like top/jungle/possibly mid


    when they had still voyboy top, voyboy was carrying a lot of the games and actually making the plays and engages, and thats what they are lacking now.

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  • #1 TheOnlyGBeast

    Wow what a selfish little shit... I don't like Dignitas anymore.

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