MLG Summer Arena New York - Meet Azubu Blaze and BLACK

MLG Summer Arena is upon us this weekend August 3-5! Four teams will be competing from all different parts of the world in a round robin seeding phase followed by a Grand Finals and 3rd place finals! The teams competing are Team SoloMid and Team Curse from North America, Team Black from Europe, and finally Azubu Blaze from Korea. TSM was automatically qualified after winning MLG Anaheim in June; while both Curse and Black qualified via the NA and EU Qualifiers respectively. Azubu Blaze was invited after their impressive 1st place performance at the OGN Spring 2012 Championship and to make their MLG debut, as well as be the first Asian team to compete in a North American LAN event! Over the next 2 days we here at Reign of Gaming will be taking the time to do back stories on the teams, get everyone introduced, and make some bold predictions so you know exactly what to look forward to this coming weekend. Today we will be covering the foreign teams, Azubu Blaze and BLACK

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Azubu Blaze

Azubu Blaze comes into the MLG Summer Arena as many people's not just foreign favorite, but favorite to win the whole tournament. They originated under the MiG banner as MiG Frost's "B" team, but quickly erased that notion after beating CLG Prime in the semifinals and Locodoco's then vaunted and Korean favorite for the event, MiG Frost, in the finals of the Spring OGN Championships. Azubu Blaze features the much more aggressive Korean style of play, and their teamwork is a sight to behold. They have been living and training in a Korean gaming house for months now, and they seem to always be on the same page. Their AD carry, Cpt Jack, is one of the best in the world and truly shines in his ability to team-fight.

Blaze hasn't gotten a chance to play any of these teams, but with their OGN experience they are no strangers to huge LAN events. They have knocked off North American teams before, CLG.Prime in the Spring OGN semifinals, and Dignitas in the group stages of the Summer OGN. Expect them to come out and impress with some jungle Skarner play from Helios, or some Anivia mid from Ambition. They have the ability and skill to force the issue early in the game and snowball it hard to a victory. It's hard to find a weak link anywhere in their team, and that's a testament to how hard they train and their cohesiveness together.

BLACK (Bacon Lovers Are Crazy Kool)

Black is the true wild card in this event. They qualified as Europe's representative by beating Curse.EU 2-0, but they just formed as a team at the end of May. In fact, they did not even finalize a lineup until the middle of June. However, the promise is there and if teams no very little about Azubu Blaze, they'll know less about BLACK coming into the event. They know that very little is expected out of them, and come in having nothing to lose which can be a dangerous thing for their opponents. They've already shocked Europe by qualifying, and they are looking to shock the rest of the League of Legends world with victories over big name teams this weekend. Fatmamma's support Blitzcrank is a scary thing to see, and their opponents shouldn't be surprised if he is able to grab a victory or two by himself.

Unfortunately for BLACK though, Napraem and Diqozy (jungle and AD respectively) were not able to secure travel plans in time, and they will be forced to play with two ringers (Svenskeren in the junglea and Rekkles as AD carry). The loss of Napraen in the jungle could hit them particularly hard, but team captain and AP mid player FacerollerX would still love nothing more than to get his team on the map than with big victories here. to find out more about BLACK (or to wish them good luck at MLG) check them out on Facebook.

For the majority of summoners unfortunate enough to not be in New York to watch the event live MLG is running a special promotion to win a MLG LoL Arena HD Pass which allows you to watch the event stream in HD for free! For your chance to win watch last night's League of Legends Prize Fight (VoDs Here) and send them the best screenshot via twitter: 

The original promo announcement can be seen HERE!

Good Luck summoners and be sure to tune into the games this weekend!


Please note this schedule is pre-event and has a chance to change or fall behind / be ahead. Please treat it as a guide more than rigid tv guide.

Friday Curse vs Black 5pm 10pm 11pm 2pm 5am
Friday TSM vs Azubu Blaze 8pm 1am 2am 5pm 8am
Saturday Black vs Azubu Blaze 2pm 7pm 8pm 11am 2am
Saturday TSM vs Curse 5pm 10pm 11pm 2pm 5am
Sunday Azubu Blaze vs Curse 10am 3pm 4pm 7am 10pm
Sunday Black vs TSM 1pm 6pm 7pm 11am 1am
Sunday Finals 4pm 9pm 10pm 1pm 4am


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