Interview with CLG.Prime's AP Mid Bigfatlp: "Diana is one of the more OP champs released mid in a long time"

CLG.Prime has been hard at work training and competing in Korea since the end of June. Most League of Legends fans haven't seen much of them since, but I managed to catch up with CLG.Prime's team captain and AP Mid, Michael 'bigfatlp' Tang, to ask him about how they have handled their roster changes, their time in Korea, and the upcoming North America Regionals. Let me know in the comments section who you guys would like to see interviewed in the following weeks, or any questions you have for pros in general!

CLG.Prime has been one of the top teams since the birth of League of Legends. What allows you guys to remain an elite team as the game continues to change?

Bigfatlp: As league teams grow, We also continue to compete with every growing team to always try our best to stay on top!

You guys have been to Korea twice now. Do you think these trips were worth for it both CLG as a team and you as an individual player despite not winning?

Bigfatlp: I feel like these trips are an excellent experience for myself and the team;  and lots of tastes of the Asiatic league scene. I think it is worth it despite the financial cons, but we are ready to come home.

What do you think the biggest difference is between Korean and NA teams both in just the mid lane as a whole?

Bigfatlp: The difference of only the mid laners is that the average Korea team solo mids roam, tower dive, and sidelane gank a lot more than teams in NA, just overall more. Other than that nothing too different.

What have you been doing to personally improve over the past few weeks? Practicing any new champs or just a lot of time with the team?

Bigfatlp: Recently been more focused on practicing roaming with the team and making plays as a roaming squad.

CLG underwent a pretty significant roster change when Hotshot moved to the jungle and Voyboy took over the top lane. How do you feel about the changes a few months later?

Bigfatlp: Myself and my team still feel we would've got comfortable faster and start at a more well rounded state if we had picked up another jungler instead of top. But we are doing well at the moment.

What do you think CLG needs to do to return the dominant form you guys enjoyed around this time last year (back to back 1st places finishes on LAN)? How close do you feel the team is to that level of play?

Bigfatlp: Get more and more comfortable roaming as a group and go for objectives as a team as game progresses~!! not super close yet ha

Riot has been releasing a lot of AP mids lately. What are your thoughts on some of the new champions and how is it affecting the mid lane?

Bigfatlp: I believe a lot of people are starting to feel like Riot is just throwing out too many heroes too fast and it's way to hard to balance them all properly before another brand new untested hero is thrown out again next week. Diana is one of the more OP champs released mid in a long time. Zyra is really awesome also, however i think shes fine where she is atm.

CLG has had the opportunity to play teams from all around the world. Any particular team or region that you think is the favorite going into the Season 2 Championships?

Bigfatlp: I think EU or Korea might be the favourites of the league community right now.

You guys have always been known to try some new and crazy things and were one of the first teams to consistently force 2v1s in certain situations. Can we expect anything special for the Season 2 Regionals or Championships?

Bigfatlp: We do have a few new strategies and things we have tried/prepared~

What are your thoughts on the way League of Legends is headed going into Season 3 and beyond? Anything Riot needs to think about adding or any particular feature they are adding you are excited about?

Bigfatlp: Season 3 is going to be crazy with the Riot salaried teams from all around the world, promoting even more competition everywhere possible. More new competitive teams being formed. Not really sure what riot needs to make sure atm!XD I feel they are doing a pretty amazing job so far.

You're a known brony, so which pony is best pony?

Bigfatlp: PinkiE pIE

What do you like to do in the time you're not practicing/playing League of Legends?

Bigfatlp: Meow at Kelly and watch movies and read random stuff! :D

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