Interview with Curse AD Cop: "I'm more worried about the support [in lane] because they are usually the ones making the plays"

Team Curse has long been a fixture as one of the top teams in North America, and continues to improve thanks to their gaming house and practice schedule. I managed to catch up with their AD Carry David 'Cop' Roberson to talk about life in the competitive scene, the future of Team Curse, balance in the bottom lane and much more. As always, let me know in the comment sections what you thought and who you want interviewed next RoG'ers!

You've been in the competitive scene for awhile now how much do you think you've grown as a player and what's the biggest difference from playing solo queue?

Cop: I've grown a lot in the past couple of months - in game knowledge, skill, mechanics, everything. I don't really like solo queue because you can get teams that are just awful and it makes me want to just troll, so playing with a team is much more interesting.

What is Curse going to look like in Season 3? Will Salce be in the top lane and Elementz still be supporting or is that all on a trial basis still? What do you think Curse's ceiling is performance-wise?

Cop:We are trying Salce in the top lane because we just want to see if it will work and if he shows better results. Either way, we need 2 subs for Season 3, so it's something we'd try anyways. Elementz is going to be support, there's no reason for him to move to any other role. I think we have a lot to learn as a team and this will come with time.

Being one of the top AD's, what are your thoughts on the fact that basically only Ezreal, Corki and Graves are played competitively right now? Is it just preference or are they just really that much better than the field?

Cop: Ezreal, Corki, and Graves are the top AD carries because they are safe, strong picks. They all have strong escapes and a really powerful kit. Champions like Varus and Kog'Maw lack the mobility these champions have.

Do you worry more about what AD you are facing in lane or what support they are paired with? What goes into your thought process when picking your AD carry i.e. more about lane match up or team fit?

Cop:I'm more worried about the support because they are usually the ones making the plays. Blitzcrank is annoying as hell to go against because hooks are so random. If we're against a champion like Blitzcrank, I want Ezreal because you can Arcane Shift his hooks. Most AD carries work with any team composition, so you can choose anything, as long as you're doing damage and staying alive.

Is it difficult adjusting to playing with some of the different supports Elementz plays such as Yorick and Fiddlesticks or is it really not that much different from playing with a Sona, Taric, etc?

Cop: I like when he plays these champions because they throw the enemy bot lane off. It's confusing getting used to playing against supports like Fiddlesticks because you don't know what to expect. You know how much damage a Taric or Sona will give you.

How happy are you with the balance of the game both overall and in the bottom lane? Is there anything you wish Riot would fix / work on going into Season 3?

Cop: I think there are some things that need to be nerfed like Ezreal, shown by his win ratios in solo queue with each support, but the game overall isn't too bad right now. Bottom lane could use some diversity in champions, but it's pretty hard to make all of the AD carries viable.

Who do you think is the favorite going into the Season 2 World Championships? Do you think a particular team or region has an advantage and why?

Cop: I'm putting it on M5, they always perform really well at LAN events. If not M5, Korea will take first because they seem to be stronger than every other region.

How long do you see yourself playing League of Legends competitively? What has been your favorite event to go to thus far and why?

Cop:I'll play League of Legends competitively as long as I can, it's better than any other job I could get right now. My favorite event was probably IEM Kiev because it was my first time out of country and we did a lot of cool things there. It was just very interesting, even though we got destroyed :)

What has living in the gaming house with your teammates been like and how have you grown both in and out of game?

Cop: Everyone is cool and it's fun living with them. I used to be really, REALLY shy, but I've grown somewhat. I've also become a much better player through being able to practice with my team, on a stricter schedule.

How has living in the gaming house been? Is it anything like what you expected it being a professional gamer would be like?

Cop: I really enjoy life in the gaming house, we just get to play games and do whatever we want. I didn't think it would be like this, but I really lucked out. Curse is doing a lot for us and I really want to win for them

How do you unwind from League of Legends? Where can the community find you and would you like to thank any sponsors?

Cop: I like to play frisbee with Salce or just relax or lay down. Sometimes I just want to sleeeeep haha. I'd like to say thanks to Logitech for the awesome equipment, I use the G400 mouse, which is extremely accurate, the G35 headset, which has really good sound and is noise-cancelling, and an unreleased keyboard they're letting us test. Thanks to Gunnar, whose products allow me to play for longer periods of time, which help when I have to stream for 8+ hours a day. Watch my stream at

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