Curse.EU Welcomes New Bottom Lane: Say Hello to Crs SuperAze and Crs Creaton(formerly LOL PRO)

Curse.EU would like to introduce the community to their new bottom lane, Crs SuperAze on support and Crs Creaton(formerly DOTA PRO/ LOL PRO) as their new AD carry. SuperAze and Creaton have been together on a number of different teams including Absolute Legends,, and exHCL and have been one of the more stable bottom lanes in the EU scene for awhile now. This, unfortunately, means saying goodbye to both Xinec and Sleper who have been with the team for the better part of 7 months, but after disappointing finishes for Curse.EU at recent events the team felt a change was needed for everyone to improve going forward.

Team Manager Thomas "Flyy" Mihailov had this to say on the changes:

We've been together for more than 7 months, which kind of made it hard for us to change anyone for a while, even though we felt there was a need to do. After under-performing at events such as Gamescom and Campus Party, we finally took the decision to make those changes. Creaton(dotapro) and SuperAze have been for a while one of stable bot lanes in Europe so the change was natural. I want to wish all the best to xinec and Sleper who are unique players and people! Hope to see them in highly competitive teams really soon.

SuperAze is a terrific support and plays a mean Sona among other champions. He has a first world problem of his smurf being higher rated than his main account (though both are over 2200 in solo queue). He had the following to offer on joining Curse.EU:

I am extremely satisfied and this is an honor to join Team Curse. Together with my longtime friend LOL PRO, having the great players as teammates, such as: Angush, Extinkt, and Malunoo, we are able to calmly look to the future. From my side, I will do my best to become a better player and support the team when it's needed.

Furthermore, I would like to thank Flyy for the great job, which he is doing in Team as a manager. I hope I will meet the expectations and bring Team Curse best results possible.

Lastly, I would like to say thanks to my family for supporting me through career of a professional player and my former teammates, I've learned from you a lot. Special thanks to the fans, I will try to not disappoint you. So stay tuned and wish us all the best.

Creaton is currently second on the EU West solo queue ladder and a terror to face in the bottom lane. He likes to keep things short and to the point and had this to say about joining up with the boys from Curse.EU:

I am very happy to join Team Curse. My last competitive team was Acer, you could see me playing on events like Gamescom or ECC Warsaw. I know that all Malunoo, Extinkt and Angush are great players and I will try my best to meet their expectations and bring Curse the best results. Cheer for us in upcoming tournaments!

It will be interesting to see how Curse.EU looks in the upcoming months heading into Season 3 with these roster changes, but one thing is always true with this team: they are fun to watch. Let us know what you think about the roster changes and stay tuned to Reign of Gaming for more E-Sports updates and all your other LoL news and theorycrafting needs!

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