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Many people have been wondering about the future of Curse's lineup with Salce playing top lane for them in recent online events along with moving into the Curse gaming house. Westrice has also been seen playing support at times when he is with the team, but Curse's team manager Steve "LiQuiD112" is here to clear up any confusion along with a video from the players.

Here is the full statement from Liquid:

I know many of our fans have been curious and concerned about the team's future regarding our roster. On behalf of the team, we appreciate your patience, but after PAX NA Regional Championship we needed some time to watch replays, talk as a team and decide what would be the best course of action to deliver the best results in the Season 3 qualifier and beyond. Our objective as a team is to deliver the very best performance we can for our fans and ourselves.  

Like many team sports such as football, baseball and soccer, there are members a team that are starters and non-starters; however, the way we see it – is that every person regardless of position – is a member of the team and plays an important role. We have decided at this time that Westrice will continue to be a main starter on Team Curse. In that same vein we are also very excited to announce that Salce will be joining Team Curse. He will start off as a non-starter, however with that being said we feel it is important to give Salce LAN experience with the team and because of this, Salce will be playing WEM in Hangzhou on October 22nd – October 26th.  After this time, Salce will continue to practice and participate as an active member of the team.

I will continue to develop the members of the team to their full potential (analyzing their performances, instructing relevant skills and providing encouragement) and the starters and non-starters on the team may change at any time I feel it is for the betterment of the team. Thank you again for all your support and I hope we can earn one of the five remaining spots in the Season 3 Qualifier. I'm going to be answering questions on this thread, so please ask away.

So there you have it, with substitutes being necessary for Riot's Season 3 league, Salce will be a welcome addition to Team Curse and all roles will be evaluated going forward. No player is immediately being benched in favor of Salce, and all 6 will likely have to contribute for the team to have success going forward. Stay tuned to Reign of Gaming for more e-Sports and all your other LoL related needs and remember feel free to ask questions in the comments and Liquid will answer them when he gets the opportunity!

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