Interview with TPA Captain Mistake and Manager Erica - "After banning Eve, M5 played exactly like we had anticipated them to"

The Taipei Assassins have shocked the League of Legends world with their performance during the Season 2 Championships. Everyone knew that they were a strong team that had its up and downs, but very few people thought they would upset tournament favorite Moscow 5 on their way to an appearance in the finals against Azubu Frost. I managed to catch up with TPA's support player and team captain Chen Hui "Mistake" Chung along with their team manager Erica Tseng to ask them about showing the world what they were made of, their semifinals performance, and their match-up with Azubu Frost for a million dollars. Let me know in the comments what you thought, and which team you think will win the Season 2 Championships!

TPA is a team that has always been well-respected by people who follow the scene closely, but most fans outside of Asia had never seen you play. What is it like to have a coming out party at the Season 2 World Championships?

Mistake: It feels fantastic to surprise everyone out here. This is our first international offline tournament together as Taipei Assassins, and we are determined to make our name known in the Season 2 World Championships.

What was the TPA training like leading up to the worlds and for how many hours a day? Word around the scene was you guys were in a bit of a slump but have come out extremely strong when it mattered most. What has been the biggest contributing factor to your success thus far?

Mistake: We have been living in the gaming house for approximately two months prior to our arrival for Season 2, and train approximately 10 hours each day with teams from all around the world. During the slump, we stayed positive and continued to improve together as a team. The greatest enemy is always ourselves, so once we go past our own limits and doubts, there is nothing that can stop us from reaching our goals.

What is the biggest strength of TPA as a team? Is it champion diversity, communication as a team or something else?

Mistake: The biggest strength of TPA is our ability to communicate with each other, and to recognize the room for improvement in order to change and play better. We do play a lot of diverse champions as a team, so that is a bonus as well.

Who is the most vocal person during the games? Is it a single person making the calls generally or is a team-wide thing?

Erica: The most vocal person is our captain Mistake. He is usually the caller, but now all of us have learned to communicate to each other constantly throughout the games.

You guys had called M5 your mentors in interviews at worlds. What were your feelings after beating what many people considered to be the heavy favorites coming into the tournament?

Mistake: We hold a lot of respect for M5 because of their creative strategies and great plays. We have always dreamed of facing M5, and we are happy to be advancing to the Finals after playing them.

What are your thoughts on the success of Asian teams in this tournament? Is it a sign of more things to come or just a bad tournament from the rest of the world?

Erica: Asian teams are very hard working and take their professions seriously. It's certainly a sign of more things to come in the future as the rest of the world adapts and learn from each other. The League of Legends scene will become more competitive throughout time, and the next season will be a lot more different than this year since the game is always changing.

The first game against Moscow 5 was very one-sided in their favor. Was the team discouraged at all by that or was it immediately onto the next game where you guys completely turned the table?

Mistake: We knew it was all or nothing for game 2, so we put in our full efforts because we had nothing to lose. Then we manged to execute our plays well and won the next two games.How well were you able to gameplan for Moscow 5?

Did they play what you expected in Games 2 and 3 when you took away Evelynn?

Mistake: For the first game we did not execute our strategy well and lost terribly. After banning Eve, M5 played exactly like how we had anticipated them to, and so our strategy worked in games 2 and 3.

What do you guys think of Azubu Frost as a team and how you match-up with them? Have you guys had a chance to play/scrim them a lot to form a good game plan?

Mistake: Azubu Frost is a very strong team that have always displayed amazing execution and communication. We have played together before, so the Finals will definitely be interesting.

What does the team do in its free time to unwind? Any weird hobbies or fun stories about the team since you came over for the Season 2 Championships? Also feel free to give some shout-outs!

Mistake: The team's hobby is surprisingly still League of Legends, and during their free time you can catch the team playing ARAM for fun and yelling at each other in custom games. We also like to go out and eat together as a team to chat and relax. We would like to thank our fans, our company Garena, our boss Retty, our leader Puffs, and our manager Erica.  Also, a big thank you to our sponsors Razer, Acer, Intel and Kingston!
There you have it RoG'ers. They were mum on what they would do if they won the 1 million dollars, but presumably they will go a well deserved vacation. TPA has their work cut out for them if they want to beat Azubu Frost in the finals, but with all the new fans they've won over this weekend behind them I certainly wouldn't bet against them.
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